What The New Monetary and Financial Paradigm Will Guarantee. The Concept of The Mega-Paradigm. The Concept Behind Every Paradigm Change. The Concept/Model of The Cosmic Code.

If we integrate monetary Gifting into the economy with a universal dividend, a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale and a Discount/Debt Jubilee policy at the point of loan signing we will never have another economic downturn.

We will no longer be kept on all fours by the paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of new money as we have been for the entire course of human civilization, and will be able to stand up on our hind legs and demand the monetary and economic security and freedom of our cultural heritage of ever increasing technological and productive capabilities.

We will live in a new paradigm which is always a time of greater abundance in one or more areas of our lives. When a paradigm has immediate, continual and universal benefit to more than one system, body of knowledge or area of human endeavor other than its primary area of application it can be described as a mega-paradigm change and this is precisely what the new monetary and financial paradigm will do.

The only level of analysis above the paradigm is that of the zeitgeist, that is, the ethical character of an age. Monetary Gifting being a mega-paradigm change that has direct, immediate, universal application to multi-systemic/body of knowledge/area of human endeavor of the concept of grace as in love in action which a priori is also an inescapabably ethical consideration, will be a prelude to a new zeitgeist.

The next step in the process of creating a new zeitgeist is the new monetary and financial paradigm which will create a commercial infrastructure of daily opportunity to self actualize grace as in gratitude for the gift of 50% of the price of virtually all goods and services

Every paradigm change has been the application of one or more aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace as in love in personal action and/or systemic policy, as policy is the action of human systems. Love is a freeing experience and grace/graciousness is its active form. It is a unitary experience that resolves problematic dualities. Hence it creates a true thirdness greater oneness in the minds of humans and in the temporal universe. In other words it is an integrated duality within a unitary thirdness greater oneness process. This is the description of what I refer to as The Cosmic Code. The Cosmic Code hides in plain sight all over the temporal universe and in human thought, and is dramatized by paradigm changes which are the quintessential human species integrative phenomena. Examples:


Posted To Steve Keen’s Substack Newsletter 11/21/2022

Keynes was the original anti-austerity reformer upon whose shoulders all of the present anti-austerity reformers like Dr. Keen, Michael Hudson, Warren Mosler/MMTers, UBI and Ellen Brown’s Public Banking stand. All of their further research is valid and salutary. The only thing I would say to all of them is that when you stand on someone’s shoulders…don’t forget to analytically look up because as we see with Keynesianism, reforms are virtually always temporary and can be twisted and morphed into their idological opposite. Looking up however we can analyze on the paradigmatic (operant concept) level, and hopefully discover the most efficacious policy applications of that new concept. History reveals that paradigm changes are permanent progressive phenomena. Economics and the money system could really use some permanent progress.

Carrott and Stick Regulatory and Taxation Regime of The New Paradigm

In opting into the Discount/Rebate policy retail enterprise will agree to submit a monthly examination of their accounting books and agree not to raise their prices unless their total expenses exceed the cost savings they will receive from the enablements of the new paradigm like high percentage personal and corporate tax cuts, elimination of taxes for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security and the additional tremendous savings they will reap from the 25-50% discount/debt jubilee policy at the point of loan signing. If these rules are broken these benefits will be progressively withdrawn including the rebate aspect of the retail sale policy.

Business models prior to retail sale will also submit their books and they and their employees will also receive the taxation and debt jubilee benefits as long as they abide by the non-price increase mandate. Progressive loss of these benefits will be the same as with retail enterprise.

Speculation on commodity markets, especially for systemically important commodities will be tightly regulated. If they do not submit to such regulation new markets that will abide by the new rules will be encouraged to replace them. The era of excessive financialiazation and anti-social speculation will end, and reasonable universally acknowledged ethics will be applied to the economy and money system.

The new government department of Competition, Innovation, Boycotting and The Bully Pulpit will have public news conferences to congratulate those who abide by the the new paradigm rules and to alert the public regarding those enterprises that do not.

Aphorisms To Use

Paraphrase of Victor Hugo: If there is one thing all of Finance and Oligarchs cannot resist it is an idea whose time has come and that benefits everyone and all enterprise, not just their own.

Paradigm concepts are deep simplicities. Hence they are also wisdom insights.

