Grace and Chaos

On a scale chaos/randomity/unknowingness is the less conscious state immediately below the highest conscious state of grace as in serenity/knowingness. Awareness of chaos/randomity/unknowingness is actually a very high state of awareness and essential for space-time and action. If you can’t un-know something you’re stuck with it. The action of consciousness is entirely reaching and withdrawing. Tat Tvam Asi.


Major Signatures of Paradigm Changes

Me:  Dave,

Varoufakis is just like virtually every other economist, extremely erudite on his subject matter and the process of REFORM….and a paradigm perception dunce.

Of course there is a process AFTER a new paradigm is recognized, but it’s really only with those who haven’t cognited on it yet and once it becomes a reality someplace its recognized by the human population there and elsewhere that its such a phenomenally progressive step that everyone copies it. That’s historically verifiable. When a single hunter-gatherer stopped being nomadic, settled in one place and created enough food to feed three tribes, well, that was the end of hunting and gathering as a lifestyle.

Learn the signatures of historical paradigm changes…and you’ll have paradigm perception/wisdom:

1) Discovery or re-discovery of a new insight/new innovation that resolves long term current paradigm problems (the 50% discount rebate policy at the point of retail sale/the missed “hiding in plain sight” recognition that retail sale is the terminal ending, cost and price summing and final problem expression point of the entire economic, actually productive process and hence a simple mathematical operation can reverse systemic realities)

2) Conceptual Opposition (Debt/burden/obligation to re-pay vs Monetary Gifting)

3) Inversion/Transformation (Individual income scarcity and systemic monetary austerity to abundance of same)

4) Resolution of long standing current paradigm problems. (Individual income scarcity and chronic inflation)

5) Permanent change/progression in the area of human endeavor that the paradigm change takes place in. (pick your own paradigm example)

6) End of the primacy/monopoly of the major structural entity of the old/current paradigm and replacement of it by a new primary structure conceptually aligned with the new paradigm. (private finance to finance as public utility)

7) Paradox (Increased freedom and ability to consume [if intelligently and wisely regulated and incentivized] rather than becoming profligate ecocidal idiocy, instead enables forthright and immediate movement toward ecologically sane consumption and ability to finance whatever projects are needed to reduce CO2 etc.)

KZ:  Craig, just one question for you. Why would any modern financial millionaire or billionaire accept, let alone champion your proposal over the current economic arrangements that have and will continue to make them rich?

Me:  They wouldn’t of course. But they are few, we are many and when the constituency of we awakens to the fact that the policies, regulations and structural changes of Wisdomics-Gracenomics immediately more than doubles their purchasing power, doubles the actually available money for their goods and services, doubles the doubled purchasing power for new homes, electric vehicles and any product that reduces our carbon footprint, doubles the doubled purchasing power of savings, lowers every individual’s and commercial agent’s taxes and amongst loads of other “spill over” benefits in other areas of life that finance has wheedled its way into also enables us to escape oppressive homo economicus’s subset of purposes labeled Employment Only and choose from the set of All Positive and Constructive Purposes…..the alleged power of finance will fold like a rag doll. And if they don’t, then “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

What We Really Need

We have plenty of strict morality and stumbling around in the dark immorality both of which are the generally unconscious and/or undisciplined two sides of the same coin duality we must think through and find what we really need, which is character. Character is the maturity of wisdom that comes from the rational consideration of mere morality otherwise known as ethics. It is the understanding of what is good and even of The Good.  And grace which is the pinnacle concept of wisdom and whose aspects are an enumeration of mature character traits themselves are the stepping stones for contemplation and self actualization that will get us there.

Posted To RWER Blog 05/17/2019

Me:  This is why the new paradigm of direct monetary distributism is essential to awaken to and its consumer price deflationary policies of a universal dividend and 50% discount/rebate at retail sale. A part time job at even a minimum wage of $8/hr. ($640/mo), a dividend of $1000/mo both doubled in potential purchasing power by a 50% discount/rebate policy equals $3280/mo and $39,360/yr and $78,720 for a two adult household. People would obviously love this and businesses would also love it because of the tremendous increase in potential purchasing power for their products and services. It’s integrative of traditionally opposed agendas. When everyone either has a job and/or a dividend payment for life what do we need transfer taxes for unemployment insurance or for a redundant social security system? Again integrative because workers and businesses both pay taxes for those now redundant things.

Inflation? Not with a 50% discount to every consumer item and an additional 50% discount at note signing for homes powered by solar or other non-fossil fuel sources (same second 50% discount for all products that reduce CO2 emissions). Incentivize price stability with tax breaks, punish monopoly price cutting and unjustified price increases made without actual cost increases and create the department of the bully pulpit to castigate “those anti-social commercial decision makers for trying to greedily destabilize the new abundant and ecologically sane system” and if they persist in trying to do so “you’re going to lose your 50% discount/rebate privileges, baby.”

MMT, Financial instability hypothesis, financial parasitism? Great reform ideas. Wisdomics-Gracenomics? The new paradigm vision of economics and the money system. Wake up and stand up on your own hind legs and demand it.

KZ:  I’ve worked with the legal system for over 30 years. From regulatory to criminal cases, I’ve testified in a few hundred cases. Just a suggestion, but you might want to consider speaking with local, state, and federal prosecutors about your plan. They could help you make it more workable. You are proposing substantial cultural changes that will not be easily implemented. Many institutions will not cooperate.

Me: The paradigm change of Wisdomics-Gracenomics and its policies and structural changes IS THE QUINTESSENTIAL CULTURAL/PATTERN CHANGE. It’s good, it’s WAAAAY GOOD for everyone and every agent EXCEPT private finance. It doesn’t reform and tweak problems it resolves them in the way paradigms do, by complete inversion/transformation of current realities.

If the erudite economists, pundits and small to medium sized business community would simply look at the temporal, empirical and problem resolving effects of its policies (particularly the way it can get us “off the dime” toward the implementation of positive ecological effects with the double 50% discount/rebate policy for non-fossil fuel consumer purchases and the ending of the idiocy of financing for ecological sanity being “too expensive”) ….then WHAT IS THERE TO ARGUE ABOUT? ESPECIALLY WHEN THE ALL THE REFORMERS CAN COME UP WITH IS FAR LESSER BUT ALIGNED REFORMS????

Think about it.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics Completes All Heterodox Theories

MMT, like Keen’s financial instability and Hudson’s financial parasitism are all trying to deal with the correct problems, it’s just that they all still reside within the current monetary paradigm and haven’t recognized the paradigm changing policy point whose operation can bring directness of the monetary circuit and immediately “kill the two problematic birds of economics, scarcity of available individual income and chronic inflation….with one stone”.

When you recognize that a 50% discount/rebate policy at the point of retail sale is the very temporal universe expression of the new paradigm of Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting the scales fall from your eyes.

Yeah, yeah, yeah you still have to regulate and be vigilant because the world and man is not an altogether rational and ethical being, but JFC, what else is new? A new paradigm, that’s what and the secret that the OCD theoretical/scientistic types can’t understand is….EVERYTHING ADAPTS TO A NEW PARADIGM, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND….BECAUSE IT’S SUCH A SINGULARLY PROGRESSIVE EVENT FOR EVERYBODY BUT THE OBVIOUS BAD ACTORS THAT DESPERATELY NEED TO GET A STAKE DRIVEN THROUGH THEIR HEART ANYWAY.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics concisely enumerates what needs to be done to complete MMT and Keen’s and Hudson’s work among others. And the rest….we learn by doing while being faithful to the concept behind even the new paradigm.