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The trick is not so much to merely criticize what is admittedly worthy of criticism, but rather to find a way to integrate the interests of both self and the other in economics and the money system. My assertion is that this is best and only accomplished by the natural philosophical concept of grace i.e. love in individual action/systemic policy via the implementation of a universal monthly dividend, 50% discount/rebate policies at both retail sale and the point of note signing for big ticket and green items and a tax and regulatory regime to encourage compliance and punish destabilizing and unethical self dealing.

Innovative and integrative thinking and acting is the process and essence of wisdom.

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The truth? The republicans don’t care about anything but being in political power. If they have to pander to the dumb motherfucker nut case conspiracy constituency in order to even be competitive….they will pander to it. They know that “normal” republicans are so tribally and ideologically enslaved that they won’t care and will vote republican even if a horned guy with a tail and a trident is the presidential candidate….like Asshole for instance. So their pandering is actually a politically astute calculation.
The one thing that can erode that idiot unethical alliance is elucidating a policy that directly and continually puts a substantial amount of money into the hands of everyone 18 years of age and older. This is accomplished by a $1000/mo. universal basic income and then implementing a 50% discount at the point of retail sale. That immediately doubles the purchasing power of everyone’s earned income, and along with the $1000/mo. UBI guarantees $48k/yr. for a two adult household before they do a lick of work. This combines the self interests of both the individual and enterprise; and yet not only ends any possibility of inflation, but results in what is currently considered impossible, that is integrating price deflation beneficially into profit making economic systems. People might be dumb, but they’re not STUUUPID….as the saying goes. And that is why democrats had better wake up and glom onto thes policies that will accomplish the above…and much more.
If they don’t the republicans will be happy to eventually recognize its power, run on it, rule for decades with their 16th century social policies, authoritarian ethic etc. etc. etc….and then either water such policy down, let finance wriggle free from the dungeon such policies put them in and let the chaos of climate change reduce the population by 90% or so. Don’t be a dumbmotherfucker. Recognize the political power and problem resolving capabilities that a paradigm change in the economy and the money system can effect.

Hallelujah! Amen. Hallelujah!

Everything is grace. Everything is an expression of grace. Grace is both natural and what has always been associated with the supernatural. The natural is grace and no less ecstatic than the greatest experience of god. The experience of god is the unitary integration of one’s awareness and the incredibly powerful, dynamically flowing, irresistible non-stop electro-magnetic emanation of everything that surrounds us at all times in the moment.

Grace is space-time and everything taking place within it. Grace is the expression, the active form, of each and everything in the cosmos including, most importantly, love. Grace, that is active loving, is never not relevant, powerful, wonderful, fulfilling, resolving, unifying and ultimate wisdom. Applying the relevant aspect of grace/loving is the answer to any problem personally, in any system, body of knowledge or area of human endeavor.

Contemplate, experience, self actualize and express the ultimate integrative and ecstatic reality of grace by looking at it in front of and all around you continually. Amen.

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MMT has the money creation structural process correct. Steve Keen is correct that accounting is important in understanding money in economics. Michael Hudson is correct that the financial system is a parasite on the economy. Now if heterodox economists would cognite on:

1) the fact that the present monetary and financial paradigm is DEBT ONLY

2) that this paradigm is a monopoly charter

3) that money/credit is created entirely via accounting entries

4) that a gifted 50% discount to the individual/rebate back to the enterprise price and monetary policy at retail sale:

a) mirrors the money creation accounting process,

b) ends inflation forever,

c) ends individual monetary scarcity,

d) ends systemic monetary austerity

e) enables fiscal freedom

f) ends the monopoly paradigm of DEBT ONLY idiotically granted to the banks and

g) a 50% discount/debt jubilee policy at the point of loan signing for all “big ticket” and green consumer products enables us to move with post haste toward an ecologically sane industrial policy instead of wringing our hands about the fact that we’ve gone no where fast toward saving the world from climate change and global warming.

Who’s afraid of the new monetary and financial paradigm?

I: I agree with Gerald Holtham: “MMT is a fine example of intellectual product differentiation: I am going to sell you the same soap powder as other people but I’m putting it in a new packet and calling it something else. There is not much in MMT that wasn’t in Abba Lerner 80 years ago.”

It is Functional Finance soap powder or even Chartalism in a new box. However, it is a soap powder that will clean some of the mud (muddle, uncertainty, doubt) out of the capitalist system. At the same time, it will not remove the capitalist stain itself. That requires sterner measures involving the most revolutionary detergents possible: those that deter the reactionary agents of capitalism, meaning the monied elites, their sycophants and apparatchiks.

Me: “At the same time, it will not remove the capitalist stain itself. That requires sterner measures involving the most revolutionary detergents possible: those that deter the reactionary agents of capitalism, meaning the monied elites, their sycophants and apparatchiks.”

Precisely. Like the new monetary and financial paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting and its conceptually aligned policies and regulations. Stop fighting losing battles, even against the present set of enablers and anti-social assholes and embrace the better (for everyone) mousetrap.

