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With the strategically insightful implementation of the policies and regulations of the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting, Direct Distributism will become the economic reality. Then, because we would not have to worry about the effects of unemployment thwarting economic profitability and our rational self interests, we could swiftly re-industrialize in the most productive, efficient and ecologically sane way possible, therefore reducing trade imbalances and withdrawing from the coalescing wet dream of economic and financial globalists unconsciously advocated by the terminally orthodox in both parties and disintegratively pursued by non-planning merchants of chaos/populist idiots like Trump and Bannon. The resulting domestic prosperity, stability and economically clarifying cognition on the new paradigm’s efficacy would undoubtedly stun elites in other countries and elicit demands for similar changes by their citizenry there.

Ah, applying the natural philosophical aspects of grace to economics, anthropology etc. is such a solid path toward a discerning integrative thirdness greater oneness…..that everyone not yet entirely aware of its temporal universe and self actualizing effects….claim they’d like to see.


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Me:  Money isn’t the deepest cause of “monetary” inflation. It’s the lack of a better, more prosperous alternative to raising prices by commercial decision makers who must labor within the current system of financially enforced individual income scarcity and hence systemic austerity.

Providing that better alternative for both individual and commercial agents is the solution we’re all desiring.

Can’t we finally see past the fallacious orthodoxy of the quantity theory of money….and start to take good rational, ethical and adult control of the economy????

JD:  Everyone,

The plot thickens. According to a subsequent post by Bonner
13 states are planning to financially secede beginning next year.
There was a Bretton Woods II meeting recently that is
reviewed by a guy who was there.
One way that states will get around the ban on state money is to use
strictly electronic money. Very interesting! Seem possible?

Me:  Don’t be fooled by Bonner who has libertarian-General Equilibrium DNA in his thinking. Their idea of finance is the “free” banking era before the federal reserve which was even more unstable than the FED’s era. It’s inconsistent with actual Public Banking whether on a state or national basis.

The business model of private finance is economically illegitimate because it forces huge additional costs on both the individual and enterpise post retail sale. Retail sale is currently the only actual legitimate ending point for costs and so prices for every good or service, and also for the entire economic/productive process.

We also must not be fooled that a rational and necessary public banking system will be a permanent or uncorruptible reform…unless we recognize that the unimpeachable and resolving natural philosophical concept of monetary grace as in gifting and its integrative paradigm changing policies and regulations….need to be implemented simultaneously with it.

New Dividend-Discount Scenario New Socio-economic Contract & Graciously Defined Economy-Society

  1. $3000/mo dividend for life at 18 years of age,
  2. discount/rebate monthly lottery of between 10-50%,
  3. government is graciously sovereign as in lovingly unburdening and not unnecessarily restrictive regarding transfer taxes and yet wise as in parental guidance with taxation for economic vices,
  4. end of private creation of money and beginning of publicly administered money system that does not add costs post retail sale and so violate the actual end of the economic/productive process at that point and is able to be dovetailed into the discount/rebate policy to the additional benefit of individuals and commercial agents
  5. businessman’s social contract-pledge not to inflate in exchange for guaranteed abundance of individual aggregate demand, cost savings from elimination of transfer taxes and large decrease in income taxes and a stabily prosperous and free flowing system, …..and the government is willing and able to follow through on grace as in recognition of the rational and ethical end of patience, with the morality tool of the bully pulpit, taxation for the vice of inflation and expulsion from the discount/rebate policy for chronic non-compliers with the rules.


businessman-you can play hard, but be a sportsman/union leader-you will be allowed to advocate…for both monetary equity and employee duty/entreprenuer-be the laughing buddha/politician-value freedom before power and you’ll end up with more of both and also be rewarded with the respect and self esteem that comes with ethics/Private Finance-services are legitimate…not so for money creation/Public Finance-grace as in Gifting and wisdom as in ecological sanity/citizen-think on these things/students-with reward and knowledge comes responsibility

Ah, grace is such a solid path toward a discerning integrative thirdness greater oneness and the maturity of wisdom and its fruits of prosperity, joy, a generally ego-less sense of humor and a deeper appreciation of the moment and its experiences.

