Posted To Ellen Brown’s Public Banking Post 03/23/2023

“Crises are when change happens.”

Correct. But if we analyze and act on the operant applied concept/paradigmatic level we’ll have deep and lasting change…unlike reforms which are shallow by comparison and get morphed into something that private finance just exploits again. And reforms that align can run concurrently of course, but we’ve reached the point where we must act paradigmatically/terminatedly. Please can we communicate about this. You have my email address. I’m constantly revising my book and its policies and regulations. I have always respected your efforts and research, but I fear we’re losing precious time.


Duality, Trinity and The Cosmic Code of Wisdom/Grace

Duality is the apparency of the temporal universe and its a very strong and geberally difficult orthodoxy to get past. However, Trinity/Unity/Oneness/Process is the actual mental and temporal reality, it’s just that science has not recognized it yet. The experience of god is IMO simply and yet no less ecstatically the integration of our normal walking around state of consciousness that has by discipline (but often just by happenstance) dropped its normally acculturated mental anchors and/or distractions come thoroughly into the present moment and nascently experienced the electro-magnetic milieu that science has already established as real in such an integrative fashion that we experience a true thirdness greater oneness personal experience.

I call Trinity/Unity/Oneness/Process The Cosmic Code expressed thusly: [( A x B) –> C ] In other words A x B, a thoroughly integrated duality results in a thirdness greater oneness C within a continual temporal universe reality of the Trinity of

[( A x B) –> C ].

The Cosmic Code is the very mentally integrative process of Wisdom and learning to perceive it in everyday life is an important and continually enlightening step toward making the moment more real than you normally do.

Love is the universally acknowledged supreme value and grace/graciousness is love’s active expression in the temporal universe. The aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace describe the integrative resolving experiences of human life and living. Hence they are key to self actualizing the higher experiences and fruits of Wisdom.

Post Made To Stephanie Kelton’s Substack Newsletter 3/21/2023

We know how to kinda control inflation…within the present paradigm which has many “legal” and economic orthodoxy means of making sure…that its not controlled AT ALL. We need to finally get real about this. The present monetary and financial paradigm for the creation and distribution of new money is Debt ONLY. The word ONLY marks it as a monopoly paradigm which is much more powerful and stupid than the powerful and stupid mere systemic monopoly to create 97% of our money. The latter is deeply aculturated and hides in plain sight, but the former is protected by almost entire unconsciousness and the fact that perceiving new paradigms requires the willingness and ability to embrace an exceedingly rare mental quality, namely illogic…because every historical new paradigm has been in conceptual opposition to the the present one and all of its orthodoxies.

We are deeply into an anomalous present paradigm as Kuhn correctly observed of the process, but he and virtually every professional economist never discerned the historical signatures of imminent and accomplished paradigm changes which observe and confirm its conceptual reality and demonstrate its problem resolving/temporal universe inverting changes. In my book I list all of these historical markers and show how the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting is validated by each one.

Posted To Steve and Friends Podcast 03/18/2023

“In order to get rid of the system we have to offer it to the neo-liberal economists.” No! You offer it to the general population along with all of the other wildly beneficial and problem solving policies I’ve advocated on podcasts and websites like these for years. Thats how you herd the entirety of the economic theorists and the political apparatus toward the new monetary and economic paradigm, namely Monetary Grace as in Gifting.

The Philosophical concept and experience of grace as in love in action/systemic policy (not necessarily its oft attending religious orthodoxies) is indeed the concept behind the new monetary and economic paradigm, and all historical new paradigms/paradigm changes. Why? Because paradigms being single operant applied problem resolving concepts are wisdom insights themselves. Like helio-centrism instead of geo-centrism, agriculture, homesteading and urbanization instead of nomadic hunting and gathering

So all wisdom insights/new paradigm concepts are 1) deep problem resolving simplicities and 2) the universally acknowledged supreme human value is love and 3) grace/graciousness is the active form of love. Its all philosophically aligned and finding the most efficacious ways to implement policy (the actions of systems) that reflects an aspect of grace is also the most problem resolving way out of an anomalous current paradigm and the freedom and advancement of the new one. Anything necessarily illogical or anti-historical about that Mr. Gantz?


Wisdom is the superior mentally dynamic and integrative human discipline and grace is its pinnacle concept. This integrative dynamism reflects and characterizes the very process of systems analysis and its feedback loops. Again, if one models aspects of grace into policy and that enable the better integration of feedback loops in systems analysis you’re probably going to get better flow, stability and process…all of which not coincidentally are aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace.


