Posted To Steve Grmbine’s Podcast -1/08/2022

Me: MMT is correct theory and sustainability is necessary. But what keeps enterprise, the economic system and individuals from embracing both of them and the progress they would bring? Their cost is the short answer. What if there was a way to make everything, and most especially green products and green proposals, so much cheaper that there would be a bottom up upswell in the products and in the viability of the proposals? The way to do that is to integrate the new monetary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting into the current monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only with a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale and a second 50% Debt Jubilee policy for all big ticket and green products at the point of note signing. End the cost increasing factor of inflation forever and make ecological sustainability not only palatable to enterprise, but the “go to” area for sales and profit. Change the monetary paradigm and change the world…before its too late.

Mark F:

Understanding what is described by MMT, “cost” becomes the least important item of any federal budget discussion and how the bill will be resourced becomes the priority.

Anything achievable is absolutely affordable for the sole legal issuer of the US dollar, the US Government. For example, if National Improved Medicare For All is on the table, we need to know if the availability of healthcare professionals and number of facilities are sufficient to care for all who can now get the care they need after the bill is signed into law.

The question of how the Government will pay is answered by pointing out that all federal spending is financed one way, be it bombs, tanks, or whatever the US Government wants to purchase from the domestic and foreign private sector. Federal spending is financed by Congressional appropriations. The US Government is self-financed and Federal taxes do not and cannot pay for any Federal spending.

Me: I’m not disputing the fact that the US gov is monetarily sovereign etc. etc. What I’m trying to communicate is the benefits of a monetary paradigm change. A change that would not only end inflation forever (which by the way would rationally end any {already false} argument that government deficits are inflationary and so pave the way for the fiscal spending necessary to confront climate change), but do the impossible so far as any present economic theory is concerned, namely integrate beneficial price and asset DEFLATION into profit making economic systems. Inversion of mental and temporal universe orthodox reality is a cardinal signature of historical paradigm changes (the Copernican cosmological paradigm change was nothing more and certainly nothing less than the inversion of the positions of the earth and the sun for instance). That’s what the new monetary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting does and a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at the point of retail sale and a 50% debt jubilee at the point of note signing are exact expressions of that new paradigm.

Summary Of Reforms New Monetary Paradigm Accomplishes

MLK’s guaranteed income, end of political gridlock, end of false capitalist/socialist duality gridlock,

end of inflation/objection to fiscal deficits false duality,

Indignation and truth telling is a derivative of the natural philosophical and ethical concept of grace/graciousness. The truth dispels untruth, and even the more subtle and dangerous problem of unconscious/unwitting alligiance to the half-truths of dualistic orthodoxies whose time has passed. Progress with the thirdness greater oneness of the new monetary paradigm.

Good Summary Of Benefits Of New Monetary Paradigm

Integrating the new monetary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting and its policies into the current monopolistic monetary paradigm of Debt Only is what will enable us to unite and accomplish all of the liberal progressive reforms we all have worked for over the years.

For instance, a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at the point of retail sale effectively changes the chronic inflationary nature of capitalist economies…into BENEFICIAL price and asset DE-flation. If you empirically end ANY possibility of inflation the entire libertarian/conservative argument against fiscal deficits goes “POOF”. …and funding of every necessary social, economic and ecological reform is consequently enabled.

Pair a $1000/mo. universal dividend with the 50% Discount/Rebate policy for everyone 18 years of age and older guarantees them $2000/mo. worth of purchasing power FOR LIFE, which would make the payroll taxes every working person and every enterprise pays for welfare, unemployment insurance and even for social security redundent and thus would enable us to eliminate them, paving the way for the integration of the interests of business and consumers/workers and ending the political gridlock that prevents such UNIVERSAL benefit.

Pair the above two policies with a second discount/debt jubilee policy at the point of loan signing of 25% for every loan and 50% for every big ticket loan for any green product like solar panels, EVs and home battery storage…and you could begin a green consumer product upswell…instead of ignoring the necessity of such reality for another 50 years.

Our social, economic, political and ecological problems are ALL kept in suspension by the current monopolistic paradigm. Change that, and you change the world.

Posted To Robert Reich’s Substack Newsletter 01/05/2022

Robert, I don’t disagree in any way with your insight that the corporate power structure is a massive obstruction to what needs to get done in the world. What I’m concerned with however is the core of that core problem which is the human civilization long dominance of everyone and every commercial entity that isn’t operating hand in glove with that core problem, namely Finance and its monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money.

Integrate the new monetary paradigm of Gifting into the debt only based system in a way that 1) starkly benefits all legitimate economic agents both commercial and individual, 2) isolates Finance as the underlying problem and 3) also uses both a carrot and stick taxation means of herding corporate powers with global reach.