Let there be gratitude in the hearts and minds of both consumers and commercial enterprise continuously throughout the land.

The happy life is one with one or more positive and constructive purposes, and probably the highest purpose is converting the mundane into the ecstatic.

Posted Response To A ScheerPost 11/19/2022

K: Nobody among so called reformers nostalgic for long lost prosperity of American people during Cold War dares to tell the truth that it was not capitalism but nearly complete abandoning of capitalism in 1950s and 1960s facing ideological war with Soviet Union that brought American prosperity by means of imposing total economic command and control structure of governance of capital investments. Principles of equality, equity and egalitarianism if not implemented were at least given a forum and social value as was taxing rich at 90% rate.

It was not finance capitalism that was fixed in those “glory” days to better serve peoples’ economy but it was socialist type long term corporate planning driven by specific. government policies mostly financed by government, anti-usury laws and aggressive taxing profits with surplus value to be channeled, instead of to elites to speculate with, directly toward Human (decent jobs) and material resource capital investments with no or minimal involvement of financial institutions.

The dominant today financial institutions in. 1950s accounted in US for just few percent of GDP mostly serving big corporations around which corporate controlled B2B small business contractors’ market was developed pretending to be free enterprise market for propaganda reasons.

Ford alone had 600,000+ small business often mom and pap type outfits in 1950s and 60s. That was a way to spread government and corporate capital among cash only, low debt mainstream local economy and we the little people to live of. Together plentiful jobs with GI bill, massive federal and state university grants as well as dramatically lowering or abolition of tuition fees in major state owned university systems like UC in California were an engine producing middle class in US.

The capitalism was not applied to get those positive results, instead capitalism had to be completely denied to achieve them. The control over capital distribution was held not by corporate shareholders and managers but was in few hands of National policy makers who as a part of ideological confrontation with Soviets wanted Americans to live better even if it interfered with fundamental canons of capitalism like maximizing profits, externalization of costs and unfettered accumulation and concentration of capital.

In financial realm not rules of finance capitalism but strict government social policies made sure that people’s savings were protected and not gambled away and that banks did not gain monopoly power in local mainstream markets. It was achieved by chartering US postal bank and state chartered public banks that provided low cost competition.

The robust welfare state and government supported unions provided protection for workers.

The dismantled 22 years ago Glass-Steagall and anti usury laws did the job of in large part protecting ordinary peoples from evils of everyday ordinary predatory finance capitalism.

Pure finance Capitalism was back then criminalized outsourced to mafia connected loan shark noir characters standing on dark street corners where they belong. Today those same criminals run Wall Street, Washington DC and Silicon Valley.

But still this middle class “paradise” of 1950s-60s did not last and ugly head of capitalism rose again as soon as existential threat to system of market capitalism itself from Soviet Union socialist ideology and revolution threat eased.

The pro middle class reforms were step by step abandoned as no longer necessary for survival of capitalist elites. Taxes for rich were lowered, capital and currency controls removed, public banking dismantled, public funds privatized, public borrowing/debt greatly increased, big corporations/private funds funded government budget deficits grew fostering government dependency of private and public equity capital.

The accumulated and concentrated capital unleashed its monopoly drive and its control over government and its institutions. As a result congress previously passed laws restricting capitalism were rescinded or circumvented by new legislations and by that destruction of pro middle class polices accelerated.

Today finance capitalism is free, in full swing while American middle class is dead. Anybody who in principle support capitalism should stop complaining as he is living in capitalism, paradise and in human nightmare as both are synonymous.

Any reform short of abolishing socioeconomic system of capitalism would make no difference to peoples who work for living as capitalism simply means rule of capital while any consideration of Fundamental needs of entire society and fate of all the people is rescinded.

Many libertarians who complain about monopoly global capitalism of today must realize that historically monopoly it is not abomination of capitalism but result of its natural evolution stemming from systemic promotion of unlimited capital accumulation and concentration of capital in few private hands via means of unfettered competition.

Historically it were repeated social Revolutions that acted to disperse capital among society only to return capitalism back in matter of decades into its final state of natural monopoly already Adam Smith and Marx knew.

So let’s not fool ourselves, anybody who advocates sham of economic/financial reform of finance capitalism doomed to be defeated by concentrated capital are promoting their own narrow agendas of phony Revolution that serves own benefit alone leaving the rest in a rot as they were before.

