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GC:  Yes. Green new deal is the key.

Me:  Green new paradigm is what is needed because Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Distributism will:

Enable a national publicly administered bank funded by the government that would enable tremendous cost savings, fully functional finance for all agents needing and desiring credit and would additionally enable as much green research and innovation both public and private to be imminently doable

Environmental and ecological sustainability is much less an economic productivity/throughput problem than it is an energy and its negative waste effects one

Enable the total elimination of transfer taxes and probably 90% of their bureaucracies as conservative agendas would like to do but can’t

Immediately end poverty and establish a comfortable guaranteed level of economic democracy with a universal dividend and 50% retail discount/rebate policies as liberal agendas would like to do but can’t

Totally eliminate inflation and integrate price deflation beneficially into profit making systems as no other theorist has considered possible because they’re not looking where they need to look to decipher how to accomplish such

Greatly reduce corporate and individual income taxes to levels needed only to establish the government as sovereign as MMT would like to see but would not effect, as the policies of direct monetary distribution will enable the government to fund itself and eliminate inflation at the same time

Enable the system to be abundantly prosperous, free flowing and stably so.


RWER Blog: Wisdom and Empricism vs Abstraction Only

A lot of good analysis. My take is that reforms are well intentioned but incomplete and shallow in their effects. All of the economic and mathematical analysis in the world, even of the heterodox variety, won’t get us to where we need to be which is a new economic philosophy that has an overweening concept that accomplishes the paradigm change and hence deep and long term positive change. This is why a guy like Steve Keen, whose economic knowledge and mathematical skills are probably a notch above every other hetrodox economist’s, still apparently doesn’t have the philosophical chops to recognize that what limited policy prescriptions he does advocate…philosophically dovetail with the concept I keep pushing here.

This is likely also due to the fact that he’s only taking an abstract look at the problem instead of an integrated one of abstraction and empirical analysis. He discovered the importance of the utterly integrated empirical tool of accounting and its subset cost accounting a few years ago, but failed to follow through by digging deeper into it’s and the money system’s digital nature as well as an analysis of the significance of the “triple power point” (summing point of all costs, ending point of the entire economic process and terminal expression point for all forms of inflation) of retail sale), hence he doesn’t see how these facts expose the fallacy of the quantity theory of money and remedy the boogeyman of “monetary” inflation with a digital monetary policy at that triple power point.

So if you see neither the single concept that describes the paradigm nor the seamlessly integrated tool, its digital nature and its economic significances for the implementation of policy that reflects that single philosophical concept….you’re condemned to being thwarted by the fog of complexities instead of awakening to the new paradigm’s elegant problem resolving simplicity.

Wisdom and its pinnacle concept is depth, resolution of opposites and so thirdness greater pragmatic oneness no matter whether it is applied personally, systemically, scientifically or cosmically.

Grace: The Natural Philosophical Concept Behind Every Paradigm Change, Positive Integrated Psychological State, Quantum and Temporal Reality and Connection to and Creation of Consciousness/Self Awareness Itself

List paradigm change concepts and show their alignment and reflectivity with aspects of grace

Show alignments with techniques and pinnacle states described by all of the world’s major wisdom traditions

List positive and integrated psychological states and show their alignment and reflectivity with aspects of grace

List descriptions of quantum realities and show their alignment and reflectivities to the actions and states of consciousness

Show present examples of the wrong headed egotistical results of obsessiveness, stupidity, arrogance and ineffectiveness by focusing only on contentious dualities and hence the failures to be truly integrative, wise and primarily focused on the thirdnesss greater oneness of the trinitarian dialectic/cosmic code (which describes wisdom’s process and includes within it wisdom’s trinity-unity-oneness-process).

Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The End of Mere Economics

That’s right, the transcending of mere economic calculus and even of political economy and the beginning of a new economic philosophy based on the concept behind the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting, that is, the natural philosophical concept of grace as in abundance, dynamic, interactive and stabily flowing balance, confidence, hope and love, integration of the truths etc. of dualities, thirdness greater oneness.

Economists are for the most part mere scribblers. Wisdomics-Gracenomics graduates them to becoming philosophers, open minded scientists who utilize the entire tool box of human mental disciplines and finally paradigm perceivers who simultaneously see both the singular concept and the entire pattern that describes and defines a paradigm.

The Triple Power Point of Economics

When you’ve taken rational, ethical, unobtrusive and universally beneficial control of the triple power point of the economic process, that is, the point of retail sale; with the dual policies of a universal dividend and a 50% discount/rebate you’ve resolved the two deepest and most chronic problems of modern economies, totally inverted their negative realities of scarcity, austerity and instability and accomplished a paradigm change in economics and money systems all in one fell swoop.

It’s simple without being simplistic, utterly effective and Occam’s Razor expressed. It’s the perfect integration of the best aspects of the agendas of both the political and economic right and left, the end of the frustrations of the forgotten middle class and the re-integration of their hope and faith in the system which is the most basic solution to the political disintegration we see them expressing and that is being fomented by foreign forces who do not have our best interests in mind.

Please help me get this message out to everyone so we can make America as great as our forefathers aspired for it to be, and as wise a beacon for the world as it can be.