The Econometric Problem and Epistemology

Economic theories are nothing compared to economic policies and their actual effects. Desired economic effects depend upon their being implemented in the temporal universe at significant and relevant places and times within the economic process that also have direct, immediate and the desired effects.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with theorizing, but if you desire individual and systemic abundance instead of austerity, a definitive way of ending inflation instead of enduring it or claiming some conservative orthodoxy that it can’t be dealt with or liberal orthodoxy that it won’t occur…..then YOU’RE JUST NOT LOOKING at the integrative infrastructure of all commerce, i.e. double entry bookkeeping and the significant places and times where policies can be implemented that all heterodox economists here would agree….IS WHAT THEY’D LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN IN THE ECONOMY……ON A CONTINUING BASIS.

Is it okay here to have a discussion about the nature of accounting, economic policies that are possible from that nature and an economic analysis of the direct temporal universe effects of those policies implemented at specific points???


The main reason why ALL present econometric models are wrong is they’re not looking directly at the economy, economists are largely ignorant of the identical natures of double entry bookkeeping and the pricing and money systems and hence they do not realize that policies that will resolve the major problematic situations in modern economies are possible by coming out of their habitual and near abstract fugues and LOOKING at the above tools and their significances to the economy.

On an epistemological scale looking is right below the highest level of knowledge possible, that is, knowing.


Paradigms Are Both The Witchery of Humanity and Its Salvation

Like the biblical two edged sword they cut both ways. For the Good and its increase in a new paradigm, or the continuation of the disintegration of problematic conditions built up in an old one. For those aware of what paradigms are and who recognize the signs of a lingering old one there is no other path forward and no going back to the old ways once the new paradigm is finally recognized.

The Master Game/Paradigm Perception/Wisdomics-Gracenomics

It’s funny how ideas take root in one’s mind and just wait for us to re-discover and further integrate them. Re-reading from Part 1 about the various mental games De Ropp enumerates the higher games of art, science, religion and master games, if I may be so bold, I think what I refer to as paradigm perception is the integration of all four of the higher games and which would also be a parallel integrative temporal universe game to the personal master game.

If Wisdom is the process of integration of ideas, truths and apparent opposites and also the best integration of the practical, the ideal and the ethical call it the Wisdom/Paradigm Perception Game. Paradigms as I have previously posted by definition are integrative “things” in that they are simultaneously single unitary mental concepts that fit/apply seamlessly within the area of human endeavor/body of knowledge they take place in and yet create an entirely new qualitative pattern as well. It also fits the integrated duality within an integrative thirdness greater oneness formula I’ve floated here several times.

This is not to lay claim to some terrific genius on my part really, more a combination of flaw, desire for honesty, lucky grouping of intellectual interests, fate/coincidental timing and standing on the shoulders of giants which I would guess parallels the mindsets of most here.

Personal Quote

We need a Wisdomics, a Gracenomics. Wisdom is the best integration of the practical, the ideal and the ethical….and grace or whatever other wisdom word you want to hang on it is its pinnacle state or systemic condition.

The True Centrist

The true centrist is actually an indicator of someone who is willing and able to integrate the truths in apparently opposing perspectives while simultaneously deleting their separate or mutual untruths. This is actually the very process of Wisdom itself, and is far above what is often thought of as compromise which is merely aglomerating opposing agendas without the truthfulness purification process above.

Of Chaos and Smoke Screens

Donald Trump’s disintegrative naivety is of course stupid enough to be very concerned about, but all of his dithering idiocies may actually be a conscious or unconscious smoke screen for obscuring and never getting to the real power behind nations, their foreign policies and what is actually wrong with modern economies; and that is finance’s monopolistic paradigm of Debt/Burden/Cost Post Retail Sale Only.

Until we see this and come to grips with it by recognizing and implementing the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Grace As In Gifting and its policies, we will stumble from one real or manufactured crisis to another and never progress systemically let alone culturally and as a species.