A Little Treatise

Beauty is a harmonic of love. Whatever evokes love is beautiful. The only thing more important than love is the active form of love as in graciousness, as it is love in action/systemic policy and loving of course evokes more love and beauty.

Monetary Grace As In Gifting Is Still The Answer Even If Consumptive Throughput Needs To Be Reduced

How? By utilizing the 50% Discount/Rebate (or an even higher percentage discount) in directing consumption toward ecological sanity. Also, encourage greater savings of purchasing power by utilizing investment incentives for ecologically sane mega-projects to confront climate change like the off-planeting and/or under-planeting of the worst carbon producing means of production.

Counter-intuitiveness and complete conceptual opposition are signatures of both wisdom and paradigm change. When nomadically foraging for plants and game was the means of survival it was counter-intuitive to stop moving around and practice agriculture. Likewise, when it was “obvious” that the sun revolved around the earth simply by looking at it do so every day, it was counter-intuitive that it was the earth that was doing the revolving.

I’m The Only One Daring To Analyze On The Paradigmatic Level. Let Alone On The Level Of The Mega-Paradigm and Zeitgeist/Spiritual Levels

The truth is however is I utilize both the scientific reductionistic level and the paradigmatic/wholistic/wisdom/integrative levels of analysis. I just used the paradigmatic/conceptual level first and then utilized historical data to confirm that the signatures and effects of past accomplished paradigm changes were the same with the selected new concept. These signatures are:

  1. Complete conceptual opposition to the current paradigm
  2. Complete mental and temporal universe inversion of current reality
  3. Resolution of the deepest problems existing in the current paradigm
  4. Integration of the self interests of traditionally opposed ideologies/constituencies in the area of the paradigm

The new monetary and financial paradigm concept is a mega-paradigm change because it effects an immediate, universal, continual and direct to the individual beneficial change, and these changes also have beneficial effects in systems, bodies of knowledge and areas of human endeavor not directly related to the primary area of the paradigm change.

The new monetary and financial paradigm is also an aspect and direct application of the concept/experience that has been behind every evolution of the human species, namely the natural philosophical concept/experience of grace/satori/samadhi, and hence a direct application of spirituality into the temporal affairs of man.

Post To Stephanie Kelton’s Substack Newslatter 08/21/2022

All of what MMT says about deficits and the mechanics of money creation is wonderful, good and accurate. I applaud their research and their conclusions…but their analysis, as well as that of Keen, Hudson, Brown, Graeber, still needs to up their game to the level of paradigm concept. Why? Because a paradigm is an ENTIRE pattern CHANGE….not just a reform that while it may conceptually align with the new paradigm concept…doesn’t change the ENTIRE pattern. Why does a new paradigm concept change an entire pattern/system, body of knowledge? Because it locates the operant problem and finds the specific way(s) to express the solution to it temporally. Thus all of the attending outnesses/anomalies that have plagued the old pattern go “poof”. That’s what occurred with the Copernican cosmological paradigm change. And paradoxically and amazingly to those addicted to reductionistic complexity ONLY (the onlyness is the problem not the method itself) it was a single concept that made the change that resolved all the problems. And it’s important to point out that the final piece of the puzzle that made all of the anomalies of Ptolemaic cosmology go to the dust bin of history was the discovery of the elliptical nature of planetary orbits. In other words that temporal universe discovey/application was key. And that is why the 50% Discount/Rebate policy at the point of retail sale…is the analogous discovery…because the policy is both the expression of the new paradigm concept itself (Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting) and the most efficaciously beneficial, most strategically powerful and universally participated in point in the entire economic/productive process.

And by the way I agree that productive capability does make a difference (even though inflation would not be a problem with a few regulations and reasonable rules for participation in the new paradigm program), but in the time between when the new paradigm was recognized and politically affirmed the help of government spending directed toward increasing domestic production (which is a wise economic and energy/ecological decision with or without the new paradigm) could easily be accomplished. And in the mean time if we had to continue importing from China etc. So what?

Why My Saying Grace Is The Answer To Everything Is Different

Because grace strategically applied to the monetary paradigm and the economy is not only philosophically and spiritually correct it is also a major temporal universe application of it as well. And it is historically verifiable that aspects of grace applied to the temporal universe are the key signature of all paradigm changes. Grace is the concept which cognited on and applied…always changes anything it is applied to…permanently for the better. But don’t you see it is not just a spiritual insight to say so, but an imminently workable temporal universe insight as well. The cosmos is in an unstoppable, dynamic, integrative, moment to moment flow state of space-time. In other words the state of grace is a scientific, micro and macro-cosmic FACT!

