Good New Theory’s Characterisitcs

The four most important characteristics of what will most likely become a good new theory are:

1) Does it actually consider conceptual opposition

2) What is it willing to thoughtfully dispense with like for instance today, private finance’s money creating ability. In other words how radical is it?

3) Does it have paradigm perception via historical examination of actual paradigm changes

4) What are its philosophical bona fides


Posted To Ellen Brown’s Public Banking Forum 09/15/2018

Social Credit was always a superior economic theory to Keynesianism and the neo-classical synthesis which it got morphed into, but what not even Social Crediters realized was how to take a superior theory and raise it to the level of paradigm change.
You do that by first realizing that the temporal universe does not allow a static/statistical equilibrium so attempting to merely fill “the gap” will not resolve the problem. Then you study paradigm changes and realize that one of their major signatures is inversion/transformation of the major problems of the old/current paradigm which in the economy and money system means inverting individual income scarcity and systemic austerity into an overflowing abundance of same, and in a dynamically ongoing and continual way….not just a statistical/numerical equilibrium which is a full stop and hence does not flow.

Douglas was a very bright and insightful man, but his Social Crediter followers who lived during the infancy of quantum physics and the birthing of macro-economics fell back into classical economic ideas of statistical balance. Also, they did not fully realize the full and true power of their second policy besides the dividend, the retail discount. If you implement a high percentage debit-credit monetary and pricing policy (of say 50%) only at the terminal expression point for any and all forms of inflation and which is also the terminal ending point of the entire legitimate economic process where production becomes consumption….then you would not only double everyone’s potential purchasing power you would also double the potential free and available income for every enterprise’s goods and services. And remember, the policy only takes effect at inflation’s terminal expression point and at every good and service’s terminal ending point… a 50% discount/rebate policy not only eliminates any possibility of inflation it almost miraculously….but only transformationally 🙂 ….integrates price deflation painlessly and beneficially for all agents individual and commercial….into profit making economics.

So the two policies of the dividend and discount/rebate invert/transform an austere/balky/rigged to collapse system into a paradigm changed one of free flowing abundance for all agents.

Of course homo sapiens not being a wholly rational or ethical species some rules and regs will need to accompany these basic policies, but despite the protestations of those somewhat too obsessed and enamored with (legitimate) research and details, the historical record shows that everything adapts to a new paradigm….not the other way around. Just align policy and the rules and regs with aspects of the concept behind the paradigm itself and you’ll “never put a foot wrong”.

I also look forward to Derryl Hermanutz’s interview. It appears his electromagnetic theory about consciousness pretty much dove tails with my ideas about the several extraordinary experiences I’ve had and attributed them to having an increased awareness of the electromagnetic waves that exist continually around us. So much so that space was experienced as almost palpable, and even though I didn’t see anything quantitatively different there was a vibrancy to everything and I was able experience tactile sensation of objects from a distance. These types of experiences are synonymous with descriptions from virtually all wisdom tradition’s of those possible if one’s attention is focused on the present moment. A state of dynamic, interactive gracefulness and flow.

Even Paradigm Changes Need…

…rules and regulations. Thus it will be until makind is a completely rational and ethical species. Paradigm changes DO change everything permanently, it’s just that not everyone realizes it or has the ethics and good sense to understand that fact.

Simple Explanation: Posted To RWER Blog 09/15/2018

Me:  The smartest thing we could do is actually consider that accounting is the integrative infrastructure upon and within which the entirety of commerce is embedded. As one of the requirements for a paradigm change is that it must fit seamlessly within virtually all of the structures of the area of human endeavor it applies to while simultaneously effecting a transformation of same…accounting fulfills that integrative requirement. As accounting’s rules (all costs must go into price) and tools (debits and credits) are digital all you would need to do is find the terminal ending point for the entire economic process (retail sale) which would also be the terminal summing point for all costs and so prices because its where production becomes consumption….and then implement a digital debit/credit monetary discount/rebate policy of high percentage (say 50%)…and you will have cut through all of the dynamic interactive complexities of the economy, doubled everyone’s potential purchasing power and so doubled the potential sales of any and every enterprise…..and implemented the new single concept that represented the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting.

This might insult the intellectual vanities of the genuinely erudite, but then paradigm changes are always as philosophically simple as they are permanently progressive and earth changing.

G:  I hear echoes of Bitcoin, blockchains, VATs, carbon tax rebate systems, and of course, more than a bit of Universal Income proposals, Craig.

