Experiencing Space Directly: The Short Cut To God/Enlightenment

Paradoxically, God is every detail of nature and the entirety of the cosmos itself…you just have to look at it long enough and/or directly enough to experience the fact. It’s also now, and the only place you’re ever going to experience now is in the temporal universe which is the continual flow of now/time which requires space because without space change/another nowness…could not exist. Hence experiencing space is the quickest route to God/enlightenment.

Now space itself can become kind of uncomfortably boring after a bit unless you’re very experienced at experiencing it, so to begin with it really helps to directly look at and experience the infinity of experiences one can perceive in space, thank God/the cosmos.

But again, the trick is to DIRECTLY experience space and everything in it. So experiencing space IN-directly, that is, as an abstraction, is the actual problem almost everyone has. The truth is abstraction is the wonderful and very good tool of modernity …but its habitual-ization is our spiritual curse at the same time. “Ye must become as little children if you want to enter the kingdom of heaven”, after all.

A simple process for coaxing yourself out of abstraction and into the ecstatic present moment is to take pencil and paper in hand and just put a hash mark down for every detail you have and haven’t looked at/seen in your immediate environment. It’s amazing how many genuine experiences you can have wherever you are. Once, when I was 24 years old and sitting in a little 5 by 5 by 8 foot security booth during the graveyard shift at the entrance to a private campground I was working at, I sat down and hash marked over 2700 things in my present time environment, most of which I’d never actually and ever experienced before at all, until I stopped in amazement of the number, and in the fact that two of the “things” were the direct experience of the space around my body and a greater sense of my self-awareness, my consciousness itself. It was a genuine hallelujah experience. You really should try it.

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The truth will out. No one has a good enough mind to be a successful liar. Eventually, cognitive dissonance fails. Hopefully we are approaching these old saws…and the absurdity of Trumpism will simply go “Poof.” …or at least recede into the dust bin of history enough to not be viable anymore.

“Free Markets” vs Free Flowing Markets

Generally economists’ and economic pundits’ idea of free markets more resembles a fetishized form of the concept that enables the rights of bad and dominant actors more than it is a functional reality. But then what should we expect within the present monetary paradigm of Debt Only and a zeitgeist of power and profit?

Free flowingness, within enabled and enforced actual competition, that reasonably rewards innovation, has rational and sane industrial/ecological policy and that is guided by and expresses a paradigm concept of the highest ethic possible, should be the concept and the goal. That monetary paradigm is grace/graciousness/gracefulness, and logically it perfectly aligns with the next zeitgeist we can progress toward because grace as in soverign and yet redeemed power IS the next zeitgeist.

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Economics and humanity in general is afflicted with habitual dualism and the orthodoxies that grow up around both sides of that mindset, when what we need to do is try to acculturate an integrative one instead. One that seeks to combine the particles of truth, workabilities and highest ethical concepts of both sides.

The blunt instrument of interest rates as monetary policy doesn’t work to actually resolve the tension between needing to coax inflation and yet having to enforce austerity afterward. Why? Because the present monopolistic paradigm of money, namely Debt ONLY, is the underlying problem being ignored and so prevents the integrative policies that implemented will end that paradigm’s monopolistic dominance and resolve its seemingly unresolvable problems.

There is an entire policy program for the new monetary paradigm, but a single policy that is the very expression of the new paradigm itself (Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting) will literally turn the world upside down. That policy is a 50% discount to consumers at retail sale, all of which discount is rebated back to the enterprise granting it to the consumer, by the monetary authority. This single policy does the impossible so far as orthodox economic theory is concerned because it integrates UNIVERSALLY BENEFICIAL price and asset DEFLATION into profit making economic systems.

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I’m 1000% in favor of the new liberal point of view and its political effort. What it or any other political party requires though is a new policy program that truly makes a difference that no one can deny…does exactly that. I recall you saying that Austrian economists were not necessarily of the DSGE ilk because they believed in deflation. The trick of course is to create it without inflicting bankruptcies, economic chaos and mass human suffering. Austrian’s often overlook these realities that their orthodoxies would insure. But what if you could pull it off without the ugliness? …like a policy where retailer’s give consumers a 50% discount at point of sale and the monetary authority rebates that discount back to the merchant giving it. That way you’ve empirically and beneficially integrated temporal universe deflation into profit making economic systems…simply with a strategic use of debits and credits…and broken up Finance’s monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money. Oh Copernicus! What a mental and temporal inversion of realities!

Examples of The Cosmic Code

Now, the next moment and the conscious experience of the flow of present time

Positive charge, negative charge and electricity

Day, night and the rotation of the earth

Space, the change of position of particles and consequently time

Space, Time and Consciousness, or more importantly, Consciousness, Space and Time

The New Completed Social Security

Combine a 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale and a $1000/mo. universal dividend for everyone 18 years of age and older and the guaranteed $2000/mo. in purchasing power will be more than most retirees get in social security…for your entire adult life instead of having to work for 45-50 years before being eligible like now. Add in the benefits of these two policies doubling the purchasing power of every working person’s earnings, ending inflation forever and being able to eliminate the payroll taxes every employed person pays for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security, and that additional 10-12% increase in pay will also be doubled. It’s all upside for everyone including every business enterprise which benefits by the amount of available money for their goods and services also doubling and their taxes being lowered too.