Such social de cohesion, lack of solidarity and empathy toward fate of others is a result of brainwashed capitalist mind most so called liberals possess and are imprisoned in.

No reforms would work as long as capitalism is left intact meaning rule of capital and commodity exchange markets, legality of exploitation, alienation of labor, legality of production and accumulation of surplus value, centralization of capital , legality of profit and usury of speculative financial capital formed from socially destructive arbitrary individual or narrow production decisions, etc.,

Such capitalism whitewashing positions today represent perverted marriage of leftists and libertarians.

Moreover, imposition of artificial individualism of economic decisions that must be inherently collective based on community consensus, legalization of always destructive socioeconomic competition or allowing individual failures of human endeavor which are always damaging to society at large and most of all legality of property and individual ownership of means of production and many other features of capitalism preclude any socioeconomically stable society regardless of role of money which always was used as most effective tool of looting, parasitic appropriation of forcefully alienated labor but not required in capitalism.

Capitalist socioeconomic system is not aimed at producing goods to satisfy human needs but via private or state capital accumulation to economically and hence politically control population by groups of elitists, like energy elitists or food elitists, media elitists and political elitists etc.,local or global.

Also the system effectively produces social outcomes of small or large scale inequality, inequity and elitarianism that is the core of people’s social misery, suffering which is the real product of capitalism as a social system where social relations and human bonds are negotiated by power, dominance and/or money. Selfless Caring and sharing are condemned, taxed and delegalized.

Not many know in the west that their perceived wrongly past prosperity considered a “proof” of viability of capitalism like in US or Scandinavia 1950s-70s was paid by blood sweat and tears of countless of millions of enslaved somewhere else out of sight and mind of millions of mindless western ignorants who thanked non existent human face of capitalism for it.

Not a cent of profits were ever shared by capitalists even in days of so called western prosperity, none. What western societies were allowed to consume in those “good days” was blood, sweat and tears from Soylent Green of humanity at large in the so called third world.

What we need is socioeconomically and environmentally, self sustainable, democratically self-governed by consensus equal, equitable and egalitarian society of caring and sharing aimed at one thing alone to satisfy basic human needs of healthy food, safe shelter, companionship and opportunity to create what people need.

Me: I don’t have any problem with you’re critique of finance and capitalism. I don’t think that socialism, real socialism, that is government ownership of production is the answer though either. The capitalism/socialism duality is a false one and misses the core of the core problem which again is the monetary and financial paradigm. Paradigm changes are permanent while reforms are either palliative or immediately ineffective. That is why we need a paradigm/ENTIRE PATTERN change.

I call my theory of the monetary and financial paradigm Wisdomics-Gracenomics. Why is that? It’s because it expresses the need to inject the solution to one of your key critques of capitalism which is that it has no real ethic other than power, profit and control.

Wisdom is the superior human mental discipline. It is the integrative mindset itself and the intention to find only the truths, highest workabilities, applicabilities and the highest ethical considerations in apparent opposites. Hence Wisdomics. Love is universally accepted as the superlative human spiritual value and the active form of love is grace/graciousness. To be logical and effective love must not just be internalized. It requires expression (both as human action and as systemic policy) at which time it becomes logical (as within so without) and expresses graciousness.

The current paradigm as the sole form and vehicle for the creation of new money is Debt Only, and it has not changed for the entire course of human civilization. By Debt Only I mean it has always denoted and demanded the burden of repayment. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with debt itself, but debt ONLY designates it as a monopolistic concept…and all monopolies are problematic.

Historically, all new paradigm concepts have been in complete conceptual opposition to the old/current paradigm For instance, geo-centrism to helio-centrism, nomadic hunting and gathering to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization. So, economically and monetarily speaking, what is the opposite philosophical concept to burden to repay? It’s monetary grace as in gifting, monetary gifting for short. Monetary Gifting IS the new paradigm concept and its applied set of aligned policies will create the economic pattern change. Hence Gracenomics as in a monetary and economic expression of the natural philosophical concept of grace.

