Re-Distributive Tarrif Policy and Employee Payroll Tax of 10-12% If A Business Arbitrarily Inflates

If an exporter arbitrariy raises their prices a tarrif of the total increase will be leveled on them and the funds re-distributed to the importing business.

Income taxes will be severely reduced and payroll taxes will largely be eliminated by the policies of the new paradigm, but if a domestic business arbitrarily inflates a 10% increase in the lowered income tax rates will “kick in” and a payroll tax on their employees of 10-12% will also be leveled.


Example of A Monopoly Paradigm That Enlightens The Nature of The Current Monopoly Monetary Paradigm

The Roman Catholic Church claimed/demanded that the way to salvation was via the Church’s sacraments ONLY. The Reformation established that individuals were free to have a direct relationship with god and hence the church’s dominating monopoly paradigm was broken up by integrating such freedom into religious practice.

This is exactly synonymous to Finance’s monopoly paradigm of Debt ONLY for the creation and distribution of new money, and integrating the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting will create individual freedom and much increased economic abundance while ending the dominance of private finance.

Presentation: Cynicism Is The First Hurdle You Must Overcome…Or You’ll Lay Down and Let Finance Dominate You Forever

Preface to presentation to influncer…first:

First, I’ve been a student of all of the leading edge reformists and their movements like Steve Keen, Michael Hudson, Warren Mosler and MMT, UBI and Ellen Browen’s Public Banking…so I’m not a crackpot. I know what I’m talking about. On top of that I’m a student of historical paradigm changes and I’m aware of their imminent and accomplished signatures. Lastly, all of the above are excellent system’s analysts, but to understand and perceive paradigms you have to realize that paradigms are SINGLE concepts, like geo-centrism to helio-centrism. They’re like wisdom insights in that they are deep simplicities. In other words a new paradigm is a single concept/a simplicity that intelligently and strategically APPLIED…changes the entire complexity/pattern under analysis. AND I’M THE ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET THAT IS ANALYZING ON THE CONCEPTUAL/PARADIGMATIC LEVEL…EVERY ONE OF THE ABOVE PEOPLE AND MOVEMENTS IS A GOOD AND ACCURATE ANALYSIS OF A PORTION OF THE PROBLEMS AND A PIECEMEAL REFORM. I’M TALKING ABOUT AND HAVE CRAFTED STRATEGICALLY SIGNIFICANT APPLICATIONS/POLICIES THAT PERFECTLY ALIGN WITH THE NEW PARADIGM CONCEPT…AND HENCE IMPLEMENT A TEMPORAL UNIVERSE PARADIGM CHANGE.

You HAVE TO decide to confront the world with “Pessimism of the Mind, but optimism of the will.”

Otherwise your cynicism becomes a fatal hurdle making you lay down and let Finance dominate you forever…without even a fight.

Historically paradigm changes DO OCCUR. Keep that uppermost in your mind and then also realize that paradigm changes sell themselves with their benefits, problem resolution AND because we don’t have to wait for a hundred years to communicate the good theings the new paradigm brings anymore because we can reach the masses very quickly with out technology.

Secondly, drop all current economic and monetary orthodoxies and truly open your mind because the new paradigm destroys them all. I have rebuttals and policy innovations that rebutt every question I’ve ever encountered to the policies of the new paradigm.

The new monetary paradigm not only resolves the problems and anomalies of the present paradigm it enables many new opportunities to solve problems in other systems, bodies of knowledge and areas of human endeavor not directly related to the primary area under analysis. This is what I refer to as a mega-paradigm change the likes of which kind of change there has only been two…in the entire history of the human species.

You Cannot Impose Freedom….

….you can only enable it or create it…and then let people decide whether it is a better situation for them or not.  Therefore, the idea that Wisdomics-Gracenomics is utopian is false. A utopia is an hierarchically imposed one size fits all “solution”. Wisdomics-Gracenomics enables and creates the possibility for individuals and commercial agents….to create their own ideal scene/utopia.  It’s an important distinction to realize.

Macro-economics is a very recent body of knowledge born into a 5000 year old monetary and financial paradigm….that it swallowed whole. Hence it has fallen into both obsessive orthodoxy and iconoclasm which is the perfect prescription for obsessive theoretical contention and confusion leading eventually to systemic collapse and political and social disintegration.

Discover the new paradigm and theorizing is a straight forward rational, policy and philosophical process.

The Reason Current Paradigms Are Powerful Is Because They Are Applied Conceptual Monopolies That Control Your Mind By Blinding You To Viable and Much Better Possibilities, So Change Your Mind…And The World.

