The Real Causes of Inflation and The Way To Implement Beneficial Deflation

Read the book and chapter 21. It’s an excellent historical description of the Weimar hyperinflation that de-bunks the conservative kant that public control of the money system caused that sorry episode.

The short historical analysis is that “normal” inflation is a smallish single digit percentage in the 1-3% range and is largely contained by competition between and amongst business models. High and consequential inflation (4-14%) generally results from war, lost wars and/or increases in the costs of major commodity prices due to political whim or reaction like the Arab oil embargo in the 70’s. Hyperinflations only occur when most or all of the aforementioned factors have already occurred and then a compliant central bank leverages up speculators who short the currency and initiate the hyper form of inflation.

The point is that hyperinflations are extremely rare events and the first two forms and levels of inflation will continue whether conservatives believe in their beliefs or if MMTers believe in their beliefs. Only when we realize that money itself is at best a tertiary factor in inflation and decide that we no longer want to be dominated and manipulated by Finance’s monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only by implementing the new monetary and financial paradigm of Gifting with twin 50% discount/rebate policies at retail sale and at the point of note signing for “big ticket” items. That way we will not only rid ourselves of the economic vice of inflation, but will (almost miraculously for those whose minds are captured by convention and orthodoxy) beneficially integrate price and asset deflation into profit making economic systems.

Of “Hobby Horse” Theorizing and Actually Effective Monetary and Economic Analysis

Thank you Robert and Gerald for confirming what I have been saying here for years and that is, that macro-economists are largely caught up in abstraction and thus have failed to look directly at the economic/productive process itself as well as the cost accounting process within which it is correctly and inextricably embedded. If they did they would recognize that, amongst all of the other lesser characteristics of money, especially in a monetary economy like the one we all live in, not the “veil over barter” that the neo-classicals have led us to delusionally believe; that it is most basically accounting and so it will adhere to the equal debits and credits summing to zero cost accounting convention. Put these observations together with the recognition of retail sale being the point where production becomes consumption and you have the ideal point to implement a monetary and pricing policy that benefits all economic agents and enables us to FINALLY direct industrial policy so as to align it with ecological sanity and species and planetary survival.

Theorizing is perfectly legitimate of course, but riding it like a hobby horse gets dangerous and ridiculous without consulting the temporal universe and some of its basic derived truths.

Economics is complex, paradigms are deep simplicities that alter the complexities of patterns and the present monetary and financial paradigm is the correct target for our investigations…if we want to be real, effective and honest investigators.

Post To RWER Blog Regarding Fears of Bond Selling and Disinvestment


“Do you think that several disastrous circumstances are better than high inflation? Even if we can avoid higher inflation, they are still disastrous, aren’t they?”

The disastrous circumstances can be avoided by not getting involved in a long term war on the Asian continent in an age of modern weaponry where no one’s productive facilities are safe, by not allowing Finance to run up asset prices in a speculative frenzy or countering any embargo on modern economy’s major resource like petroleum with renewable energy sources aided by a 50% discount/rebate policy for any and all green big ticket items.

So far as China or the Saudis cashing in their bonds or disinvesting I highly doubt they’d do that simply because it would not actually be in their interest to do so. Secondly we could just say that we will honor the payment of the bonds as they mature, and if they try some other strategy to destabilize our economy we could just declare it “null and void” and tell them that they can continue to trade with us, but if they attempt destabilization in any way we will simply not let them take advantage of our 50% discount/rebate policy and in the interim we will re-industrialize in all of the products they export…so never mind and have a nice day. That would probably be the best thing that could happen to them actually as it would undoubtedly make them consider the 50% discount/rebate policies in their own country thus making it stably prosperous without having to be an export platform. After all everything and everyone adapts to a new paradigm….not the other way around.

Personal Quote

I do not have any problem with self interest so long as it is aligned with and bordered by the natural philosophical concept of grace.

Graciousness is the epitome of wisdom, ethics and the good life.

Steve Hummel 09/21/2020

Outline of Opening of Speech: The Monetary and Financial Paradigm

Ok, I’m giving you all the goodies along with a few preliminaries up front.

Would you like to immediately double your individual purchasing power with a single policy?

If you’re a businessman would you like to immediately see twice the amount of free and available money for your goods and services?

Would you like to get rid of virtually all of your student debt, or a very large chunk of your total debt?

Would you like to not only see the absolute end of inflation, but ironically and almost miraculously, see the beneficial integration of price deflation into profit making economic systems?

Would you like to see both the elimination of all transfer taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and for social security and yet the immediate end of poverty for everyone and total income security for the elderly?

Would you like to see individual income and corporate taxes reduced to single digit percentages?

