Indirectness of Total Individual Income Production Introduces Time Lags and So Gaps In Their Ratio To Total Costs/Prices…

and direct and immediate production of individual income and, reciprocal price reduction to consumers and rebating back of those costs/prices to enterprise eliminates those gaps….and a sufficient abundance of both income and price reduction inverts that scarcity ratio and makes it an abundant one.


Disequilibrium Theory vs Monetary Paradigm Change

Disequilibrium theory is good and incrementally better than previous theories, but Monetary Paradigm Change follows the problem and primacy inversion signature of all actual paradigm changes (Hunting and Gathering Movement to Agriculture staying fixed in an area, and Ptolemaic epicycle to  Copernican Helio-centric paradigm changes), and so the changes are actually general,  integrative and transformative of all factors greatly stabilizing the area in which the new paradigm applies.

Equilibrium theory is like the curve of a failed satellite orbital insertion, disequilibrium is a little more extended suborbital curve and a monetary paradigm curve is a greatly stabilized free fall, free flowing orbital curve that may have perturbations in it but, again, is far and away more stabilized.

Also, the true test that something is a paradigm change is that everything adapts to it, not the other way around.

Personal Quote

Wisdomics-Gracenomics brings greater consciousness and hence a greater reality/awareness of the importance of ethics to economics.

Grace As In Ethical Power and Control, Pure As In Free From Vice and Purification As In Dedication to Sanctification (but not elimination) of Lesser Motives

Love and its active form Grace are by definition supreme ethical benevolence even if supremely powerful (“your sovereign Grace”), free from actual vices and an adherence to an ethic of Grace itself which is a dedication to making Grace (loving,caring) the supreme intention and motive that infuses even lesser motives like profit and control.

Grace is not prudery, judgmental puritanism, gross morality or dogmatism, but benevolence, goodness, virtue, dedication to thorough understanding and the intention of sanctification.

Grace As In “Standing In The Light” of God’s Presence/One’s Own Naked and Serene Consciousness

This is what has always been the signature of enlightenment, internal conversion, cognition as in new awareness of something one either half knew or was completely unaware of. It is the experience behind the classical descriptions of the conversion of Saul of Tarsus, the enlightenment of Gautama Buddha, the final realization of Aquinas etc. etc.

There is an experience behind the word and various dogmas of Grace/satori/samadhi and it is incredibly powerful, beneficial and personally/temporally undeniable no matter what your choice of faith or lack thereof.

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.  Thomas Aquinas

The second sentence in that quote is instructive to most moderns and scientistic types who unfortunately have adopted a mentally bifurcated, conditioned, reductionistic and fragmentary stance. This so often stands in the way of cogniting on the fact that Faith as in a deep, undeniable and naturally integrative personal experience and a deep faith-in a particular religious perspective….are actually the very same experience.

Grace is the ultimate deep and integrative experience no matter what one’s perspective, beliefs or lack of beliefs. This is full philosophical  exegesis, understanding and self knowledge.

Simply contemplate the active form of Love, i.e. Grace/graciousness in all of its aspects and you’ll never lose anything of actual value and have awakening, upon awakening.