Economic Theory Is Stuck In Mere Duality

Me:  Micro and macro-economics are like quantum and temporal reality…seemingly unresolvable…until one cognites on the single concept capable of uniting the two into a separate third reality of its own while simultaneously respecting the realities of each/all three. A concept of Twoness/Duality within THIRDNESS/Greater ONENESS. The scientistic will never countenance this even though its staring them in the face all over nature and the cosmos. It’s the problem of the experience of consciousness itself as opposed to mere computation, of mental figure-figure-figure versus beingness.

This is where economic theory is. It’s stuck in Duality.

JV: Seeking micro foundations for macro economics is insurmountable, or perhaps better said a dead end, because the economy is inherently an accounted-for social structure. Only when linear self-production is the norm, instead of the non-linear reciprocal process of providing hopefully-demanded output for others, would micro foundations be applicable. Hardly worthy of a pursuit by progressives isn’t it?

Furthermore, what are “normal” savings? What part of the expended income, i.e. disbursed costs by employers, can safely be “saved” so as not to cause a shortfall in aggregate demand? A badly needed theory of money is missing here. Is money an independently existing wealth or not?

Me:  Not a new theory of money…a new monetary paradigm that resolves the problems of systemic austerity and individual scarcity. Why do we allow the most important and potent factor in a monetary economy (money, and its creation and distribution) to be monopolized by a single self interested business model? JUST HOW GD STUPID IS THAT?????




RWER Blog: Symmetries/Dualities and Trinity Unity Oneness Process

Symmetries/Dualities are replete throughout nature and the cosmos, for instance the symmetrical sides of a leaf. The real “trick” as Noether and others knew is finding the thirdness greater oneness entity/concept that is there underlying, integrating and uniting the symmetry…like the stem from which both sides of the leaf emerged or applying the various aspects of the underlying natural philosophical concept of grace in economics that integrate and unite the oppositional duality of the monetary and financial paradigms of Debt/Burden and Monetary Gifting.

Noether’s equation has three aspects to it as does my formula of the Cosmic Code. Comprehending and applying the concept of A Thoroughly Integrated Duality Within an Integrative Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process which is also a description of the concept of grace is an extremely important insight.

What The Democrats Must Do

Trump’s demagoguery, corruption and hateful unintelligent disintegrative nonsense has finally come home to roost politically and I could not be happier about it. However, democrats will need to have a wise, integrative agenda that combines only the truths, highest workabilities and highest ethical considerations of opposing political and economic perspectives…if they want to win in 2020 and truly progress the country. The last several elections have all been about change. They need to become the party of true and effective change. Again we need an integration of ONLY truths etc. That’s not a meaningless palliative amalgam or “poison pill” compromise of conflicting ideas and policies, but rather more like a political and economic sanctification process that synthesizes and resolves our problems terminatedly.

Systems Were Made For Man, Not Man For Systems

If you got rid of the illegitimate private financial costs pre-production, its costs within production and its burgeoning costs post retail sale which presently is the only legitmate end of the entire productive process, and implemented the dual abundant policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics, economics would become so much more simplified and elegantly transformed that it would be recognized as a genuine paradigm change because it would benefit all agents and make the system so free flowing that humanity would never look back.

Macro-economics being a relatively young body of knowledge and macro-economists unfortunately having such a short historical and cultural horizon, they have swallowed whole the legitimacy of private finance’s money creating power and its monopolistic paradigm of Debt/Burden Only. The temporal power of the business model of private finance undoubtedly also has something to do with this unfortunate blindness.

Economic theory is basically hypnotized by these facts and only a radical re-assessment of economics will enlighten the discipline, make it an actual science and enable the mass of humanity to awaken and demand that the economic and monetary systems serve them….rather than they having to slavishly serve the systems.

The Deception That Private Finance Capitalism Will Attempt to Foment:

That Wisdomics-Gracenomics is communism. The truth is that it is the profit making monetary and economic system of Direct Distributism.

How can monetarily freeing every individual, every honest enterprise, enabling the free flowingness of the entire monetary and economic system and potentially doubling the profitability of any and every enterprise be construed as anything resembling tyranny???

It can’t, but some who are under the sway of orthodoxy or narrow self interest could claim so. The solution of course is to implement the policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics and the temporal universe benefits to all will be so obvious that laggers and the bought will be laughed to shame.

Preventing Sedious Attempts To Destabilize Wisdomics-Gracenomics

Any financial and monetary measure of a currency’s stability within the old paradigm of Debt/Loan Only will be suspect and subject to an “on the ground” analysis of actual economic conditions not fallacious and/or biased measures that favor the further dominance and control by the business model of Private Finance.


The entire problem with economic theory and everything else is it is stuck in duality and lacks a concept and means of the resolution of duality. Duality as ultimate reality is delusion, and anything that enforces dualities enforces conflict and non-resolution of problems. A problem itself is a duality defined as emotion/counter emotion, idea/counter idea, force/counter force. As wisdom is the integrative process itself and grace its highest concept of duality integrated to the point of thirdness greater oneness, it is the required concept and formula for the resolution for any problem including the resolution of the currently reigning paradigm for inquiry, i.e. Science Only.  This resolving new paradigm and scientific breakthrough realization that the cosmos itself is one gracefully flowing dynamic, interactive, integrated/integrative whole….that is experienced by us with space and time tossed into it I dub as Gracience.

[ (Science x Wisdom)  —> Gracience ]

[ (Space x Time) —> Grace/Self Awareness/Consciousness Itself ]