The means of doing this could be 1) tandem 50% discount/rebate policies at the point of retail sale and a 50% debt jubilee at the point of loan signing, and 2) tax cuts of 50% for all businesses who do not inflate their prices, but compete and innovate on price, and 3) SEVERE, as in a 100% rate of taxation, on any revenue garnered from arbitrary price rises unjustified by ACTUAL OVERALL costs. After all, in a fiat monetary system like we actually have, we only need reasonable taxation rates that guarantee commercial compliance with the law…and yet the sovereign power to make damned good and sure that such a reasonable system is not gamed.

I hasten to point out that 1) a 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale immediately doubles everyone’s purchasing power (as in making even a minumum wage of $7.35/hr able to purchase at a rate of $14.70/hr) and 2) also doubles the potential demand for every enterprise’s goods and services (but will only raise it mostly for the poor and unemployed because everyone is not going to eat twice as much as they did before or go out and buy twice as many shoes as they have been buying).

I also hasten to point out that a 50% debt jubilee at the point of loan signing will 1) not only enable a $400k house that has been reduced to $200k by the discount/rebate policy at retail sale (yet the home building corporation gets their full price with the rebate aspect of the policy) becomes $100k with the 50% debt jubilee policy. The ancients utilized periodic debt jubilees to reset and stabilize their economies and social systems. Integrate debt jubilee directly into the economic process with a 50% reduction at the point of loan signing and it will permanently stabilize the economy, and the graciously beneficial effects of the above policies will put the lie to the irrational generalization of conservative/libertarian economists that the government is always the problem.

Implement monetary grace as in gifting into the economy…and the social system will awaken to peace…instead of rebellion.

Response To a Questioner On Facebook

The discount is simply an accounting entry opened up by the retailer, and the rebate is the monetary authority creating the exact amount of money that balances/zeros out the account. This is how banks create our money now (with accounting entries) except it’s always ONLY in the form of debt while this policy has the monetary authority (the FED or some other body specifically mandated to execute the policy) create it as a gift of money. The beauty of the policy is it injects more money into the economy while simultaneously doing the impossible so far as orthodox economic theory is concerned, that is it empirically integrates beneficial price and asset deflation into profit making economic systems. If you do a cursury examination of historical paradigm changes you will discover that complete mental and temporal inversion of reality is the cardinal signature of paradigm changes…and that is exactly what this single policy accomplishes.

Posted To Robert Reich’s Substack Newsletter 01/01/2022

Robert. You’re video is spot on regarding the historical details of the decline we’ve been in since the mid 70’s. What I’m interested in is identifying the underlying problem that aligns and keeps in suspension the multi-pronged socio-economic, psychological and political problems we’re sitting in, and then starting a mass movement to communicate the universal benefits available by resolving it.

All of the leading monetary and economic reforms of Steve Keen’s Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis, Mosler/Wray/Kelton’s Modern Monetary Theory, Ellen Brown’s Public Banking, Universal Basic Income and Michael Hudson’s Monopolistic Financial Parasitism describe aspects of this underlying problem. However, they do not identify the singular new monetary and financial paradigm concept so that a focused policy program that aligns all of the reforms, integrates the self interests of traditionally opposed economic and political constituencies and makes clear the obvious overwhelming benefits to the individual can be communicated in that movement in order to herd the entirety of the political apparatus toward implementing it. Is that grand? Yes, but new paradigms after all are ENTIRE pattern changes, and paradoxically conceptually they are also THE deep simplicity/single concept that resolves the problematic aspects of the old/current paradigm.

So what is the new paradigm concept I’m talking about? It is Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting. What is UBI? Monetary Gifting. What are fiscal deficits? Monetary Gifting to private contractors and needed government programs. What keeps conservative pols and voters and commercial agents from agreeing to the needed government programs liberals want to pass? The fear of inflation and the additional costs they mistakenly think such programs will cost them. But what if we heralded a policy that a) not only ended inflation forever, but integrated BENEFICIAL price and asset DEFLATION into profit making economic systems, b) immediately, continuously, empirically and mathematically doubled everyone’s purchasing power and (potentially) doubled the free and available demand for every enterprise’s goods and services c)…just how drop dead politically integrative and powerful could that policy and its aligned program be???

That policy, which is also an exact expression of the new monetary and financial paradigm concept itself, is a 50% Discount to consumers at the point of retail sale, all of which discount is Rebated back to the merchant granting it to consumers, by the monetary authority, so that those merchants can be made whole on their overheads and profit margins.

And by the way, there are other policies and other integrative political and economic benefits possible to be crafted out of the new paradigm concept. Can you comment on this at all Robert. Thank you.

