Posted To Substack 01/22/2022

The monetary/financial paradigm is the core of the core problem…in the world. And the biggest part of that problem is that paradigms are largely unconscious things. In other words you don’t have to have an actual conspiracy to enforce the reality that paradigms create…because they’re part of the mental make up you’re walking around in. Change the monetary and financial paradigm…and change the world.

Possible Change In Retail Sale Policy

As a way of somewhat curtailing the increase in consumption while still providing a large discount at retail sale and a consequent increase in individual purchasing power I am considering making the discount percentage 25% and then adding whatever percentage of sales tax is applicable to it (which was not included in the 50% discount). IHere in Phoenix/Glendale that would add another 9.9% to the discount making the total 34.9%.

This is an additional incentive for the retail merchant and the local governments because it has the federal monetary authority pay their sales taxes to those entities.

The 25% general debt jubilee policy and 50% debt jubilee for all home purchases and green consumer products will remain the same.

Reprise To Any and All Well Intentioned Monetary and Economic Reforms

MMT is an excellent reform and accurately describes the private and governmental money creation process within the current paradigm of money. The problem is it does nothing to change the present monopolistic monetary paradigm of Debt Only which is the core of the core economic problem, and hence the factor that keeps the problems of the economy in suspension and blunts the beneficial effects of all of the current reforms.

Private banking/money creation is not a legitimate business model because it is always either pre-production for commercial agents or post retail sale for consumers. In other words it is a wholly exterior dominating and parasitical operation that has attached itself to the actual legitimate economic/productive process itself, and any meaningful or permanent change will be thwarted until the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting is effectively integrated into the Debt Only based system and replaces it as its operant factor.

The Problem of Economics Is The Monetary Paradigm. Full Stop.

You can be the most erudite and iconoclastic economic theorist on the planet and not accomplish anything truly lasting if you don’t recognize that the current monetary paradigm is the core of the core economic problem. Ironically complexity is not the key to recognizing and changing a paradigm. Why? Because a paradigm/paradigm change is a single concept that applied changes the complexities of an entire pattern of thought and action. Theories and reforms are data points and symptomatic corrections. Paradigms/paradigm changes are deep simplicities/pungent wisdom insights into the essences and operant factors of the body of knowledge/area of human endeavor under investigation.

Money makes the world go ’round, the monetary paradigm determines whether it dominates or serves mankind via the economy. Change the current monetary paradigm…and change the world.

Grace/Wisdom/Paradigm-ology: Tapping Into Conceptual Behindness, Temporal Effectiveness and Experiential Directness

Grace is the actual and inherent state of the cosmos. The electro-magnetic flux going on around you continuously, and that physically, you in fact are an active, integral and flowing part is bliss awaiting your nascently conscious awareness of it. That integrative awareness is satori, god’s grace descending upon you, entering the kingdom of heaven, etc. etc. Why must we become as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven? Because a child experiences the world directly, not as a word or some other abstraction…exactly as you can…if you look at it directly in space and time where its active and an actual experience instead of a photo or image in your mind which is at least once removed from now.

So the experience of grace, the integration of awareness/consciousness itself and the electro-magnetic flux is the basis, the starting/re-starting…of everything else in one’s life. Grace is where you find love. Love is a unity, a oneness and grace being the active form of love, in other words love in action it is the state from which all of the gifts of love, like gratitude, joy, empathy, congeniality, welcoming, flow, togetherness and ethically determined intention/mutual goals are experienced and expressed.

So with this prefacing sermonette let us ask ourselves why wisdom and paradigm-ology are such penetratingly effective mental tools. It’s mostly because they utilize the mental process of integration which is direct looking, truth, essence and operationally effective factor combining and then mental and temporal aligned action/policy. Wisdom and paradigm-ology are essentially the same tool and process. Epistemological processes for directly perceiving behindness, the realities unconsciously missed by many, not because they are deficiently equipped to do so, but mostly because we are other concerned/distracted. Wisdom is not wisdom unless it has a pragmatic way of acting or not acting attached to it. And this aligns with grace as grace is love in action or as is appropriate, not acting. Paradigm-ology is the study of the phenomenon of paradigms and paradigm changes, but because paradigms and paradigm changes are the most integrative mental and temporal phenomena of human history (i.e. single concepts that effect change in the complexities of entire patterns) they are then logically and definitionally wisdom insights themselves.

