Human Mega-Paradigm Changes, Zeitgeist and Grace

#1 The emergence of self awareness and hence of love, morals and ethics as opposed to a mere unconscious struggle for survival.

#2 The control and utilization of fire.

#3 The change from Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture, Homesteading and Urbanization.

#4 The breaking up of the monopolistic monetary paradigm of Debt Only with the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Grace as in Gifting.

The only human phenomemnon above the mega-paradigm level is a change in zeitgeist. The current species long zeitgeist of Power, Profit and Control will eventually be hastened by and change to Grace if the new monetary paradigm is recognized.

Cybernation and Artificial Intelligence may also follow on as mega-paradigm changes if they are accompanied by an increased awareness that Grace/Graciousness as in love in personal action/systemic policy is further recognized.

Grace as in the dynamic, interactive and integrative oneness of the cosmos IS the underlying and operant reality OF the cosmos. This is the integration of open minded science and spirituality and fulfills the law of every one of the world’s major wisdom traditions without necessarily resorting to colloquialism.

Public and Private Banking System

The new publicly administered banking system will lend at 0% for the first two personal residences and for two autos per family after which it will discriminate whether or not to loan depending upon the purpose and/or business plan presented. The public bank will be able to offer and execute the 50% debt jubilee policy.

The private banking system will be able to loan for most purposes that the public bank refuses to loan for at a top rate of 3%. Derivative financial instruments will be strictly restricted and regulated. Bonds created out of already created and saved earnings and profits will be allowed but not at any rate above what the public bank/government treasury might offer bonds at to further the interests/survival of the nation.

Posted To Robert Reich’s Substack Newslatter 04/01/2022

Macro-economics is complicated. That’s actually the biggest reason its problematic, and is also a prime signature that it requires a paradigm change to the most problematic aspect of economics, namely money. Ptolemaic cosmology lingered on for centuries until Copernicus came along, the telescope was invented and the ellipse was discovered. Steve Keen, probably the foremost economist on the planet said: “The reason neo-classical macro ignores money, debt and banks is because if they had to acknowledge them it would force them to face the fact that the money system de-stabilizes the economy.” C. H. Douglas, the founder of the world wide movement known as Social Credit back between the two world wars formulated a policy known as a compensated retail discount which (unbeknownst to him because he pre-dated Kuhn and his exegesis of the phenomenon of paradigm change) isolated the single most relevant and powerful policy point in the economic process (retail sale) because it was the terminal ending point of the economic process where production exits the economy and becomes consumption, and thus is also the terminal summing point of all relevant economic factors like price, cost, profit and inflation. Thus, I realized 1) that if at retail sale you utilize the device for creating money in fiat monetary systems (the equal accounting tools of debits and credits) to reduce the price of everything by 50% you could 2) simultaneously resolve individual monetary scarcity by doubling everyone’s purchasing power, 3) forever end inflation by integrating beneficial price and asset deflation into profit making economic systems (Holy paradigmatic inversion of mental orthodoxy and temporal reality!), 4) not injure enterprise because the retailer still gets their full price with the rebating back to them of their discount to the consumer (and thus accomplishes another of the primary signatures of historical paradigm changes, that is integrates the interests of opposing orthodoxies by resolving the most problematic aspects of the current/old paradigm) and 5) because inflation is forever ended the old fiscal orthodoxy of austerity is also forever ended enabling the kind of government deficits to fund the mega-projects necessary to confront climate change…imminently doable.

Change the human civilization long monetary paradigm of Debt Only with the new paradigm concept of Monetary Gifting and its policies…and change the world.

Personal and Commercial 50% Debt Jubilee Policy

The 50% Debt Jubilee policy for big ticket and green consumer products for personal use will apply only to the first two homes used as personal residences and have a cut off point for borrowers with annual incomes of $1 million. Green industrial/commercial initiatives will always be able to utilize the 50% debt jubilee policy with the exception of rental properties where there will be a 10 unit cut off of the 50% debt jubilee with no holding company ability to create multiple rental enterprises. Already present rental corporations of more than 10 units will of course not be able to avail themselves of the 50% debt jubilee policy.

Grace: Addition By Subtraction

We all have flaws and paradoxically the way to attain the state of grace, which is the ultimate additive experience, is via subtraction of those flaws in order to reveal that unified state.

Grace As In Consciousness Itself, The Physical Universe, It’s Expression and Most Basic Intention…Including Randomity

Why is the state of grace synonymous with consciousness itself? Because grace as in love in action unifies everything including opposites and underlies and expresses itself as the cosmos both physically and non-materially. In other words grace is everything unified, expressed and intended, including everything not gracious as a means of ultimately learning graciousness.

Grace: The Trinity of Blessing and Being Blessed…Continually. In Other words the Dynamic State of Continual Integration of a Duality to the Point of a Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process

Grace/graciousness IS the lesson of Life and Living. It’s what Aquinas discovered when he said: “All that I have written is but straw compared to what has now been revealed to me.” It’s the ulfillment of the law. It’s the ever loving joyous moment, the total and actual expression of the Hegelian Dialectic i.e. The Cosmic Code, what we all knew as babes and what we can have again, if we incorporate the adult abstract existence we moderns have come to generally call our consciousness, into this larger unitary experiential mindset.

And any arbitrary, pre-conceived supernatural hoops to jump through in order to attain this state are optional or to be thought of as guideposts not achievements. Do not grasp, simply touch and untouch, look and unlook, reach and withdraw…continually.

Why Do People Not Perceive Paradigms?

Habit and hence unconsciousness.

Lack of cultural criticism.

Lack of interest in/practice of considering essences and operative factors, and in integrating opposites, in other words Wisdom, whose very mental process involves doing exactly that.

Lack of any desire to find the greater truth which makes orthodox thinking easy to adopt. Pursuing the greater truth requires open mindedness and sensitivity to the truths in opposites.