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Brexit makes sense….if you have an actually effective plan and set of monetary and economic policies that would enable the UK to do so without suffering the punishments the EU can bring upon them. Those policies of course are the new paradigm policies I’ve long advocated on here. It’s the same thing here in the States of course as third rate intellects (read total knumb skulls like Trump and Bannon) advocate “fourth turnings” which even though they are accurate historical observations they miss the more significant fact that fourth trunings are actually simply the failure to accomplish the wisdom of thirdness greater oneness available with the integration of the truths in opposite perspectives.

Mankind knows not wisdom or its very process, and suffers unnecessarily as a result.

RWER Blog: Cultural Evolution and The New Paradigm

Me:  Paradigm changes are penultimate cultural events, and long over due paradigm changes like the monetary and economic paradigm of Debt Only which has been in force for at least the 5000 year old course of human civilization have the potential for effecting multi-disciplinary leaps of human cultural evolution including that of consciousness studies.

KZ:  Craig, before we go listing the “penultimate” cultural changes in human history, perhaps we need to look closely for what some of these might be. For example, Sapiens invention of religion, of government, of economics. Are these penultimate? Or what about the invention of monotheistic religions. Or maybe the invention of atomic energy? Some ideas about distinguishing penultimate from everyday would be useful.

Me:  Cultures are patterns…and so are paradigm changes. That’s evident by definition. I’m referring to the known classical paradigm changes like from Hunting and Gathering/Nomadism to Agriculture-Homesteading, Hand written communication to mechanical with the invention of the Guttenberg Press, the Copernican Cosmological paradigm change from terra-centrism to helio-centrism which was in many ways responsible for the rise of the scientific viewpoint, the change from analogue to digital/cybernetic.

I probably misused the word penultimate as it refers to second to last, although the paradigm change from Debt Only to Monetary Gifting being such an integrated part of human existence and so long overdue may actually be penultimate in that it could possibly lift the so called curse of Adam (only by the sweat of thy brow shalt ye eat your bread) and enable the ushering in of an age of leisure (self chosen constructive activities) and enable the first technologically advanced contemplative society which in turn could eventually enable what I would consider an ultimate paradigm change from religiosity/dogmatism to spirituality (focus on the self actualization of the beneficial experiences behind such dogmas).

RL:  True, Craig, but how do we assess the pertinence of leadersship to success as opposed to group coordination and cooperation. If one lives in the United States, which is besotted with leadership, CEOs, military elites, etc, it is almost impossible to get people to appreciate the superiority of the group, leadership that is group rooted, which is considered to be far superior to US leadership concepts, of MBA, military academy training. Each side argues relative strengths or weaknesses, the superiority of strategic theory and instrumental implementation in the US system, the superiority of the German, on the operational level.

KZ:  Robert, excellent comment. I concur in full. Craig, you present some interesting notions. But aside from Robert’s arguments, you should keep in mind that most cultural changes are not planned and certainly not planned in the detail you describe. But more importantly cultural changes develop via group consensus. Achieving such consensus is difficult. Wars have been fought over consensus.

Me: Robert, yes that is a good point. I would say that cultures take on the character of their paradigms, and since the nature and the way that the policies of the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting would be best integrated into our culture is the utterly integrated/integrative/decentralized tool of double entry bookkeeping that would help influence the mindset of the group toward the wisdom of enlightened leisurely anarchy which I would define as the individual freed into what he/she thought was their own ideal scene/utopia combined with and guided by a hierarchy of human needs like Maslow’s pyramid including his final level that he added after the first pyramid was introduced…self transcendence.

It’s just another example of Wisdom’s process of the integration of opposites.

Ken, IMO lack of conscious planning is part of the problem. However, having the leisure time, the relative guaranteed security of great technological productivity provided by the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting and the valid psychological guidance of a Maslow or any of the world’s wisdom traditions thoughtfully acculturated is undoubtedly the direction to move.

Wisdom is integration/integrating.

And finally, there is no end to history and not everyone has to be or can be wise (as part of wisdom is the positive and constructive integration of one’s experiences youth will inevitably be lacking it to one degree or another), but if the dominant ethic of a culture is wisdom rather than by definition any other lesser (and less inclusive) consideration…I trust we’ll be progressing.

KZ:  Craig, Sapiens history shows it to be a pernicious and creative species. The changes you suggest would need to not just blunt but eliminate for all time both these aspects of Sapiens. That seems impossible, not to mention futile. As to “conscious” planning I’m not certain I know what that is. Neither does anyone else I know of.