For a world of citizens, at least in the US, but, given the portrayal of social democrats in Varofakis’ “Adults in the Room,” I’d better add Western Europe, who haven’t been able to absorb Modern Monetary Theory despite the Federal Reserve slyly demonstrating how it worked in 2008-2009 and beyond, and the ECB and BOE as well, this would be a huge leap in understanding without the infrastructure steps in education to get them “there.” After all, in our federal system of tax collections, federal, state, local, we couldn’t get our national act together on taxing online sales from Amazon, for example, decades after the IT Revolution – “don’t leave home without it” has rewritten a good part of the economic structure of our world.

I don’t want to throw a huge cistern of cold water on your presentation, though, since in Greece’s tribulations Yanis V. with the help of James Galbraith, was preparing a portion of such a system, to issue new electronic credit cards tied in to the Greek tax system when the ECB cut off the ATMs from Euro replenishment. There would be new “Greek” money in those citizen accounts, the bottom 40% or so, so they could pay at least some basic bills. A paving stone on the step to your financial Appian Way.

Me:  The key is starting a grass roots movement directed at the large constituencies of indebted students, the small to medium sized business community and the generally more grounded female half of the species showing them the obvious self interest of the policies I advocate, and forgetting about the futility of trying to convince ego involved academics and theorists.

Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting is the new paradigm. Bitcoin, Blockchain, et all are mere reforms and in some instances are exactly opposite of what is required. Paradigms accomplish permanent progress via transformation, and even though that is anathema to researchers and scientific types….everything adapts to a genuine paradigm change….not the other way around.


Re-Tweeted To Steve Schmidt 09/15/2018

Yes, and He and Bannon believe in “fourth turnings” which are relatively accurate historically but miss the real point which is that they are the result of failure to accomplish the wisdom of integrative thirdness greater oneness of the particles of truth in opposing perspectives.

In other words Trump and Bannon are chaos merchants when what we need is re-integration. They are third rate intellects without a plan and only know how to bash ideas together rather than re-combining them in rational and beneficial ways.


Posted To A Steve Keen YouTube Video 09/15/2018

If you craft a digital policy of relatively large percentage and implement it at the point and time that is the terminal expression point for all forms of inflation, you can cut through all of the erudite complexities of the economy and pour all manner of money into the system and so invert its nature from individual monetary scarcity and systemic austerity to abundance. Inversions are one of the major signatures of paradigm change.

Posted To RWER Blog 09/14/2018

MMT has the mechanics of money correct as well as the belief that austerity is stupid, but their idea of a Job Guarantee is squarely within the current monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only. Of course there’s nothing about a job guarantee that couldn’t be incorporated into the new paradigm…undoubtedly in a much smaller way for anyone who was having trouble finding purpose without putting in their 40 hrs/week, but the idea and policy is still captured by the current paradigm.

Steve Keen is an insightful macro-economist, even though he’s still unconscious of the fact that with his “when the rate of change in credit falls the economy enters recession” he has merely re-discovered C. H. Douglas’s empirical cost accounting insight about the fundamental scarcity flow of total individual incomes in ratio to total costs/prices, by coming to it from the opposite abstract direction.

The fact is, macro-economics is a very recent tool which lacks both historical insight regarding the operant factor of private indebtedness in the collapse of civilizations and also was born into the fully obscured nature of the current paradigm and so simply considered private money creation to be a legitimate business model instead of it obviously being a titanically costly parasite as Michael Hudson has accurately assessed. It’s also post retail sale which is currently the only legitimate end of the economic/productive process because it is where production becomes consumption, and if possession is 90% of the law possession as in consumption is 99.99% of economics.

Economists have become so caught up in their abstractions that they have failed to recognize the paradigm changing policy insights to be derived from the digital nature of the empirical tool and invention of double entry bookkeeping. They have also not recognized the terminal expression point for any and all types of inflation, and simultaneously with that, the fact that terminal ending point of the entire economic process as per above that enables the discount/rebate policy to cut through all of the complexity that confuses and obscures and makes the simple, but not simplistic, accomplishment of the new paradigm.

No, it took a non-economist with an open mind to educate himself in heterodoxy and who had the right set of intellectual curiosities to take a superior 100 year old theory and raise its policies to the level of a very long over due paradigm change, so long term and over due that it will have multi-systemic “knock on” effects not seen since the kind of change that took place from Hunting and Gathering to Agriculture-Homesteading.

Too bad. Too sad. But paradigm changes while being terrifically beneficial….are just as unforgiving of those unable or unwilling to see them.