Different Scenario For Dividend and Discount/Rebate

25% discount/rebate for everyday consumer items and services (making the $1500/mo dividend capable of purchasing approximately $2000/mo) + whatever may be determined to be the monthly inflation rate despite new policy cost savings, tax incentives and discouragements. Also, non-retail businesses may utilize discount in its retail consumer purchases but should pass on those cost savings in its final products…unless of course it doesn’t mind losing market share due to price competition.

$1500/mo. universal dividend with 25% discount/rebate policy = $48,000/yr guarantee for a two adult household. Therefore two adult household income with dividend and two $25,000/yr jobs = $66,650 + $48,000 = $114,650 potential purchasing power/yr.

50% discount/rebate at both retail sale and at note signing for homes, autos, furniture, green related purchases etc.

Private money creation ends, non-profit 0% interest national banking system and central monetary authority begin

Same taxation and regulation policies as before

Create Department of Innovation and Competition


You Cannot Impose Freedom….

….you can only enable it or create it.  Therefore, the idea that Wisdomics-Gracenomics is utopian is false. A utopia is an hierarchically imposed one size fits all “solution”. Wisdomics-Gracenomics enables and creates the possibility for individuals and commercial agents….to create their own ideal scene/utopia.  It’s an important distinction to realize.

Macro-economics is a very recent body of knowledge born into a 5000 year old monetary and financial paradigm….that it swallowed whole. Hence it has fallen into both obsessive orthodoxy and iconoclasm which is the perfect prescription for obsessive theoretical contention and confusion leading eventually to systemic collapse and political and social disintegration.

Discover the new paradigm and theorizing is a straight forward rational, policy and philosophical process.

Steve Hummel 12/13/2018

Will Banks Ever Behave?

Of course not, because power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely and a herd of elite financial insitutions can never be effectively regulated.

It takes a new monetary, financial and economic paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting to break up and replace finance’s monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only for the sole form and vehicle for new money creation and distribution, and to bring sanity and humanity to modern economies.

Competition and Common Sense In Wisdomics-Gracenomics

If industries like insurance, real estate and stock and commodities exchanges do not want to abide by the economic virtues of thrift and competition, then I’m sure new start ups in those parts of the economy will force them to do so.

A society and its systems that truly serve mankind as created by the philosophy and policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics is obviously superior to one that instead makes mankind slavishly serve those systems via domination and manipulation. Combine that with the fact that such a system actually reduces commercial agent’s costs and vastly increases the ability for consumers to purchase their goods and services, and how can any enterprise claim the “right” to destabilize that system out of sheer greed?

For My Son and His Wife

Little sermonette, if you will allow me.

Graciousness disarms all but the most corrupt or crazed individuals, being love expressed it is the highest and most effective ethic one can aspire to, and practiced long enough becomes authentic, powerful and personally protective as well so it is actually the most positive, rational and intelligent path forward.

And this is my wish for you: that you be gracious toward each other. Graciousness edifies and frees. Let graciousness be your guide.

Personal Quote

There is no escaping adventure or misadventure, joy or drudgery in Life. The only way is to embrace them both by self actualizing the integrative aspects of the natural philosophical concept and experience of grace.

The beatific chains of wisdom’s pinnacle ethic paradoxically sets one free.

Steve Hummel 12/12/2018