Intellectually and personally seek the aspects of grace and “you’ll never put a foot wrong” and you’ll be way ahead of anyone who doesn’t do exactly that. And when we finally recognize that grace is the philosopher’s stone concept we’re all seeking whether we consciously know it or not…we will enter the most golden of golden ages ever conceived.

Grace be with you.

Potential Presentation To Liberal Clergy/New Age Audience

Imagine the potential good that every time everyone bought something it was an opportunity to consciously or even unconsciously experience and hence self actualize grace as in gratitude. Gratitude/grace is a universal solvent for any and all conflicts/problems personal and temporal. It may not change everything over night, but it can’t have anything but positive effects. The economy is something that everyone experiences everyday often multiple times per day. It’s as ubiquitous as human consciousness itself. Going to church once or twice a week is powerful, but having the peak spiritual experience of grace as in gratitude occuring continuously often multiple times per day and every day is a mega-paradigm change opportunity. (Definition of mega-paradigm)

I come to you with the opportunity to have a significant rise in social/psychological gratitude. The opportunity to resolve the cynicism and hence apathy that secretly/realistically so stops nearly everyone from resolving their personal problems, and that collectively stops us from resolving our social and political problems as well. Hopefully there is less cynicism and apathy here than generally in the rest of society, and more hope, faith as in confidence and grace as in love in action.

Grace: The Indomitable

I promise you once you have cognited on the natural philosophical concept of grace and have discovered the most efficaciously universal and benefical way to implement policies aligned with that concept in our various systems you will have resolved every problem in sight in those systems/bodies of knowledge/areas of human endeavor you apply those policies to.

This is not religiosity. It’s both science and spirituality. Grace is THE concept. The most basic, underlying, integrative, pragmatic, ethical and unitary concept in the cosmos. Grace is the deepest simplicity of wisdom’s deep simplicities. Yes, it’s that simple…and powerful.

Glory hallelujah! We have found it! Now let’s implement it with post haste!

Posted To Robert Reich’s Substack Newsletter 08/17/2022

Better to invoke an innovative, integrative and gracious set of policies in our economy, money system and other social institutions than god. Policies that will end long non-functioning orthodoxies on both sides of the political aisle. A one eyed man in the land of the blind rules, and a gracious one rules sovereignly but for the benefit of all.

Posted To Ann Pettifor’s Substack Newsletter 08/16/2022

We need to become systems philosophers because 1) an idea whose time has come cannot be effectively resisted and 2) disaster is at 12 and we are at 11.9.

What is the concept we need to recognize and act with? The following are all aspects of that concept:

Personal freedom and systemic free flowingness,

Free gifting as in debt jubilee (practiced routinely by the ancients until Rome),

Monetary Gifting as in UBI,

Monetary Gifting as in fiscal deficits to government contractors (MMT),

Competition within an eco-social ethical set of rules as opposed to the plodding solely self interested dominance and parasitism of monopoly (especially regarding the paradigm for the creation and distribution of money)

Integration and the integrative mindset toward…everything, AKA Wisdom, which could combine the efforts of the various leading monetary and economic reform movements (all of which philosophically align with the concept under discussion) into an integrated paradigmatic whole

All of the above are aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace.

In a monetary economy like we have, money DOES make the world go ’round. It’s the perfect temporal universe tool for doingness…and the new paradigm concept of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Grace As in Gifting will (finally) enable us to accomplish the general good with it…if we recognize and act upon the temporal and ethical power of the natural philosophical concept of grace…which has always been the concept behind all human social, psychological and temporal/technological progress.

New Policy In The New Monetary Paradigm

For anyone with over $24k purchasing power: Sliding scale 1-20% Required Investment In 5% Eco/Peace/Food & Nutrition/Grace Bonds To Fund Research on Solutions To Crises In These Areas. (Examples: Off and Under Planeting of Production, Sovereignly Powerful and Gracious United Nations Organization, Organic Gardening Movement, Funding of Research on Nutritional Supplementation, Wholistic Preventive Health Care Movement, Natural Philosophical Concept of The Aspects of Grace Movement.)