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It’s the beauty and goodness in stories and in Life that is most important. Why? Because if you never self actualize beauty and goodness, you’ll never self actualize love and its active form grace.

Steve Hummel 03/24/2019


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Interest is simply an aspect of what the real problem is, i.e. the paradigm of Debt as in cost burden ONLY, and the doomed to fail “necessity” to continuously create it (debt)  as the only way to keep the economy from spiraling down into recession or worse. Hence the necessity to create the paradigm of monetary gifting in sufficient abundance to invert the reality of A + B into the new free flowing (not just statistical) reality of A + A.

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Thanks for the reply Dean. Economic equilibrium is a classical economic static/statistical balance concept. A statistical balance is a full stop….not a flow or free flow. The temporal universe and everything in it flows….except the economy. What we require to have a flowing, i.e. free flowing economy is what I refer to as “the higher ethical and free flowing disequilibrium of an abundance ratio between costs and prices.”

In my book I enumerate the imminent and accomplished signatures of historical paradigm changes how economic theory exists in everyone of the former and how the policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics fulfill every one of the latter. Complete inversion of old/present paradigm realities is one of the signatures of accomplished paradigm change.
More than doubling everyone’s potential purchasing power does not necessarily mean a doubling of productive throughput, but it will free the individual, the small to medium sized business community and the entire system. It will also end the virtual monopoly power of the paradigm of Debt Only for the sole form and vehicle for the distribution of credit/money that is enjoyed by private finance. Finally, it will enable the new paradigm of Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting to become PRIMARY. New primacy by the way is another signature of accomplished paradigm change. When we went from Nomadic Hunting and Gathering to Homesteading and Agriculture we never went back to the primacy of nomadic life again. When the Gutenberg Press made communcation abundant we never went back to time consuming primacy of hand written Bibles and other forms of communication.  It won’t mean there won’t be loans, it won’t even mean that private finance will be completely eliminated, but it will mean there will be the new primacy of a publicly administered national banking and financial system based on monetary grace as in gifting…and all of the pornographers, money launderers and unethicaly speculative people who want to risk their own already created and saved money….can go to the private banks and borrow at interest.

Tying the Monetary Benefit of Enterprise to the Benefit of the Individual and Vice Versa…

…and consequently ending the pitting of both business and the system against the individual. That’s what the universal dividend and the two 50% discount/rebate policies accomplish. They are integrative in every respect and hence unify the course of the economy. When you guarantee monetary prosperity for all at the end of the economic process and regulate economic vices within the entire length of that same process with tax policies that reward economic virtues, punish economic vices and can benefit enterprise you then have the only kind of freedom honestly possible in the temporal universe which is the freedom amongst known ethical barriers.

It’s The Monetary Paradigm

Money integrates seamlessly into every structure and action in the economy. That’s why the new paradigm is about money and how it changes the entire pattern of the economy. It’s also why all but the most misaligned and unethical structures of the economy will themselves remain the same even while their effects simultaneously being transformed in positive ways.

Steve Hummel 03/19/2019

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Paradigm Perception is probably 99% mental attitude and 1% mental apptitude

Steve Hummel 03/18/2019