As Grace is Oneness, Paradigm’s Are Singular, Unifying and Penetrative Concepts and The Point of Retail Sale Is The Single Aggregative and Integrative Point Between the Micro and Macro Economies…

…they all align philosophically, and retail sale is the correct and most significant point to implement policies that reflect such philosophy.

Furthermore, the individual consumes at that exact same point as does the individual commercial agent make their final and hopefully ultimately profitable offer….and if cumulatively not they are failing.

Hence, it is the most vitally important point for the individual, for enterprise and for the system of which the individual and individual enterprise are the component parts.

If the system, for a variety of economically valid and integral reasons, generates as a flow more costs than it generates individual income, then a means of distributing additional incomes without generating further costs must be created as policy. Furthermore, as a mere statistical equilibrium is inadequate for flow in a dynamic temporal system that demands both flow and adherence to the laws of the temporal universe within which it is utterly embedded, then the flow of the ratio of more total costs to total individual incomes….must be inverted and made to be an income abundance ratio instead of one of scarcity. Finally, any policy to accomplish this must be wise enough to make that ratio sufficiently abundant to insure free flowingness to the economy, and also enough that no enterprise  no matter how large and profitable can resist participating in such policy.

And anyone or any entity that balks at having such policy be less than 50% or attempts to “water down” such policy, either consciously or unconsciously prefers the monopoly on credit creation and the paradigm of Debt Only that Finance currently dominates with.


Every Cutting Edge Monetary and Economic Research and Reform Movements, and Most of their Policies, Align With Wisdomics-Giftonomics and Its Key Policy

Steve Keen’s Disequilbrium/Minsky Financial Instability Hypothesis is anti-austerity and for ” a modern debt jubilee” which is a one off example of Systemic and Individual Monetary Gifting. He also recognizes Debt Deflation as a reality and has re-discovered that the rate of flow of total debt must continue to rise or the economy goes into a recession or worse. I’m not sure he recognizes that such discovery means Finance’s current monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only means the system requires the new systemic monetary paradigm. He also does not recognize that endogenous private money creation, while being a present systemic truth, is an impossibly unworkable condition and must be changed so that all new credit creation must be by a public exogenous source.

MMT is anti-austerity.  It is also for increased government spending which is a form of, and aligns with Systemic and Individual Monetary Gifting.  It focuses primarily on government debt and government spending so it misses/neglects the larger problem of private debt. Their policy of a job guarantee coupled with many of their adherent’s insistence that a universal dividend is a wrong policy does not align with Systemic and Individual Monetary Gifting and such objection to a dividend must be jettisoned.  This does not mean that a government sponsored job guarantee could not be an aligned policy within the new paradigm. It most certainly could be.

Michael Hudson’s Financial Parasitism theories are correct and align with the necessity of creating and implementing a new monetary and financial paradigm. They also expose the exogenous nature of Private Finance’s monopolistic paradigm and how it dominates and manipulates the entirety of the economy and of the political system as well.

QE For The People, Positive Money and UBI embrace individual monetary gifting, but generally they miss the mark on the means by which it would be financed.


None of the above are fully conscious of the integrative and aggregative point in the economy where monetary policy must be implemented, that is retail sale. Nor are they aware of the policy that only Wisdomics-Giftonomics advocates be implemented at that point, and which in fact is the very expression of the new paradigm itself.

And that is the 50% Retail Sale Discount-Rebate policy. 

Hence all of these reforms/reformers need to align themselves with Wisdomics-Giftonomics because it is fully conscious of the new paradigm, all of its essential policies and the urgent necessity of its implementation/integration into the economy.

A paradigm change positively effects every individual, every economic agent and the entire system. That is its historical and mental nature.

Ego, insistence on palliatives or partial reforms do not align with the new paradigm and are actually unethical acts when an actual solution/new paradigm exists.

The Way To Deal With And Resolve Complexity/Complex Problems

Find a stable datum…and craft and align policy around it.

The stable datum in this case is the answer to the question: Where is consumer price inflation terminally summed? Answer:  The point and time of retail sale.

And the policy?  A 50% Discount-Rebate at the point of retail sale.

The North Star and The Point of Retail Sale.

All solutions and new paradigms are simple, elegant and single concepts that both create and fit seamlessly into an entire new pattern.

And no matter how smart you are about the details of mere economics and money systems, if you don’t consciously see the new paradigm and its singular policy expression…you ain’t all that smart after all.

Be smart. Pay attention to a paradigm perceiver first, last and always…because he/she knows the difference between mere economics…and economic Wisdom.

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charles3000:  I would suggest China’s growth has been enabled by coping the monetary system used in the US during the WWII years. We had a very prosperous economy then and it was NOT because of the war; it was because of national policies and the monetary used at that time. The RFC was the center of the methods used. China now has three banks equivalent to the RFC. We lost our economic bearing and China copied what worked for us.

Me:  charles3000

You’re quite right that this is what China has done, however even with “Chinese characteristics” monetarily they still are operating solely within the paradigm of Debt Only and with technological innovation and AI that will eventually trip them up. The Chinese are deathly afraid of ethnic destabilization and well they should be, and we should also fear the disintegrative spiral we are entering because we won’t integrate monetary gifting into the debt based monetary system and the digital pricing system. The way to make the xenophobes, the secessionist government phobes and the habitually unhappy no matter what types….is make the system serve them instead of having to slavishly serve it and its systemic monetary paradigm of Debt Only. And even the Chinese will have to confront that eventually.

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DHC:  It would appear that this article is being based on human relationships or a friendly and cooperative kind. This is a beautiful approach to the problems of this world but it is not economics, which is based on what were can gain with hard work of the least amount for its unlimited produce. It is important to recognize that the Christian charitable ideals that led to Socialism were not aimed at efficient production, but in inefficient sharing and that ethical as this trend surely is it is not economics.

Me:  Sorry, but that’s missing the point. The point and the problem IS that economics ISN’T addressing full human reality….and the reason why is because the monopolistic monetary paradigm of Debt ONLY enforces systemic austerity despite our tremendous capability to produce AND DISTRIBUTE…unless we’d awaken to the new monetary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting….and apply monetary policy at the single aggregative and integrative point in the economy, namely retail sale.

Monetary Gifting is simply a monetarily/economically reflective aspect of the most integrative human mental and emotional state AKA graciousness which, whichever of the world’s major wisdom traditions may call it IS their pinnacle concept and experience.

So again, if we want to insist on merely pursuing the obviously failed and non-inclusive experiment with economic theory insisting that homo economicus be the only pattern….then we’ll never enable the fruits of our true and correct species designation of homo sapiens, i.e. wise and discerning man.

A Simple Demonstration of How The New Monetary Paradigm Would Work

A simple way to awaken people to the new monetary paradigm, the workings of the pricing and money systems and how they could be made to serve them would be to take three people and dramatize the discount/rebate policy. One would be the retailer, another would be the consumer and the third would be the national credit authority. Just repeat the act of the discount and the rebate, maybe have each person change places and do so until the audience cognites on the efficacy, elegance and power of the policy.