Me:  Well, as you might have noticed I’m not into counsels of despair. Wisdom isn’t just airy-fairy nonsense it’s the positive integration of the practical and the ideal. I would only say that one of the cures for cynicism is getting a new hobby that breaks up one’s intellectual fallow ground and hopefully brings them into closer contact with the glories of present time that they may not have experienced since they were a child.


Open Letter To Steve Keen

Dr. Keen,

Considering that your de-bunking of DSGE and discovery that when the rate of change of private debt/credit falls that the economy will enter recession unless more credit/private debt is injected into the economy, and that yet such injection merely results in the continual build up of debt to the point of unservicability is the macro-economic re-discovery of C. H. Douglas’s cost accounting analysis/calculus and A + B theorem which established him as the first disequilibrium theorist,

Considering that Michael Hudson has correctly identified the dominant business model of finance as a titanic parasite that sucks both a vast percentage of the profits out of our highly productive capabilities not to mention much of its vitality and human hopefulness, that macro-economics is an extremely young body of knowledge that only came into being after the coalescence of finance and its money creating power and paradigm of Debt Only, and so has never considered that it is not a legitimate economic/productive business model at all despite its money creating powers having increasingly become necessary for middle class necessities like homes, automobiles and  education, and is also a flow of additional costs post retail sale which is presently the actual legitimate end of the entire economic/productive process for every item or service,

Considering your support for “QE for the people” is a tacit admission that there is a scarcity ratio rate of flow between total individual incomes and total costs/prices which was C. H. Douglas’s Social Credit insight,

Considering that employment participation has no where to go but down with innovation and the virtual inevitability of the disruptive force of AI and the only other way to increase individual incomes is the current paradigm of the flow of Debt/Additional Cost/Continual Build Up Only, then a new paradigm is absolutely necessary,

Considering that you yourself have critiqued economists for having little or no education in accounting and have found it effective in tracking stocks and flows of money, that one of the requirements for a new paradigm is that it fit virtually seamlessly within most current structures and at the same time transform them by creating a whole new pattern, and that double entry bookkeeping is the integrative infrastructure within and upon which the entirety of commerce sits and is classified and codified, it would undoubtedly be fruitful to analyze and craft the new paradigm’s policy effects so as to fit within it and its digital nature,

Considering that if you take rational and ethical control of the terminal ending and summing points for all costs and so prices for every item or service as well as the terminal expression point for all forms of inflation with a large percentage digital debit/credit discount/rebate monetary policy at final retail sale, and hence you can provide a better alternative for commercial agents than inflating their prices, namely with a 50% discount/rebate a doubling of every individual’s potential purchasing power and so the doubling of potential money for every enterprise’s products or services….and so the consequential integrating of price deflation painlessly and beneficially into profit making systems,

Considering that the two major signatures of historical paradigm changes are conceptual opposition to the old/current paradigm and inversion/transformation of its problematic dualities, and that the current paradigm for the vehicle and form for the creation and distribution of money/credit is Debt Only, how can the new paradigm be anything but monetary free gifting to the point of inversion of the current scarcity ratio between total individual incomes and total costs/prices into an abundance ratio, and hence the transformation of the economic and monetary systems from austere, balky and unstable to stabily prosperous and dynamically free flowing?

Considering that paradigm changes are penultimate cultural events, and long over due paradigm changes like the monetary and economic paradigm of Debt Only which has been in force for at least the 5000 year old course of human civilization have the potential for effecting multi-disciplinary leaps of human cultural evolution including that of consciousness studies, do we have to wait another 5000 years, as David Graeber has shown us, to change the current monetary and economic paradigm from Debt Only  to Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting, or can we begin a grass roots movement to communicate your researches and the obvious self interests of the dual policies of Douglas’s Social Credit that I have extended, innovated and philosophically plumbed, raising it from merely a better theory to the point of paradigm change and so get somewhere with political and paradigmatic change? ….instead of concentrating our efforts on only trying to change the minds of ego involved academics and theorists?

Why Not?

Why not take rationally beneficial and ethically ascendant control of our financially smothered chaotic system at the terminal expression point of all types of inflation with a 50% digital discount/rebate monetary policy at the point of retail sale, and kill the two chronically problematic birds of individual income scarcity and inflation….with one policy stone?