One quibble. Make that an EVOLUTIONARY detergent.

The Intelligence, Effectiveness and Power of Grace

Why do I continually speak of grace applied to our systems? Is it because I want to impose upon you your worst sunday school nightmare 24/7 365? No, it’s because the true meaning of religion is the self actualization of love and its active form grace.

Love, mature, fully understood and expressive love, that is graciousness, is the gift, the meaning and the highest purpose of human existence. It’s also the most pragmatic and effective, most unitary, most evolutionarily progressive and hence most intelligent thing you will ever learn.

Grace applied to the economy, the money system and to industrial policy WILL indeed save us from our own cultural and personal selves and from the technically applied wreckage we’ve mistakenly and half witted-ly utilized to attain security and abundance both of which, curiously, are aspects of the concept-experience of grace.

Of Perspectives and Their Mindsets

All of the leading heterodox theorists and reformers are onto what the overall problem is with the economy. Their problem is really just they’re operating at lower levels of abstraction and analysis. They’re worried about being scientific which is all fine and good of course, but it is a reductive, piece-meal level of analysis. They haven’t analyzed the economy from the philosophical-conceptual perspective let alone from a paradigmatic level which is an integrative mental and temporal way of looking at things. Why? Because a paradigm is both a new concept and an entirely new temporal universe pattern. Thus it integrates the opposite perspectives of mental and physical-temporal phenomena.

Then a pattern change must resolve the major problems of current theorizing in a universally beneficial way, otherwise its not THE new paradigm. Scientific and paradigmatic breakthroughs are almost always accompanied by new tools and/or insights that contradict current orthodoxies. They are often also the result of looking at problems in different and often seemingly irrelevant and/or illogical ways. The current new monetary and financial paradigm is exactly like this.


How can the natural philosophical concept of grace be anything but the complete truth? After all, its many aspects describe and apply to everything….and their opposites. Steve Hummel 04/07/2021

Two Posts To RWER Blog

Yes, this is a good discussion. It’s good to be for science. It’s even better to be for GOOD, OPEN MINDED science, and its always best to be for what historically has always enabled scientific breakthrough and that is the integrative/BOTH/AND mindset.

Good science is BOTH rigorously falsifying AND willing and able to embrace imagination. Wisdom/Natural Philosophy is the integrative mindset/perspective and science is a wholly included set within it. Wisdom/Natural Philosophy is hence the more enabling of whole truth and so the superior mental discipline.

Whatever the investigation, if we accepted, as all of the world’s major wisdom traditions do, that love is the supreme value and experience and that its active form, grace/graciousness/lovING is the most integrative/unifying/resolving idea and action, then we might be a lot closer to fixing economics, making it a securely joyous daily experience and getting on the bandwagon of using grace as in monetary gifting to move with post haste toward surviving global warming.


Me: Addressed to Steve Keen:

Yes, however, education is not the only thing financialization has corrupted and prevented from being more dynamic and emergently in process….that is a lot more like the natural universe.

I’m sure Dr. Keen would agree with me seeings how he has correctly identified the things neo-liberal economists ignore namely money, private debt and banks, and we both agree that what economics needs is a new philosophy, i.e. a new concept that changes its entire pattern. A concept (and its aligned policies) that would make the economy flow freely, double everyone’s earned purchasing power while forever eliminating inflation, potentially enable all manner of integration of political opposition and even enable a bottom up surge of consumer green/carbon diminishing production.

Those policies are the simple but powerful accounting operations of equal debits and credits summing to zero (yes Dr. Keen your observations about the importance of accounting are correct) of a 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale and a 50% discount/debt jubilee at the point of loan signing. Imagine getting a $50k Tesla at retail for $25k and then when you sign the loan you only have to borrow $12.5k. Imagine $50k of solar panels and batteries for $12.5k. Finally, with both scarce free and clear purchasing power and inflation no longer being a problem just think of how much fiscal spending could be directed toward helping us survive the existential problem of global warming.

Money, The Economy and The Scale and Process of Wisdom/Full Reality

If you understand the basic things about money and the economy, that is that money is most basically accounting and that retail sale is the terminal ending and summing point of the entire economic/actually productive process; and also understand that these things are almost universally overlooked, then you have an awareness of the policy power of a sufficiently high percentage reciprocal algebraic and accounting operation at that point. And, if you are also aware of the fact that philosophy-ideas are more mentally and temporally integrative and thus epistemologically superior to data and abstraction separately or together, then you can also become aware of the fact of why and how a new paradigm is a single philosophical concept that is thus able to change an entire pattern…..which is what a paradigm is.

A paradigm, like all wisdom, is the second most integrative phenomenon humans are capable of experiencing. The only higher awareness/phenomenon is that of a zeitgeist/ethic of the age.

Wisdom (of which ethics is an integral part) is the human species’ virtually exclusive trait. Unfortunately it is woefully under developed and systemically even more neglected. But once one fully becomes aware of an aspect of it they are never the same and always better for it.