Posted To A Friend Robert Janecek 06/25/2017

Me: The money system is where the problem lies. We require both a structural and paradigmatic balancing of private finance’s monopolistic idea of Debt Only. A Public Banking system like Ellen Brown is suggesting would create a cost cutting structural balancing and, as my Wisdomics-Gracenomics advocates, a paradigmatic-ally balancing National Credit Office distributing the gifted monies for the dual policies of a universal dividend of approximately $1500/mo for everyone 18 yrs and older and a discount of 35-40% at the retail product sale point for every business model. This resolves the dueling liberal and conservative impasse by simultaneously creating much greater monetary and economic democracy and cost and price cutting that enables enterprise to thrive like it never has before. A new paradigm transforms whatever area of human endeavor it is applied to….because that is the nature of a paradigm change.

Economists and Politicians Are Trying to Solve An Un-resolvable Problem….
…because they never look at/get to the overlaying problematic business model and its monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only. Fix the problem existing there with a new primary and balancing paradigm and every other economic factor will tend to fall back into its proper place and significance.

Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting….the paradigm change that will transform and free the entire economy.

AB:  You don’t pay a damn thing towards health care in Cook County and your buddy Hummel has got a bunch of theoretical mumbo jumbo that has about as much chance of passing your state house and federal congress as your fat-ass has in passing thru the eye of a needle.

Me:  I assure you my policies are not “theoretical mumbo-jumbo.” That’s what 99.9% of economists are guilty of because they look at the economy from at least a once removed abstract way instead of looking directly at exchange as it actually and obviously occurs in the economy.  It then integrates both the fact of the Financial domination of the economy and equally the facts of the money system and pricing system being digital in nature into the graciously advantageous policies for both the individual and enterprise I advocate.

Economists and Politicians Are Trying to Solve An Un-resolvable Problem….

…because they never look at/get to the overlaying problematic business model of Finance and its monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only. Fix the problem existing there with a new primary and balancing paradigm and every other economic factor will tend to fall back into its proper place and significance.

Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting….the paradigm change that will transform and free the entire economy.

Grace: The Essence of Both Tolerance and Power

Everyone is entitled to their religious opinion. The essence of Grace after all is tolerance of other’s beingness and identities.  What is required here and now however is Grace as in Love in action, i.e. systemic policy. The power of Love in action as monetary and economic policy, awakened to, is a power that no army can defend against.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics Looks Closer At The Economy Than Any Other Theory/Theorist and Hence It Has Developed More Effective and Beneficial Policies

No economist apparently looks close enough at the money and pricing system to realize that they are both digital and that money, not credit, will liquidate costs, prices and debt, and at the same time that a separate monetary authority could both balance the current monopolistic dominance of private finance and its paradigm of Debt Only by directly distributing a universal dividend and a discount to the “retail product” of every business model and so saturate the economy with a new primary paradigm of  Monetary Gifting.

It’s funny really. They (economists) are apparently too far off in three times removed abstract, mathematical and/or orthodox regurgitating fugues to look at the system as it actually is and operates in present time. Either that or they are too afraid (or amazingly even unaware) of the monopolistic dominating power of Finance to declare such.

This is how the two policies would work. There is a chronic, inherent scarcity of total individual incomes and so a costless gift of money that guaranteed a respectable level of income would correct this without being generated by the system and hence be the result of the inherently cost inflationary system.

“Retail sale” point of any business/product is an ending point and summation of costs and prices for any such products. Thus an utterly unintrusive direct and reciprocal monetary policy could be implemented at each of those points in time throughout the economy. In other words if a business’s product was priced at $1.00 and the discount rate was 40% they could sell it to the next business along the line to retail sale for $.60 saving the consuming enterprise 40%, and then the separate monetary authority would rebate all of their discounts back to them. This policy would both prevent any inflation and actually integrate price deflation beneficially into the economy. It would also increase the purchasing power of everyone by whatever the discount percentage rate was.

Posted To Real World Economic Review Blog 06/24/2017 Regarding Mainstream Monetary Theory

Yes, the problematic paradigm of the money system is the primary and deepest problem of economics, and its resolution would literally transform it, stabilize it, make a lot of other related problems dissipate or disappear and virtually all other aspects of the economy would fall back into their proper place where if necessary they could be regulated along the philosophical lines of the new paradigm. Historically, this is the nature and effect of a paradigm change, a maximum of transformation, a minimum of structural destruction and a refinement of purpose and ethics in the area in which the paradigm change occurs. Everything adapts to a paradigm change….not the other way around.

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Steve Hummel


Me:  MK,

“…sure, but it can run out of Value that money could store or represent.”

What if you implemented a policy that integrated price deflation throughout the economy?

MK:  I am not clear what you mean Craig, too vague for me to answer.

Me:  The money and pricing systems are both digital. If you implemented a policy of discounting the retail product of each business model by 35-40% and created a separate monetary authority to rebate their discounts to consumers back to them you could integrate price deflation beneficially into profit making systems and help to break up the monopoly monetary and financial paradigm of Debt and Loan Only at the same time.


The World Does Not Know and Does Not Value Wisdom

Wisdom is the integration of the truths in opposing perspectives and the simultaneous deletion of the untruths they both also have.

The orthodox conservative and liberal political viewpoints are soooooo boring that it’s incredible. Both conservatives and liberals are so habituated to their orthodoxies that they are apparently unable to integrate and so think/see a new thought.

Integration is not “mealy mouthed”, “poison pill” or any other form of compromise which actually prevent integration. Integration is an honest and intellectually purifying process. It is in fact a scientific process in this sense and yet it is more than that because Wisdom integrates the willingness and ability to consider and factor in consciousness and its aspects into the integrative process as well. Wisdom is the process of undoing orthodoxy, and the end product of that process is the pinnacle concept of Wisdom pointed at by every one of the world’s major Wisdom traditions Grace. Not an orthodoxy or dogma regarding Grace….just Grace as both/either a human experience or a systemic condition of a human system.

But the truth is both scientists and religious folk, and both political perspectives talk about Wisdom all the time, in fact they even preach aspects of the pinnacle concept of Wisdom, but they don’t really have anything more than a foggy or fragmented idea of what they are actually talking about. And that’s why they don’t actually DO any integrating. It’s extremely sad and frustrating at the same time.

Contemplate the process of Wisdom and its pinnacle concept Grace. It will prevent you from forever being an erudite dunce, an anti-intellectual populist crank or godawful demagogue.