What are the 4 top reforms of MMT, Keen’s Minsky Financial Instability Hypothesis, Hudson’s Financial Parasitism and Public Banking trying to accomplish? Increasing the money supply without causing inflation. That’s what the policies of Wisdomics and the new monetary and financial paradigm do….in spades.

Would you like to see the integration of only the truths, only the most relevant applicabilities, only the highest workabilities and apply the highest ethical considerations in current opposing perspectives so that we can begin to build together instead of yelling and screaming at each other while the nation and its institutions continue to disintegrate? I think you would.

Maybe exclude: Last but not least would you like to finally begin effectively addressing the existential problem of climate change and the necessity of creating alternative energy sources for when we reach peak petroleum?

Then please lend me your ears and an open mind.


Preliminaries and Keys

In order to see a problem you have to actually look at it. If you don’t you may entirely miss a most basic problem. This applies for both structures and for the even more neglected “thing” known as paradigms.

This is what has happened with economics today where virtually all economists have been off in some thrice removed from reality abstraction looking for theoretical insights when both the theoretical and policy solutions are occuring all over the place and right in front of them millions of times a day. In other words they haven’t looked closely enough or at all at the actions that take place in the economic process itself, specifically at the strategic point of retail sale which is the point where production becomes consumption. Hence retail sale is the terminal cost summing, systemic ending and factor expression point for every consumer item or service. Thus a simple algebraic and accounting operation implemented at that point can have tremendous, yes paradigm changing and beneficial effect for all economic agents individual and commercial

The key to perceiving and understanding paradigm change is recognizing deep simplicities, not focusing on the entirely legitimate but mere dualistic argument creating effects of iconoclasm and/or the mere problem-identifying intellectual pursuit of complexity.

Deep simplicites create integrative change and a thirdness greater oneness of more complete change. Paradigm changes are deep simplicities. In fact they are always single concepts that fit seamlessly within and change the complexities of an entire pattern. For instance they are helio-centrism as opposed to terra-centrism, they are agriculture, homesteading and urbanization instead of nomadic hunting and gathering, they are technologically created communications as opposed to only handwritten ones and they are always freedom from dominating, enslaving and/or problematic monopolies whether ideological or structural like for instance the Reformation was from the monopoly on the sacraments that the Catholic church had at that time.

Signatures of Historical Paradigm Changes

Becoming aware of the historical signatures of paradigm changes is also a great guide to perceiving and understanding them. Here are the major signatures of genuine paradigm changes:

1) Conceptual opposition examples

2) Inversion of present paradigm reality examples

3) Discovery of new insight and/or new tool examples

4) End of dominating monopolies while also seamlessly integrating into all of the legitimate structures of the current paradigm examples

How new monetary and financial paradigm accomplishes all

Completes the goals of the top reforms

I want to say that what I’m presenting to you today is the policy completion and accomplishment of the leading economic economists and reformers of the day. I’ve already mentioned that Steve Keen and Michaelf Hudson, who are two of the handful of people that saw the GFC in 2008 coming before it occurred, and whose instability hypothesis and assertion of financial parasitism affirm what I say in my book about the need for a new paradigm in finance.

The same is true of people like Warren Mosler whose MMT Modern Monetary Theory aligns with my policies but just doesn’t have the specific policy insights to make the money system serve us instead of dominate us.

Public Banking wants to stop the costly and de-stabilizing tendencies of the too big to fail banks, they again just don’t have the policy insights and regulations to make money and finance work for us instead of against us….and Wisdomics does have them.


Okay. We’re almost there to revealing the simple policies that will accomplish the new paradigm, but first, lets understand the most important basics about money. Money has many characteristics, but it is most basically accounting and hence must obey the conventions of accounting, most applicably, the summing of equal debits and credits must and will always equal zero. That, and presently, money is virtually always created only as Debt. That only-ness is a very powerful monopoly especially because money is the life’s blood of individual and systemic economic freedom….and such a monopoly is contradictory in an alleged competitive free market system.

True and actual ending points are always potentially powerful change points because true ending points are also the final summing and expression points for all relevant factors in a system or process. In the economic system the terminal ending, summing of costs and prices and relevant factor expression point is retail sale.

It’s extremely important to recognize the paradigm changing power for policy at the strategic ending and pivoting point where production becomes consumption and thus leaves the economy. And again, that point is retail sale, and a possible new ending point is at the point of loan signing.

Show how 50% discount/rebate policies work.

Important: Recognizing the truth that everything adapts to a genuine new paradigm, not the other way around. In other words a paradigm change is not just palliative and piecemeal reform, it’s an entire pattern change

The concept of the mega-paradigm change.


1) Immediacy, universality and continuousness of beneficial change for both the individual and systems.

2) Beneficial effects in systems, areas of human endeavor/bodies of knowledge not directly related to the area of the paradigm change proper.

