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Grace as in love in action is the pinnacle concept of Wisdom, and the pinnacle goal and experience of self actualization.

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The only thing more stupid and problematic than dominating systemic economic power is dominating paradigmatic power, and private banking has been granted the first and has sereptitiously been allowed to unconsciously acculturate the latter into the minds of the naive and even the erudite for the entire history of human civilization.


Posted To Steve Keen’s Substack Podcast 05/13/2023

There are so many advantages to a non-profit publicly administered banking and payment system paired with a central bank and the monetary gifting policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The New Monetary Paradigm and Its Policies that its laughable that we don’t adopt such a system with post haste. But then its a lttle hard to stand up on your own hind legs after being forced on all fours for the entire history of human civilization by the present monetary paradigm….unless you just do the simple math on its three primary policies…and then it sells itself. Despite cynicism all a new paradigm needs to succeed is a platform.

“Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.” In other words, see the world as it really is, warts and all, but still forge ahead with courage, tenacity, persistence, acceptance. The will can overcome many challenges if hope remains alive.” Antonio Gramscii

Outline For Editor Interview

Use paradigm graph to show difference between my analysis and other economic reforms

Mention that anytime they have a creeping inflationary orthodoxy to just do the math of the 50% Discount/Rebate policy

Mention how the money creation technique is the same as the banks, i.e. equal accounting debits and credits summing to zero

Mention that Wisdomics-Gracenomics enables all of the goals of leading reforms plus much, much more.

Mention integration of self interests of traditionally opposed economic and political constituences

Mention that new paradigms sell themselves because of their universal benefits, political, economic and social integrativeness and that all they really need is a platform

Rebutt cynicism with Sun Tsu’s observation and use quote: What we need is pessmism of the mind, optimism of the will.

Rebutt over consumption critique, point is universal economic security and freedom, not over consumption and mention sliding scale reduction to retail discount by income level and required investment of gifted money policy.

Signatures of historical paradigm changes and how Monetary Gifting accomplishes all of them

Mention concept of the mega-paradigm change and its history

Ask them to imagine the benefits of an economy that evokes continual gratitude.

Why What I Have Done Is So Significant

I’ve consciously identified the specific new monetary, financial and economic paradigm concept. I’ve also gone in three directions with it. I’ve found the most efficacious places, times and ways to apply the new concept. I’ve also identified the mental discipline for identifying new paradigms (the integrative mental impulse AKA Wisdom) as well as the concept behind every historical paradigm change (the natural philosophical concept of grace). Finally, I’ve identified the new concept of the mega-paradigm change and shown how the new monetary, financial and economic paradigm fulfills all of the signatures of a mega-paradigm change, of which there has probably only been two in the entire history of the human species.

All of the other leading reformers have accurately surrounded the area the new paradigm resides in, but not the specific concept and hence not the best ways to apply it. In other words they’re stuck in identifying the separate problems of the current anomalous paradigm, not the resolution thereof. Further, they’re stuck in the current reductionistic paradigm of Science Only as the sole means of intellectual inquiry that prevents them from recognizing the importance and problem solving superlative mental discipline of Wisdom, and within which science is a wholly contained set. As I like to say science is wonderful, necessary and delicious, and it exists entirely within the digestive tract of Wisdom. Wisdom/paradigmatic/dynamic concept level of analysis are basically the same discipline because they are both the means of deciphering and applying deep simplicities.

The Real Point of The 50% Discount/Rebate, Universal Dividend and Debt Jubilee Policies…

…is freedom, security and prudence all of which are aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace. A doubling of demand does not ipso facto result in a doubling of consumption and economic throughput because not everyone is going to eat twice as much as they did before or buy twice as many pairs of shoes and underwear, but every economic agent commercial and individual will have much more economic and financial security and freedom be able to balance their lives more easily and balance is the character of prudence. Finally, the sliding scale percentage of required investment of gifted money is still a gift and yet mitigates immediate consumption and channels money toward constructive purposes and future security.

All That A New Paradigm Requires Is…

…people with a modicum of hope, a willingness to embrace a vision and a platform to communicate its benefits. The New paradigm sells itself to all who aren’t terminally cynical, terminally acculturated to the present paradigm or are benefiting greatly from the present paradigm.

Can you muster a little hope and a little ability to look? Then lets change the world.

Posted To Medium Regarding the Thinking on The Three City Concept

Excellent thinking. Thirdness greater oneness of apparent dualisms is a major signature of Wisdom whose pinnacle concept is the natural philosophical concept of grace (in the west, it of course is other words which point at the same experience in the east and middle east). Grace is nothing more and certainly nothing less than love in action, that is loving/graciousness. Grace is the most pregnant concept/experience that humanity has ever conceived/acted with. Why is this? Because a major aspect of grace is thorough/complete integration, so its the inclusive (wholism), discriminating (scientific) and purifying (ethical) integration of a duality that results in a thirdnesss greater oneness of…everything and its opposite, i.e. a duality. And as the world and you are seeming opposites and everything in existence from a dualistic stand point is (unfortunately) considered reality…so is grace, samadhi, tawhid, nirvana its thirdness greater oneness resolution.

Duality is apparency, thirdness greater oneness is reality…and via the cultivation of grace, the ultimate goal of life and living.