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David Graeber and Michael Hudson have documented how private debt has always built up until it de-stabilizes economies and empires for basically the entire length of human civilization. This happens no matter whether it is the palace/government or like now the private banks creating our money. This paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form amd vehicle for the creation and distribution of money is thus way over due for changing. All of the leading reforms like MMT, UBI and Ellen Brown’s Public Banking dance around and align with the new monetary and financial paradigm that needs to be integrated into the Debt Only based system. What is MMT? It’s monetary gifting to government contractors. UBI? Monetary gifting to the individual. Public Banking? In a fiat monetary system like we have a true publicly administered banking system would be able to lend at a rate of 0% thus gifting the sometimes double amount of the retail cost to consumers of big ticket items. The one policy no one has cognited on and is the very expression of the new monetary paradigm (Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting) is a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale. This single policy woulf effect a paradigm change in the money system and economy. Why? Well a 50% discount at retail sale for virtually everything would immediately macro-economically eliminate any possibility of inflation…by (amazingly and mind blowingly for orthodox economic theorists) implementing BENEFICIAL price and asset deflation into profit making economic systems. It would also immediately double everyone’s purchasing power (you could buy $100 worth of goods or services for only $50) and potentially double the available demand for every enterprises goods and service. Thus it would fulfill two of the signatures of historical paradigm changes (new paradigm concepts are always in conceptual opposition to the old paradigm (here it is Debt Only vs Monetary Gifting), and inversion of temporal universe reality (from erosive inflation to beneficial deflation).

Here is my book on the subject:

The Strategically Significant and Potent Macro-economic Effect of A 50% Discount/Rebate Policy at Retail Sale, and The Unconscious Acculturation of The Present Monetary Paradigm

Even the best monetary and economic reformers like Steve Keen, Michael Hudson, Ellen Brown and David Graeber miss the significance of Wisdomics-Gracenomics’ 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale. This is probably because they’re used to dealing with abstraction via complicated maths and with advanced theoretics instead of looking at the the actual economic process itself where at retail sale the following facts and effects are true:

  1. Retail sale is the terminal ending point of the entire (legitimate) economic/productive process from taking ore from the soil/creating an idea of value to retail sale where production exits the economy and becomes consumption.
  2. Hence by definition it is the terminal summing point for all (legitimate) costs including profit, and all relevant economic factors like for instance, inflation.
  3. Now, how many times have you bought $100 worth of sweet potatos and toilet paper at a grocer and when you got home you got a call from that grocer that: The CEO just called me and said inflation went up by 100% so please don’t eat those potatos and whatever you do don’t use that toilet paper because it’s real hard to re-shelf…before you pay us an additional $100? Never, right, because you already purchased it. And you’d never go back to that store again because good will is the most important commodity a business can have. But this is exactly what finance claims is their right, namely to tremendously increase the costs of things either post retail sale or pre-production. Hence for profit money creation is always an exterior cost causing parasite to the actual legitimate economic/productive process…its simply over 6000 years of unconscious acculturation of the present monetary paradigm that prevents you from realizing this fact.

Regulatory Program For Gamers, Cheaters and De-stabilizers of the New Monetary Paradigm, For Criminal Acts and For Industries That Can Have Problematic Effects

  • In order to opt in to the 50% Discount/Rebate policy the enterprise will agree not to inflate their prices and open their monthly books to the new department of forensic accounting for examination.
  • The first time an enterprise inflates without overall costs increasing while taking into account the cost and tax savings of the policy program of the new paradigm they will be taxed at a rate of 100% on any additional revenue garnered from such price increase.
  • The next month, if they do not correct the antisocial price increase immediately and continue to increase their prices the department of the Public’s Bully Pulpit will anounce their anti-social actions and propose a boycott of their enterprise. The top management of the corporation will also loose any personal and corporate tax cuts available as a result of the new paradigm
  • If the corporation does not correct its behavior within two months they will lose their rebate privileges for 3 months.
  • If they do not correct their behavior after that they will permanently lose their rebate privileges.
  • Regarding the universal dividend: No dividend will be paid to persons convicted and incarcerated for crimes
  • These industries will not receive rebate privileges: 1) Hardcore pornography 2) Gun and ammo sales 3) Alcohol and cigarettes 4) Cannibas products (unless there is an established medical need for such)
  • These industries will benefit from the general increase in free and available demand without rebate, and in the case of guns and ammo, if sane gun control policies are passed like a ban on assault rifles, background checks, minimum age requirements etc. etc. then a discount/rebate policy of some percentage may become available to them. The publicly administered national bank will not loan to these industries and so they will need to pay the interest rate of private financiers who will only be able to loan money already created and saved.