Use a taxation incentive of reducing personal and corporate income taxes if a corporation does not inflate, and the taxation disincentive of taxing any revenue garnered from increasing prices at the rate of 100%. Of course part of the agreement for retailers in opting in to the 50% discount/rebate policy would be that they agree to a forensic examination of their books every month, but the above incentives and disincentives would help to regulate the new economic paradigm of price deflation for all commercial agents.

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In order to save democracy we’re going to have to establish the integrative and unifying power of the natural philosophical concept of grace. Stay with me here, I’m not an orthodox religious person in any sense. I’m all for wisdom though, and grace/graciousness as in love in action is the pinnacle concept of human wisdom. And the concept and application of an aspect of grace has always been what has lead to permanent as in paradigmatic change.

The media and our politics need to change in the ways that all of you have insightfully posted here, and those suggestions need to be pursued concurrently with the monetary and economic policies I’m suggesting.

The current paradigm for the creation and distribution of money is Debt Only. That is, it is a monopoly concept, and monopolies by definition are dominating and anti-freedom. If we integrated a new monetary paradigm of grace/graciousness as in Monetary Gifting into the debt based system with two policies…all manner of positive, integrative and unifying effects would be possible.

The first policy of the new monetary paradigm is a 50% Discount/Rebate at the point of retail sale. In other words every product and service in the economy is discounted 50%, and then the entirety of that discount is mandated to be rebated back to the merchant granting it to the consumer by the monetary authority so that the merchant can be made whole on their overheads and profit margins.

This would immediately double both everyone’s purchasing power and potentially double the free and available demand for every enterprise’s consumer goods and services. (Stay with me here, this doesn’t necessarily equate with a doubling of consumption…but it does integrate the economic interests and political agendas of the traditionally opposed constituencies of labor and management. Remember, integration and unification are aspects of the philosophical concept of grace.)

This single policy would also forever end any possibility of systemic inflation as garden variety inflation is almost always a low single digit percentage. How? By integrating BENEFICIAL price and asset DEFLATION. Guess what? Inversion of temporal universe reality is one of the cardinal signatures of paradigm change. For instance, the Copernican cosmological paradigm change was no more and certainly nothing less than the realization that the inversion of the positions of the earth and the sun resolved anomalies that had plagued astronomy for centuries.

Now if you ended the possibility of inflation forever…you could forever end the political debate about fiscal deficits being inflationary. That would open the way to vastly increasing government spending for infrastructure and the kind of mega projects necessary to confront climate change.

The second policy of the new monetary paradigm is a $1000/mo. universal dividend paid to everyone 18 years of age and older. Combined with the 50% discount that would guarantee every adult $2000/mo. of purchasing power…for life. If every adult was guaranteed $2000/mo. the payroll taxes every working person and every enterprise pays for welfare, unemployment insurance and even for social security immediately become redundant and are hence could be eliminated. $2000/mo. is higher than the vast majority of individuals get for social security, and you don’t even have to work for 45-50 years to get it! And again, this policy integrates the normally opposed economic interests of labor and management.

There are numerous other philosophically aligned policies like the above two that would solidify the new monetary, financial and economic paradigm of Gifting, and would also help consciously build self awareness of grace/graciousness that is also the deepest need and remedy of our faltering democracy. Just imagine if you felt grateful for a government that gifted you half of the price of everything every time you bought something?

Cryptos No! Gifting Yes!

Cryptocurrencies are energy impossible and unsecured rabbit holes. Money and accounting are two of humanity’s greatest inventions and tools and there is no actual reason to reject them. The real problem is the monetary and financial paradigm which has always been alternatively monopolized by either the palace or the private banks. Make the money system serve humanity instead of humanity having to slavishly serve it by integating the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting into the solely debt based system…and many additional benefits not the least of which could be human and planetary survival will follow on.

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“Fiscal Keynesianism is still a policy in search of a theory.”

Yes. Because Keynesianism is an incomplete and once removed from the individual theory. Within all of the calculus it is better than neo-liberal macro which attempts to hide the dominance of finance by ignoring “money, (private) debt and banks”, but it doesn’t address the elephant in the room which is private finance’s monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money. And it hasn’t broken through the sound barrier as to how to best and most universally implement the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting, which is precisely the way the banks do so now, that is, reciprocal accounting entries at both retail sale and at the point of loan signing.

It’s time we awoke to the new inversion of reality like we did with the Copernican cosmological paradigm change, and ended the Catholic church’s monopoly on the sacraments (albeit more peacefully) during The Reformation.

Please consider it. After all, the best way to reverse the anger, frustration and destruction of a disintegrative trend is to cognite on the ultimate integrative effects of applying the natural philosophical concept of grace as in love in action…in a universally participative system like economics.