Sufficiently practiced these tools and processes lead to the conscious experience of grace, the bliss of continuous integrative nowness….no matter what that nowness may be…and align our thinking and acting-policy choices in our various systems…so as to further pursue a unitary agreement and flow of both, that is a gracefulness of human existence.

Not Just The Virtual Monpoly Grant To Create Our Money…

The core of our biggest economic problem is not just the idiotic granting of the ability to create the life’s blood of every enterprise and every individual, namely money, to the single business model of private banking. It is not awakening to the even more powerful and problem congealing fact that we are allowing the banks a monopolistic paradigm to create money ONLY in the form and vehicle of Debt.

Strategically integrate the new monetary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting into the Debt Only based system with a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at the point of retail sale and we can breath not only increased profit and dynamic free flowingness into the economy, but a daily experience of faith in our nation, hope for its future and reciprocated love for the graciousness bestowed upon us all by such a policy.

Address To Mankind

What was the deepest reason humanity was able to ascend out of the unconscious routine of mere survival? Was it simply intelligence? Or was it the ultimate intelligence of wisdom and its pinnacle experience of grace as in love in action for your own, for yourself and for what is gloriously all about you?

I submit that it is of course the latter, and that we must consciously re-discover and begin to affirm this fact despite the many opportunities for distraction we’ve invented, and our penchant for loving problems even more than we desire solutions.

Let us proceed with post haste in the applications of grace to our selves, to others and to our various systems. The clock is ticking louder and louder and approaching midnight. May grace be continually with you and in you.

Exploring Enlightenment and The New Monetary Paradigm On The Sidewalk With Sal Paradise/Steve Hummel

Amongst the distraction, sugar induced “high” of American processed food and outright error of my life I have still always been guided two impulses: freedom and the postulate I made as a young child after hearing the grief and shock in my mother’s voice after she heard from her mother that her father had died in an automobile accident. This disturbed me of course and I promptly grabbed a bible and went to our basement and walked around vowing to obey whatever I read in it. Luckily, if you open the bible in the middle you usually come up in either Psalms or Proverbs and in this case it was Proverbs where I recall reading the following snippets of several verses: “Get knowledge, Get wisdom, Get understanding.” Ah, what a dual curse and incredible blessing that decision would evoke as a curious but slow learner gradually learned that knowledge as in data increases dualitycomplexity/potential conflict unless you utilize the intentional integrative mental process of wisdom which opens one up to experience the thirdness greater unitary oneness of understanding also know as the flowing state of grace which is the integration of you own attention/consciousness with a nascent experience of the electro-magnetic emanation of everything around us. Bliss is bliss, no matter how one frames it. The only thing really important is to experience it.

The Concept of Monetary Grace As In Gifting and Accounting: A Marriage Made In Paradigmatic Heaven

Paradigms are single concepts that describe the essences and operant factors within the complexities of entire patterns. Hence they are quintessentially integrative phenomena, that is a single-ness describing a complex-ness. It follows logically that a new paradigm is also even more integrative in that it is both a mental and temporal universe change.

In the paradigm change concept of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting we also have as proof of its paradigmatic validity in that it uses the accounting actions of debits and credits to effect its changes. Accounting/double entry bookkeeping is probably the most empirical and temporal universe tied discipline that humanity has ever invented. In other words it is as reality based as you can get, and it creates and ties the paradigmatic concept of the new monetary paradigm and its policies directly and reciprocally to their intended temporal effects.

Survival Is Survival

I would rather bribe enterprise into aligning itself with ecological sustainability via the policies of the new monetary paradigm than hope that some mere theoretical economic tweek of the system will somehow enable us to go where we haven’t gone in over 50 years. So long as we continue to miss the underlying problem of the present monetary and financial paradigm and so do not change it we will blindly continue to walk toward the sixth great extinction event.

Survival trumps every other consideration to the rational individual no matter how erudite or influencial they may otherwise be.