Always go to the core of the core of the problem, and find the operant concept that applied changes the entire pattern of the system, body of knowledge and/or area of human endeavor. In other words when you’re down by 6 with 30 seconds left in the fourth quarter it’s time to “go long, go deep”, and although there may be tears in the night, there can be joy in the morning…if we abandon orthodoxies and obsessive dualing opposites and choose paradigmatic analysis instead.

P: Great analysis but I wonder if it suffers from the the typical left aversion to facing the role of money in the economy. The implication is that things were great in the 50’s and 60’s and suddenly the forces of evil came in to sweep it all away. No, the seeds that ended the hiatus were already sown then. Since FDR failed to address the money problem despite the pleadings of leading economists of the time (maybe he had no choice) the cancer that the banks represented was only in remission. No amount of regulation alone can overcome the immense power afford to those who actually create and distribute the nation’s money – private commercial banks. Until the left takes a lesson from the Populists of the 1880’s and 90’s. the money power will prevent the return to the good ole’ days of the 1950’s.

Me: Yes, I agree the problem has been long palliated and/or missed. It is idiotic that the banks are granted the ability to create (or deny agents) access to money which is the very life’s blood of economic and individual survival, but it is titanically idiotic that they are enabled to create it ONLY as debt. As Michael Hudson and David Graeber have pointed out the deepest reason empires tended to invade their neighbors was because private indebtedness destabilized their domestic economies…so they felt the need to steal their assets by force.

The systemic power to create our money (upwards of 97% of it) must also be addressed, but no reform, not even a genuine public bank, which I would also like to see happen, will finally resolve the paradighmatic problem. It will take a new applied paradigm concept and its aligned policy program to end our being forced onto all fours for over 5000 years by the current monetary and financial paradigm. Only paradigm changes are permanent.

P: Yes, “reform” implies maintaining a current system that is inherently flawed. To use the historical model of money created through debt as a justification for perpetuating that model, ends any hopes of radical transformation and democratizing our medium of exchange. Our current set of progressive intellectuals seem incapable of grasping that.

Me: Indeed. The biggest problem with something actually new and effective is that it faces the long unconscious acculturation of the present paradigm. In this case over 5000 years because whether new money was created by the Palace or by private banks…it was always created ONLY as Debt. We are much more stupid than the ancient empires most of whom utilized periodic debt jubilees (a form of monetary gifting) to reset their domestic economies and renew their social contract in order to prevent internal revolt.

In a fractured polis with a sizable idiocracy that is fightin’ mad an immediate, mathematical and temporal universe anchored doubling of their purchasing power ought to be a policy that progressives would leap ecstatically for. Most do not see it, not even the reformers on the left. What the left had better worry about is that the right latches onto the 50% Discount/Rebate policy FIRST because it is as beneficial for enterprise as it is for the individual, and hence grabs the attention and allegiance of independents who have suffered loss of purchasing power since the 70’s when we began shipping manufacturing over seas. Also, the republicans are quick to recognize power, know how to rally their voters in pursuit of it and getting and keeping it is their overweening ethic.

F: As long as there is commodity production you can not abolish money – the general equivalent. [Karl Marx in refuting Proudhon].
‘Monetary Gifting’ is basically credit, it does not change a thing. Besides it is fundamentally wrong in assuming economics run only on exchange value based markets. Initially you need to create money to pay for prices of production and to take it to the market, then you need to create the same amount to enable the merchant to buy the commodity. The consumer pays for it out of his wages (=part f price of production). No matter how you distribute the circulating capital among market participants you end up at least creating twice the amount of money of the commodity’s worth. This cycle starts again anytime an additional commodity is produced. All it does is creating sort of ‘fictitious capital’ in fiat, since here is no commodity equivalent for the surplus capital . Aside from being fundamentally wrong in the approach it is creating credit, regardless if it is formally debt or ‘purchasing power in money form’ . I get totally lost with the notion that this would not be inflationary……

Me: “‘Monetary Gifting’ is basically credit, it does not change a thing.”
It is credit as in a gift of money…which changes the current monopolistic paradigm for the creation and distribution of new money…of Debt ONLY.

“Besides it is fundamentally wrong in assuming economics run only on exchange value based markets. “
I never said economics run ONLY on exchange value based markets. It is however a very important and basic aspect of the economy, and the current monetary paradigm IS the biggest problem afflicting modern economies.