3) Raises the survivability of the entire human species and even other species and the planet as well.

Paradigms, Wisdom and The Natural Philosophical Concept of Grace

A culture is a pattern, i.e. a paradigm. There are paradigms within paradigms going from the level of the personal to the cultural to the cosmic.

Science is a paradigm. Even though it is attempting to expand and transcend itself the current paradigm for inquiry is still mainly Science/Empiricism Only.

Wisdom (not religion, but rather spirituality-self actualization) is both a personal and a cosmic paradigm and the paradigm of science resides entirely within it.

History is a discipline that looks at facts and attempts to decipher wisdom regarding them.

Wisdom is the mental process of integrating truths in seemingly opposing perspectives and realities.

The natural philosophical concept of grace is the pinnacle unitary concept of wisdom, namely love in action in the temporal universe where we all reside and interact with ourselves, others and the physical universe in the graciously flowing, interactive, integrative present moment process.

Thus if one wants to be personally and systemically attuned with the natural they should attempt to match and apply the relevant aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace to themselves and whatever body of knowledge and/or system they are engaged with.

Quantum Economic Flow

Money is (or should be) like electro-magnetic waves. That is, everywhere and every-when available as one graciously flowing moment to facilitate our wants and needs within an ethical framework considerate of others and the planet.

If god is omni-present then the best and most opportune place to meet him/her is in the present moment and every proceeding present moment.

Retail sale is the ever present moment intersection of the economy’s purpose (where production becomes consumption) that must be facilitated in the most ethical way possible.

If god’s loving grace is freely given, then let the monetary paradigm reflect that with a continuous flow of monetary gifting/gracious free gifting that enables both production and consumption in the most ethical and ecologically sane way possible.

Response To A Poster on RWER Blog

“The issue is not to create a prescriptive science but to create a society that copes skillfully with unknowns and the unpredictable.”

Yes, and that also deciphers and focuses on the real and deepest problem, namely debt and money…specifically the monetary and financial paradigm. The former is what Steve Keen recognized that neo-classical economics ignored. But what happened then? Like most intellectuals who value problems more than solutions he moved onto another and even more thorny problem, energy and its climate effects.

Economics has been (mostly correctly) analyzed 15 ways from the middle and over and over and over again….and almost entirely without positive effect. A clear sign that it is missing the mark.

Here is the necessary prescription:

1) Focus on money and debt
2) Recognize that the deepest problem is the monetary and financial paradigm…and our failure/unwillingness to analyze on the paradigmatic level
3) Find the new tool and/or insight that resolves the problems of the old/current monetary and financial paradigm
4) Start a socio-economic mass movement to herd the entirety of the political apparatus toward the solution and its policies discovered
5) Maintain the focus and political pressure until the new paradigm and its policies are implemented

The Immediate and Potential Benefits of The 50% Twin Discount/Rebate Policies At Retail Sale and At Point of Note Signing, and Creation of A True Publicly Administered National Banking and Financial System

  1. Immediate potential doubling of the individual’s purchasing power
  2. Immediate doubling of any UBI/Universal Dividend’s purchasing power
  3. Immediate elimination of any possibility of cost/price inflation
  4. Immediate 75% reduction in costs for all “big ticket” items and for all “big ticket” green consumer products and thus imminent affordability of same
  5. Immediate end of the un-economic nature of for profit finance and the concommitant end of its costs post retail sale
  6. Potential elimination of all transfer taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security paid for by both individuals and enterprise
  7. Potential deep cuts to individual and corporate income taxes
  8. Enabling of immediate re-industrialization in the most efficient and ecologically sane way possible
  9. Potential enablement of fiscal funding for all sorely needed infrastructure, transportation, environmental and regulatory spending due to the integration of beneficial price deflation into profit making economic systems and its consequent elimination of inflation
  10. Immediate relatively abundant monetary and financial security guaranteed for life, and the consequent increase in both individual emotional tone level and systemic ethical reality
  11. Immediate and actual integration of the best aspects of seeming opposite political and economc perspectives
  12. Qualifies for being only the third mega-paradigm change in human history

Posted To RWER Blog

It DOES take another model/paradigm to replace an old model/paradigm. The current model of trying to maintain a statistical equilibrium which is both a temporal impossibility and prone to austerity for most economic agents needs to be replaced by an abundant monetary state in perpetuity that matches the interactive, integrative flowing process known as the flowing moment in the temporal universe; and that has policies implemented at strategic points in the economic/productive process that absolutely eliminate any possibility of inflation (the 50% discount/rebate policies at retail sale and at note signing). And finally also has regulations and sanctions that keep the less than rational and/or ethical agents from trying to game and de-stabilize the new model/paradigm despite its universal benefits.