Grace As In Monetary Gifting: The Unifier of Opposites

“the practical steps to correcting our political economy are relatively obvious. The difficulty lies is getting them through as political programs.”

Correct. That’s why advocating a policy of a 50% discount/rebate at retail sale would be so effective because it unifies the interests of the traditionally opposed political perspectives of labor and management….against the real problem which is the too big to fail banks and their monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only. A 100% increase in purchasing power for the individual is simultaneously a 100% increase in potential business revenue for virtually every business model but finance after all.

And functional finance is really nothing more than the palliation of bank dominance and economic de-stabilization.

Reply to A Poster on RWER Blog

Me:  Sorry Norman, but you’ve fallen into the same complexity traps you (correctly) bemoan. Carping about interest being the sole problem IS monetary crankery. Recognizing that the monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only as the only form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money is NOT. It (paradigmatic analysis) recognizes that the money cranks have their calculus wrong, but also recognizes that when the power of money and vested interests are stood up against mathematics…mathematics doesn’t matter. Why? Because the wealthiest commercial entities on the planet are financial/money creating ones which shows the economic power of their paradigm. Focus on the real power, the real issue, the real problem…the monetary paradigm. No one here but me has spotted that real problem, analyzed its economic effects and the benefits of changing it. Until one understands and analyzes from a paradigmatic level (which is both conceptually simple and pluralistic as in pattern effects) they are a Ptolemaic analyst.

Monetary Gifting. Too simple for the intellectual vanities of the erudite. Too temporally earth shaking to deny.

Learning vs Wisdom

90% of learning is memorization and addiction to it. Wisdom is being in the present moment and integrating the truths in apparent opposites so that one can actually see and control their own abstractions moment to moment instead of, like Marley’s ghost, them blinding, distracting and weighing you down.

Post To RWER Blog Regarding The Signatures of Paradigm Changes and the New Mega Paradigm Change In Finance and The Money System

We need to heed to the history of paradigm changes and the signatures of their historic accomplishment.

One of those is that they have always been accompanied by a new tool and/or insight. Like the elementally significant, deep and powerful but simple point where production becomes consumption, namely retail sale, and of a direct and reciprocal price and monetary policy at that point.

The increased economic workability, universally beneficial applicability, ascendant ethical consideration, and potential affects of such a policy in other problem laden bodies of knowledge/areas of human endeavor and so make such a conscious discovery a potential mega paradigm change of which there have only been two in human history. Those were the accomplishment of conscious self awareness which opened Pandora’s box and the apparent chaos of yea and nae, and the change from hunting and gathering to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization which enabled increased comfort-ability with that chaos but failed to follow through to discover and generally apply the ultimate unitary natural philosophical concept of grace as in love in individual action and systemic policy.

All of the well-intentioned research and detailed economic erudition would pale to insignificance alongside a pattern change in finance and the money system from Debt Only to Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Grace as in Gifting.

A Quasi-Monetary Demand Economy…

With the universal dividend and 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale we will have a Quasi-Monetary Demand Economy and the first truly free and undominated financial one. Right now we have confused chaos for a “free” economy and allowed Finance’s monetary paradigm of Debt Only to rig and smother that chaos.

We must throw off the slave mentality we’ve been socialized into and create the mature and realistic economy that the new monetary paradigm creates.  Civilization and the planet depend upon it.

Steve Hummel 06/04/2020

The Only Economic Questions Needed Answered Are:

The only economic questions needed answered are: What is the retail price and how much are you going to discount it and rebate the discount back so that total debt diminishes instead of builds up?

And everything else will fall in line with simple but straight forward regulation to keep corporate decision makers from trying to game the discount/rebate policy…despite the fact that it’s effects are wildly in their interests and to their benefits.

Personal Quote

The most important factor keeping the problems of criminality, social unrest and economic instability chronically in suspension is poverty, and the key factor enforcing poverty is the current paradigm of Debt Only. The new monetary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting and its policies would completely transform the economy and the society.

Steve Hummel 06/02/2020

Thread Showing Nascent Wisdom

RL:  My professor told me once, that I had read enough, I needed to think more about what I had read and experienced.

MC:  Words of wisdom there Robert.

Me:  Indeed. Contemplation is the route toward self actualization, and integration is the route to truth. Present time is where one best experiences and meets oneself. The point of retail sale is self awareness’s equivalent in economics, where the system’s most present moment, most basic purposes of production and consumption meet, are integrated, and where rational and ethical policy is most powerfully accomplished.

Personal Quote

No one and no factor can excuse monetary and economic dominance, which is the antithesis of freedom.

Graciousness is the ultimate meritocracy and the essence, experience and expression of true freedom.

Steve Hummel 06/01/2020

Abstractions and Realities, Non-Comprehension of Paradigms and Paradigms vs Palliative Reforms

Macro-economics has suffered from a sad lack of knowledge regarding the economic significance of accounting/double entry bookkeeping. As a result it has veered off into mere mathematics and flimsy if not complete irrelevance. When one stacks the real world power of mathematics up against self interest, the abstract truths of mathematics basically disappear.

Attending to the conventions and groundings that accounting has on the money system and hence the economy enlightens truth and points the way toward real world economic solutions that are able to nullify the seeming power of vested self interests.

Add to this the fact that a monopolistic monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only for the creation and distribution of money/credit must be de-stabilizing because if the system creates a flow of x + 1 of debt service costs and only creates x of monetary ability to service them….and the completely obvious solution (not palliative) to that paradigmatic problem…is a new paradigm.

Note: This is not the crank monetary idea that interest is the be all and end all of the problem as the system is unstable if the flow of debt service costs of loans at 0% interest exceed the flow of ability to repay those costs.

Then one needs to be aware of the signatures of historical paradigm changes like simplicity of the actual operation of new paradigms, complete conceptual opposition to the present paradigm, the complete inversion of present paradigm problematic realities, abundance and increased survival. Finally,  one needs to consider the new concept of mega paradigm change which is one which immediately, empirically and continuously affects virtually everyone and has “knock on” beneficial effects in areas not directly related to the body of knowledge/area of human endeavor that the new paradigm applies to. Examples of mega paradigm changes are the emergence of self awareness in the species and the change from hunting and gathering to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization. The new monetary and financial (and thus economic) paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting will be only the third mega paradigm change in human history.