“I get totally lost with the notion that this would not be inflationary…… “
The several sentences before this are flimsy theoretics and not very accurate IMO. My response to the quoted statement is simply: Look at the point of retail sale and suspend any abstract theoretics while doing so, and then do the math. Retail sale’s significance is that 1) it is the terminal summing point of all costs and so price including profit or not profit, 2) the terminal ending point of the entire economic/productive process where production exits the economy and becomes consumption, 3) the terminal expression point for all economic factors, in this case specifically inflation, and 4) it is universally participated in by every individual economic agent giving a policy at that point macro-economic effect.

We’ve never had 50% inflation y/o/y and hyperinflations are very rare, require several preceeding disastrous circumstances like going to war, losing the war and having the winners impose onerous debts on you and finally having the private banking system leverage up currency speculators who short the currency which is what actually initiates a hyper state. Hence every hyperinflation can easily be avoided…if you impose rational restraints on Finance.

Just do the math. Today I pay $4.55/gal. for regular gas. Tomorrow with a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale I only pay $2.28/gal. Explain to me how that is going to be inflationary???

Bothness and Thirdness Greater Oneness: The Two Key Aspects of Grace, Wisdom and The Integrative Phenomenon AKA A Paradigm Change

Posted Responses to My Substack Newsletter:

JL: Let’s see if I got this right: you’re proposing to subsidize the purchase of any good or service by having the central bank pay half the purchase price. Ever think about what happens to all these additional new dollars once received by the seller? May they be used to bid for other goods and services? And may such bidding again be amplified 2x by the central bank? What starts as a 50% discount is a virtual guarantee to hyperinflation in week.

Me: You’re not seeing it correctly. The consumer pays half of the price and the monetary authority pays the second half. The retailer receives no more money than they normally do per purchase. The consumer does save 50% of whatever the total cost is so their purchasing power is doubled, and the retailer is happy because now there is twice as much potential demand for their products and services. The retailer agrees not to increase their prices in order to opt into the discount/rebate policy. It’s wildly beneficial for the retailer and consumer so why wouldn’t the retailer want to opt in. And if they have some idiotic “principled” objection to such beneficial policy they can just opt out and then they will have to get 100% of their price from the consumer while the consumer can walk down the street and only pay 50% from their competitor. So its “an offer they cannot (and rationally should not) refuse.

JL: The money supply would grow quickly (essentially each year 50% of GDP would be added) due to the continued injections by the monetary authority. This would lead to hyper-inflation. Or in your scheme with fixed prices extreme shortages.

Me: Sorry, you’re stuck in Freidmanism and in the largely falacious orthodoxy of supply and demand both of which the policy program of the new monetary paradigm overturn. The new rules and regulatory framework of the new paradigm that enables high percentage cuts in corporate, personal and payroll taxes (and that will be replaced by very high taxation if they break the rules) will force enterprise to compete on price instead of allowing them to wallow in the current chaotically unstable system by committing the economic vice of price inflation. Money itself is at best a tertiary factor in inflation. Lack of a universally beneficial and well thought out policy and regulatory program and the clear identification of obvious and criminally insensitive attempts to cheat on it is the real reason it continues to be a problem.

Hyperinflations are very rare and generally require 4 things to occur before they take place: 1) Go to war, 2) Lose the war, 3) The winning side imposes onerous war debts upon the losing side which makes it politically palatable to attempt to inflate away such debt and 4) The private banks leverage up currency speculators who short the currency…and that is what actually initiates the hyperinflation. In the new paradigm both being the bank who leverages up speculators and the speculators themselves will be immediately arrested for such a blatantly anti-social act and not see the light of day for at least a couple of decades….and the general populace will be cheering the authorities along because they liked having the new paradigm double their purchasing power and they will not look kindly on those who would greedily try to eliminate it.

Scarcities will not be a significant factor because intelligent entreprenuers seeing the potentials of doubled purchasing power will prepare by upping production and productive capabilities. Secondly a doubling of purchasing power does not ipso facto translate into a doubling of consumption and economic throughput. Yes, the poor and unemployed will have a substantial uptick in consumption, but not everyone is going to eat twice as much as they do now and buy twice as many pairs of underwear as they have now. The likely long term effect will be a huge increase in savings and investment which will be an additional beneficial effect of the new paradigm.

