The Present Zeitgeist/Ethic of the Age…and The New One

The zeitgeist/ethic of the age is power/knowledge. By pushing economics fully out of its religious connections it gave it the mixed blessing of modernity (religion of course has always had its own problems with power because the current zeitgeist not unlike the current monetary and financial paradigm has been with us since at least the last mega paradigm change from hunting and gathering to agriculture).

The only way mankind will truly progress is if the religionists and the scientists BOTH recognize the natural philosophical concept of grace and begin to conscientiously apply its unitary and ethical aspects to themselves and to their systems.

Too simple for the intellectual vanities of the erudite, too powerful to be denied if one self actualizes it.

Why The 50% Discount/Rebate Policy At Retail Sale Is So Significant and Powerful

Because it goes to and takes effect at the very woof and warp of the economy, that is the point of exchange, and in a monetary economy that increasingly has a scarcity of individual purchasing power and so business revenue, it doubles both of those totals in the most democratic way, that is, directly, universally and continuously.

It’s completely upside for virtually every legitimate and non-toxic economic agent individually and commercially.

Paradigm Changes: The Impossible Becoming Possible

Generally, Math as in calculus has needed collateral verification in a complex system like economics, but when it is applied at a pivotal and terminating point like retail sale its effects are immediate, direct and unmistakably clear. Such are the temporal universe effects of a genuine paradigm change. With paradigm changes the impossible has always been possible.

Post To RWER Blog Regarding Paradigmology

Monetary Gifting is the hand washing of economics, and math coupled with the new insight/new tool that has always accompanied genuine historical paradigm changes affirms and enlightens that change rather than obscures or confuses it.

To wit: agriculture, the telescope, the ellipse, movable print, the experience of god is personal and the obvious increased abundance, freedom and survivability that such new insights/new tools affected in the area of human endeavor that the new paradigm applied to.

Furthermore, when the new paradigm occurs in a body of knowledge/area of human endeavor that directly, immediately and continuously effects the individual like the change from nomadic hunting and gathering to homesteading, agriculture and urbanization or in economics it becomes a mega paradigm change that has “knock on” unitary and synergistic effects in other areas of human endeavor.

In other words “Try it, you’ll like it.”

Economists and the financial authorities are the horse shite picker uppers before the invention of the internal combustion engine. They’ll need to go back to school and learn coding or something. Another signature of accomplished paradigm changes is egg on one’s face poetic justice.

The 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale and also at the point of note signing….too simple for the intellectual vanities of the erudite, too obviously beneficial and problem resolving to be denied by anyone who actually looks at its effects.

Realities and “Things” To Contemplate

My self awareness is real, amazingly real.

Space is a palpable three dimensional reality.

Present time is a joyous and inutterably diverse experience.

Abstraction is fun, but direct experience is bliss.

Colors, man, colors!

Electro-magnetic waves in the space around me are real!

Response ToA Post on RWER Blog Regarding Power

Of course wealth has always been about power. Power is and forever has been the zeitgeist/ethic of the age of humans. And the only way to effectively deal with and rationally guide power is to integrate the highest ethical, unitary and natural philosophical concept of grace into our systems with policies that reflect and effect it.

Pointed Response About Monetary and Fiscal Policy on RWER Blog

The problems with both fiscal and monetary policy are their indirectness, their inadequacy and their failure to recognize how a particular policy at a specifically powerful point in the economic process can resolve all of the problems the heterodox all agree need to be resolved.

“It’s the monetary and financial paradigm and its policies, stupid!”