Wavelength and The Experience of The Integration of Wavelengths Including One’s Own

That’s what the experience of Grace actually is. Everything we see and sense is a wavelength manifestation emanating from the solidity around us. Exteriorization of one’s own attention/consciousness wavelength integratively into space and out toward solidity is the oft described experience all of the world’s Wisdom traditions speak of and point at.

[ (wavelength of your self x wavelength of everything else)  <–> Consciousness ]  =  Grace


Breathing and The Cosmic Code

[ (Inhaling x Exhaling)  <–> The Pause In Between Them ]

Everything is a trinity-unity-oneness-wholeness-process, and if you include self awareness/consciousness in that formula…you’ve discovered it.

Is it any wonder that breath/breathing has been a meditative self awareness process and a metaphor for Life, Spirit, flowingness and Grace?

Marxist, Scientific and Religious Ideologues Took The Hegelian Dialectic/The Cosmic Code…

…and made a dualistically contentious orthodoxy out of it instead of the flowing process that it actually is. They just dropped out the third and completing step and hence fell back into obsessive and egotistical contention instead attaining and maintaining the entire flow and process. Most scientists and orthodox religious advocates have basically committed the same crime.

Full consciousness of nature and its most basic reality of Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process, I have called The Cosmic Code and formulated as:

[ (A x Z)  <–>  G/C ]

And stated as:

A fully integrated (not just contended or reductionistically fragmented) oppositional Duality within a dynamically integrative, interactive gracefully flowing Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Consciousness-Process.

Fascist/Paradigmatic Dominance or Grace: Which Will It Be?

Trump and Putin (and every other conservative and liberal economic “thinker”) want to make the neo-liberal propaganda…”run on time.” The problem is it’s stuck, and requires a new paradigm and aligned philosophy and policies that embodies dynamic, interactive process and flow itself to enable it to do so.

Reply To Andrew Lainton on his Blog 06/23/2017

Here:  https://andrewlainton.wordpress.com/2017/06/23/the-perpetual-motion-assumption-in-new-keynesian-models/#comment-24039

The driver of perpetual motion is the cosmos itself which inexorably must follow the pattern of Start, Change and Stop….and re-start. The entire cosmos is IN PROCESS, CONTINUAL PROCESS. That’s cutting edge physics awakened to and applied. This of course is why not even Wisdomics-Gracenomics is an ultimate solution, but it is a paradigm change that will so stabilize economics and save profit making systems from themselves that the layman will say, “why didn’t we do this a long time ago” and of course the economically erudite will say, “I’ve been saying this all along”….except that they will have only been theoretically (and unconsciously) chipping away at the edges of the concept behind dynamic, natural and continual flow, i.e. the Wisdom concept of Grace….or any of the other terms like satori, etc. that it has been called down through the millennia.
Douglas was right all along, but he himself and his followers apparently were only partly consciously aware of the concept behind Social Credit itself, and my Wisdomics-Gracenomics is the cutting edge physics, full philosophical and policy integration/extension of that concept.
Your analysis is good, it just hasn’t fully/completely cognited on the concept behind the new paradigm.

And if you need a structural “necessitator” for perpetual motion it’s right there looking you in the face as continual borrowing is necessary to keep the economy from promptly falling into a recession-depression without it…and yet even borrowing at 0% still incurs a cost/cost build up and so it’s a deal with the devil, or rather a deal with the devil’s paradigm of Debt ONLY. Grace as in Monetary Gifting intelligently integrated into the debt based digital pricing and money systems. It’s the new paradigm that you and Keen and virtually everyone else but little ole me has but a faint actual concept of.

Answer To Mish Shedlock’s (and everyone else’s) Chronic Missing of the Mark

It isn’t a political or financial structural problem. It’s a monopolistic paradigmatic problem. Of course politicians and financial people like yourself still believe they’ve located the real problem and in fact have made a career out of criticizing these things so why would you want to admit that you haven’t looked closely enough at the real problem to see it.

The problem is a monopolistic IDEA/PATTERNS SURROUNDING AN IDEA. That’s what a paradigm is you know. It’s a generally held idea/pattern of an idea. The very fact that it is generally held/believed in, not only inhibits its critical examination it inhibits its very comprehension at all…just like the fact that you have not had the cognition that it is the real problem for instance.   You’ve got a lot of company though, like the best economist on the planet Steve Keen for instance. He has a slight idea of the problem, the banking and financial idea of Debt Only that is, because he has suggested “a modern debt jubilee” which of course is a “one off” non-dynamic approximation of a solution and only a partially conscious comprehension of the resolving new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics is the full philosophical and policy expression of the new monetary and economic paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Deeply and Dynamically Integrated Monetary Gifting.

You heard it here first.

c copyright 06/23/2017

Steve Hummel

How Every Other Enterprise and Every Individual Can Finally “Turn The Tables” On Finance

Support The abundant monthly universal dividend policy and the high percentage discount to the retail product of every business model policy.

They would then be able to make more profit, save more and rely on Finance less. The same of course would apply to the individual. Centuries if not millennia of dominance by the business model of finance will then be at an end.

A new paradigm changes everything in fundamental ways, and because the new paradigm is fundamental, transformative and generally help and applied….everything adapts to the new paradigm…not the other way around. And this is correct of course because a new paradigm is always a fundamental improvement and so a very large and genuine step of what is known as progress.

Get on the train of the new monetary and economic paradigm change of Direct and Reciprocal Gifting. It’s all upside.