Changing The Monetary Paradigm Undercuts and Yet Enables All other Reforms

Reforms are generally good efforts that are usually easily gamed and hence undone.

Paradigms are conceptual deep simplicities that are permanent progressive events that still over long periods of time develope problems that lead to the necessity to visualize a new paradigm.

Zeitgeists are even broader and longer lasting changes than paradigms in that they address and express the major ethic of an age.

The leading reforms in money and economics are MMT (Modern Monetary Theory), Public Banking, UBI (Universal Basic Income) and Steve Keen’s Modern Debt Jubilee.

All of these reforms revolve around the issues of money, debt and banks, and conceptually and policy-wise they all align with what I have posited as the new monetary and financial paradigm concept, namely Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

The current monetary and financial paradigm is a monopolistic concept of Debt Only because debt is currently the sole form and vehicle allowed for the creation and distribution of money.

My primary policy innovation, which itself is an exact expression and temporal universe application of the new paradigm concept, is a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at the point of retail sale. This single policy enables the expression of all of the above reforms as well as many other necessary actions in and outside of economics.

The philosophical concept behind the monetary and financial paradigm is grace as in gifting.

Historically, it can be deciphered that every paradigm change has as its primary expression an aspect or aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace. For instance, the paradigm change of humanity’s emergence from an overidding ethic of mere survival into self awareness and hence knowledge of morals and ethics, in other words awareness of ethics itself, is an expression of grace because grace is love in action and love/graciousness is heralded by all of the world’s major wisdom traditions’ as the highest state of personal consciousness. The paradigm change to Agriculture, Homesteading and Urbanization from Hunting and Gathering was characterized by increased abundance and likelihood of survival both of which are aspects and effects of grace/graciousness.

The current zeitgeist is Power, Profit and Control.

If mankind and human civilization is to finally emerge into adulthood from a troubled adolescence the new zeitgeist will be Grace as in Redeemed Power, Ethical Profits and Sovereign Yet Beneficent Control.

Conscious or even unconscious repetition is the means of self actualization of any and all experience. Ask yourself what the positive personal and social effects could be if every time everyone went to buy a car, a house or a sweet potato they were graciously gifted half of the costs of their price?

So be it.

One Policy

One policy changes the monetary paradigm and finally makes the economy and the money system serve us instead of we forever having to serve it. There are other policies that fill out and stabilize the new paradigm, but this single policy inverts the mental and temporal realities of the current paradigm of Debt Only which has held us all in its grip for the entire course of human civilization. That policy is a 50% Discount to consumers at the point of retail sale, all of which is rebated back to the merchant granting the discount to the consumer.

The current monetary paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money is monopolistically dominating and hence is not only uncompetitive and restraining of innovation, it also keeps actions to confront and handle climate change from moving forward with necessary post haste.

This one policy unites the self interests of consumers and enterprise by fundamentally and strategically reducing costs and prices yet facilitating the free flowingness of commerce.

Consumers and producers unite! All you have to lose are your monetary and financial chains!

Posted To Robert Reich’s Substack Newsletter 12/30/21

How could anyone be afraid of a message of the power to personally and joyously resolve the beatific struggle between moral fortitude and self desires that It’s a Wonderful Life expresses? Indeed an authoritarian one sided thinker like Ayn Rand could. Pitiful. The truth is the invertive, integrative power of the natural philosophical concept of grace is not just a personal preoccupation, but also an imminently practical and historical signature of paradigm change. After all, the enlightening Copernican cosmological paradigm change was nothing more than the inversion of the positions of the earth and the sun. So could it also be economically, politically and ecologically if we found a way to integratively implement the new monetary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Grace As In Gifting into the economic process itself. And finally, what could be the personal and societal benefits of feeling grateful every time you bought a car, a house or a sweet potato because the monetary authority paid for half of it?


Thanks for replying Jane. Forgive the following sermonette. The experience of grace falls on anyone willing to contemplate its beautiful aspects long enough to self actualize it, no matter whether they are religious or not. Grace/graciousness is really nothing more and certainly nothing less than love in action, in other words loving action. Love and grace are the pinnacle concepts and experiences of wisdom, and contrary to the thinking of a too often cynical age wisdom is not “airy fairy” but in fact imminently practical…otherwise it wouldn’t be wisdom. The non-violent mass social movements that Gandhi and MLK, Jr. utilized to educate, expose and effectively overcome injustices were actually an expression of the “not acting in kind” aspect of the concept of grace. Historically, the expression of an aspect of the concept of grace has always been the motivating force behind every genuine Paradigm change. The Reformation for instance was the objection to the monopolistic dominance of the sacraments by the Catholic church and the desire for religious tolerance and inclusiveness. When paradigm change is needed…contemplate the appropriate aspect of grace for the mental and temporal solution.