Characteristics of Wisdom Applied

Wisdom insights are always deep simplicities that effect deep problem resolutions, deep personal and/or ethical changes, complete integrations that result in thirdnesses greater onenesses.

They do this by identifying the operant aspects of any duality/problem and finding ways to mentally and/or temporally integrate any truths on either side of that duality/problem.

Wisdom is learned, but most efficaciously experienced. The present moment is the fastest way to experience wisdom and all of the world’s major wisdom traditions attest to this fact.

The reason the present moment is so powerful is that god can only be entirely experienced in the present moment because the ecstatic experience of god is the thorough integration of one’s self awareness and, nascently, the electro-megnetic flux that most elementally characterizes the present reality. This integration is heightened consciousness itself.

Religions can be wonderful vehicles, but terrible side tracks. One of the most important aspects/understandings of wisdom is mental non-attachment/process because this understanding instructs one to abandon the abstractions of religion (mental non-attachment) so as to better become aware of the moment to moment (process) integrative experience of self and the other.

Post To Mish Shedlocks Blog 05/16/2022 on Unconscious Acculturation and the New Paradigm Policy

The acculturation process of one’s own culture is largely unconscious itself because the west is not a contemplative society. Thus the ideas behind all of our culture are not contemplated but just accepted. This is everywhere a problem actually. Paradigms are single concepts (helio-centrism, agriculture, science etc.) that describe the operant factor(s) of an entire pattern. The paradigm for the creation and distribution of money, Debt Only, has not changed for the entire length of human civilization. Thus it is that long unconsciously acculturated. The only designation marks it as a monopoly concept. All monopolies are problematic. All reform movements (MMT, UBI, government deficits, Public Banking) dance around and are conceptually aligned with the new monetary paradigm of Gifting but they lack a policy that is the very expression of the new paradigm and that is placed at a specifically powerful point in the economic process that mathermatically, empirically, universally and continuously makes the new paradigm concept a temporal universe reality. That policy and specific point is the 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale.

Posted To The Electric Universe 05/16/2022

This is the best video from the electric universe in some time. Light and electricity does seem to be the most basic foundation of the cosmos. To me our level of consciousness is directly related to the degree of integration of our own light/electricity with the electro-magnetic milieu that surrounds us continually. The more oneness with it that we achieve the more conscious we are of ourselves and the cosmos as well. This I call the Cosmic Code expressed thusly [ (A x Z) —> C ] which being interpreted is: an integrated (apparent) duality (A x Z) leads to —> a thirdness greater oneness C of all within the brackets [ ]. Life and consciousness is a trinity-unity-oneness-process. Utterly natural and yet also ecstatic.

Non-Profit Statement

Well, I should have started this 5 years ago when I wrote my book on the new monetary paradigm, but with the disintegrative trend the country is in socio-economically and politically and with essentially nothing being done about climate change it becomes a necessary duty to start the non-profit I’m calling Monetary Gifting.

The current monetary paradigm hasn’t changed for the entire course of human civilization and is the lynch pin that keeps all of the problems in the above systems in continual suspension.

The fact is empires have blunted the effects of the current paradigm before with monetary gifting, but only temporarily because the ways of doing so did not go to the level of paradigm change. But the good news is there is hope because the policies outlined in my book are the very expression of the new paradigm and are implemented at the key points in the economic process that will bring its benefits directly, continuously and to all.

Trinity-Unity-Oneness: The Secret Aspect of Grace and Paradigm Changes That Makes All The Difference In The World

The primary personal aspect of the natural philosophical concept of grace is love in action. However, the primary temporal universe aspect of that same concept is Trinity-Unity-Oneness which is the what and why of how grace is able to effect deep and permanent change. None of Humanity’s high ideals will be accomplished let alone maintained until we become aware of this fact and hence align policy with its incredible power.

This is why ending the human civilization long monopoly paradigm of money, namely Debt Only, is so important because it enforces scarcity and all of its negative effects. Only the new monetary paradigm of Gifting will be able to effect unifying abundance which of course is another key aspect of grace.

Trinity-Unity-Oneness is the paradigmatic effect of grace and the aspect of same that unifies the seeming opposing self interests of human political and economic constituencies. Humanity is currently in the disintegrative grip of obsessive dualism, and must become aware of Trinity-Unity-Oneness as the way to exit this deadly circumstance.