You create a mass movement by those who have large platforms on the various social media to communicate the benefits of policies that align with the concept behind every paradigm change…directly to the general populace. Putting politics or economic reforms or or any other method first is putting the cart before the horse. We need to communicate how integrative policies aligned with aspects of grace will result in a true thirdness greater onenesss of the obsessive dualism we’re so currently afflicted with. Remember Hegel’s thesis, antithesis and synthesis. His dialectic is a guideline for dynamic thorough integration…and just another confirmation that aspects of grace, i.e. thorough integration are always the fruit and signatures of paradigm change. By the way the best way to mitigate and resolve climate change is to expand the time we have to battle it. So why don’t we use petroleum fertilizers to seed ocean flora in the polar regions, thus by increasing the planetary albedo re-freezing them and giving us another century to under and off planet the worst carbon emitting means of production thus infinitely expanding its framework and diluting its negative effects. Expansiveness. Another aspect of the concept of grace.

Wisdom/Paradigmatic Analysis and Their Operant Concept

Wisdom and Paradigm Perception are alike integrative/operant concept disciplines. The question is what is the integrative/operant concept behind both of them.

Well, as love is the pinnacle spiritual value according to all of the world’s Wisdom traditions and grace is the active form of love, then grace/graciousness in behavior and systemic policy seems to be the answer.

Visualize an economics, politics, social contract and psychology and ecology of grace.

Posted To Steve Grumbine’s Real Progressive’s YouTube Channel 03/17/2023

Keen is excellent at exposing the problems of the system within its present paradigm…and worthless so far as discerning and marketing the new paradigm. His cynicism is about two microns above total apathy and so why even try? He’s a walking talking example of how Sun Tsu the great Japanese military strategist said was the best way to win a war which was convince the other/new paradigm side that you can’t possibly win against the current paradigm side. Steve Grumbine had it nascently right when he said we need to all have accounts at the FED. That would set up being able to borrow from the FED at 0% which of course would be the beginning of the end of the private profit-making banking system. Then, you could also implement my innovative paradigm changingh policies of a 50% Discount/Rebate at retail sale which would macro-economically end inflation forever and also implement a 25-50% debt jubilee policy at the point of loan signing from the FED. The 50% rate is if the loan is for some ecologically sane purchase/purpose and lesser purposes get a lower rate. These policies are so beneficial for every individual and commercial agent that they are ideas whose time has come, which historically has always been the case with new paradigm concepts. All they actually need is a platform to communicate them to the general public. Keen should study the signatures of imminent and accomplished paradigm changes. It would raise his mental and emotional tone level.

Posted To Steve Keen’s Substack Newsletter 03/16/2023

Yes, in fact there’s an abstract vs direct looking at the temporal universe effects of policy disconnect in economic analysis. This blind spot inhibits genuinely new insights. For instance, if one looks directly at the point of retail sale one realizes that it is the one known universally participated in/experienced point in the entire economic process. (The point of loan signing is probably the second most participated in point.) That means that a monetary policy of a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at that point would be aggregative.

That is actually a new macro-economic insight.

This insight along with the equal debits and credits summing to zero additional costs for commercial economic agents at that point with the above policy…resolves some of the deepest economic problems we don’t otherwise seem to be able to get a grip on.

Yes, yes, yes we will need to intelligently regulate/incentivize/dis-incentivize in order to stabilize inevitably less than entirely rational and ethical agents, but thats 1) doable, 2) what else is new and 3) if one examines historical paradigm changes its easy to see that everything adapts to a new paradigm, not the other way around. This is because paradigm changes are always new insights on temporal universe truth and also always result in virtually universal benefits to all accept those who cling to the old paradigm thought pattern. Private banking with their monopolistic monetary paradigm of Debt Only and neo-liberal economists beware.

One final thought here. The tool of accounting is a temporal universe reality creating and pinning mechanism. In other words it tends create present moment realities and to pin one’s attention to the present moment. Coming directly and continuously into the present moment has always been associated with personal and even cosmic enlightenment. Let that zenny fact sink in, especially if you’re a banker or believe in neo-liberal macro.

The Vision Of The New Monetary and Financial Paradigm

It’s actually a very old and unfortunately mostly forgotten vision (the Wisdom of grace/graciousness) that has finally found a way to be effectively and thoroughly integrated into the most powerful temporal universe reality that everyone participates in, namely the economy and the money system. And that universally participatory fact makes it probably only the third mega-paradigm change in the history of the human species.