And ACTUALLY looking at an application of a new paradigm concept changes your world…in a micro-second. Thats the key. Actually looking.

Use imagination actually look at the mathematical and real world applications force yourself to use conceptual opposition to the present paradigm don’t fall for apparencies can’t be done fallacy examples of historical paradigm changes

Paradigmatic Analysis and Wisdom Insights: One In the Same Thing

If you’re the most accurate economic system’s analyst and still haven’t analyzed on the conceptual/paradigmatic level you’re still an economic piker because paradigm concepts are what enforce present problems and thier realities…and new ones change the nature of the entire pattern under analysis. So don’t be a piker and and erudite dunce, focus on the operant applied concepts that have the most power for good and bad.

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Systems analysis is all fine and good, but unless we also become system’s philosophers we’ll never get to the core of the core problem, namely the present paradigm that enforces realities on systems/patterns and keeps its anomalies/problems in continual suspension. Then, if we consult history and try to find the signatures of all past paradigm changes a process for identifying the new paradigm can come into focus and how and where to implement it. After systems analysis the key to perceiving paradigms old and new is simplicity rather than complexity. Why is this? Because identifying problems is the excellent result of science, but wisdom/paradigm insights are always deep simplicities that SOLVE problems, and new paradigms are single concepts that paradoxically, integratively change the entire pattern of complexities under analysis.

Accounting is a tremendous temporal universe reality enforcing/creating discipline. If you take on debt it enforces repayment. If you utilize accounting to eliminate debt with a debt jubilee or to universally better enable commerce with a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale you break up the monopoly paradigm of DEBT ONLY as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of new money.

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Good idea. And we could also say to the banks who own most of the treasuries: Here is your money back plus interest earned just re-invest it in something constructive/productive is all. Probably 90% of the national “debt” goes “poof”. Then we just amend the FED’s charter saying it no longer must turn all government created money instantly into debt, just account for it and directly distribute it in the many places it needs to go…especially in rebating the 50% Discount at retail sale policy that has so many beneficial effects and resolves major problems like inflation and chronic scarcity of individual purchasing power and hence demand for enterprise’s goods and service.

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New strategically applied ideas expand the mind and understood temporal/cosmic reality like the emergence of self awareness, agriculture, homesteading and urbanization, helio-centrism and monetary gifting. Fuck “free” market theory which doesn’t exist anywhere and is actually a misnomer for what actually exists namely alternately goosed and strangled monetary and financial dominance of the economy. End inflation forever with a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale and you open up the ability to run the kind of fiscal deficits to fund whatever energy research/application and policy is most climate rational like off planeting solar energy, fusion, nuclear etc.

Systems analysis is fine, but systems philosophy is what will bring permanent PATTERN change…as paradigms are applied CONCEPTS. The sooner the erudite recognize this and start analyzing on that level the sooner we solve our economic and energy problems. And if we’re really smart we recognize the natural philosophical concept behind every historical paradigm change, grace as in love in personal action/systemic policy and so have the policy benefits of such spill over into our social-psychological, ecological and political systems. Thats what a mega-paradigm change is, of which there has probably only been two or three in the history of the human species. The clock ticks, hopefully ego isn’t deaf.

Pessimism of the mind, Optimism of the Will

Why did we never go back to hunting and gathering after we discovered agriculture and began homesteading and urbanization? That’s right, because the latter new paradigm was so much more beneficial and had so much more survival potential that all it took was a platform for it to win the day. Pessimism of the mind is okay so long as you also have optimism of the will. That way you don’t mistakenly let cynicism become apathy.

The REAL Power of the 50% Discount/Rebate Policy At Retail Sale

Current macro-economic theory is nothing if not abstract and complex to the point of complete mystery to the individual and even for most economists. What people experience at retail sale is direct, personal and increasingly unpleasant. A 50% gift of price therefore every time they go someplace to purchase something has tremendous power to influence their minds and appreciation of such a gracious policy. And all it is, is utilizing the same accounting methods the banks use to create new money only as debt but instead as a gift.

The 50% Discount/Rebate policy is the same mental and temporal universe inversion we had when Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler showed that we needed to invert the positions of the earth and the sun in order to resolve the anomalous problems of cosmic/astro-physical prediction. A 50% reduction in the cost of everything ends inflation forever while doubling everyone’s purchasing power and tremendously increasing demand for every legitimate enterprise’s goods and services…all in one fell swoop! All people need to do is the simple math and enjoy! Its a personal, economic, social, psychological and political winner of staggering power!