We need to free our minds from orthodoxies. They are the end of actual thinking and the beginning of curmudgeonly mental unhappiness.

The Actual Monopoly Paradigm, The Justifications For The Universal Dividend and Precedent For The Creation of the 50% Discount/Rebate Monies

Monopolies are always problematic. Banks own a monopoly paradigm of DEBT ONLY for the creation and DIRECT DISTRIBUTION of new money TO THE INDIVIDUAL. This causes the continual build up of private debt and has always been the leading cause of individual and civilizational economic instability

The 50% Discount/Rebate monies are actually distributed to enterprise which has much precedent. The universal dividend monies are direct distributions of money/not credit, but the rationale for the dividend monies is that they are part of the individual’s cultural inheritance of prioductive capabilities built up over time by their forebears. Last time I looked there was no constitutional objection to receiving an inheritance of money.

Posted To Ann Pettifor’s Substack Newsletter 11/08/2022

It is tremendously stupid that we give a single business model (Finance) a virtual monopoly to create the economic life’s blood (money) of every individual and other commercial agent. But it is titanically stupid that we enable them a monopoly paradigm to create it ONLY as debt.

With that monopoly paradigm Finance has kept humanity on all fours for the entire history of civilization as Graeber and Hudson have well documented. And there’s no conspiracy about it…because there’s no need to conspire when you’ve been granted a monopoly paradigm which is the right to weield the power of the operant factor of an entire system/body of knowledge/pattern of thought. And unfortunately paradigms are like breathing, we’re normally unconscious of them, and when you stack up 5000 years of acculturated unconsciousness it’s no wonder even the most astute economists are unaware of the present monetary paradigm let alone be able to see the new concept that would beneficially and permanently change the entire character of money and economics.

It’s past time we stood up on our own hind legs and demanded the monetary freedom that the last several centuries of our cultural inheritance of the ever increasing abundance of productive capabilities has bestowed upon us. A freedom that, all by itself, the present monetary and financial paradigm denies us.

And it’s waaaay past time that we ended the bugaboo of inflation and the false orthodoxy that “inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon” by implementing beneficial price and asset deflation with a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale. That policy is powerful because it is the very expression of the new monetary and financial paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

Posted To Brave New Europe 11/04/2022

I’m in full agreement with Michael Hudson’s assessment of Financial dominance being the primary economic problem in modern economies. He and virtually all of the present leading reform movements have surrounded the problem, however, they have missed the solution not out of inaccurate analysis but by not “upping their game” to paradigmatic/pattern analysis. Reforms are wonderful, good…and almost always easily gamed. To create permanent change you have to decypher the correct new paradigm concept and how best to implement it as policy. As Michael, Steve Keen, advocates of UBI, MMT and others have observed the core of the problem is regarding money, debt and banks/finance.

A few observations about the signatures of an accomplished paradigm change: 1) they are always in complete conceptual opposition to the present paradigm 2) they resolve the major problems that have grown up around the present paradigm 3) they totally invert the character of the present paradigm and hence the temporal universe character of its pattern 4) everything adapts to a new paradigm…not the other way around.

So what is the specific new paradigm concept? If the present paradigm for the creation and distribution of new money is Debt as in Burden to Repay Only (the word only designates the present paradigm as a monopolistic one) then according to 1 above the new paradigm is Monetary Gifting which is conceptual opposition to debt as burden to repay. This is why fiscal deficits, UBI/Universal Dividend, job guarantees, and debt jubilees align with the new paradigm because they are all monetary gifting. How might a policy of monetary gifting most efficaciously and macro-economically resolve the two biggest problems of the current paradigm, namely inflation and chronic individual scarcity of demand? The point of retail sale is universally participated in by every individual economic agent. Hence a beneficial policy at that point would have universal/macro-economic effect. So, a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale where the retailer grants the consumer a 50% discount on every product or service and the monetary authority rebates the entirety of that discount back to the merchant so as to make him/her whole on the overheads and profit margins would accomplish the following: 1) the terminal ending of inflation by (mind blowingly) implementing beneficial price and asset deflation. That single policy fulfills 2 & 3 above by inverting harmful, erosive inflation into beneficial and non-painful deflation. 2) This policy also: a] immediately doubles every individual’s purchasing power and b] potentially doubles the available demand for every enterprise’s goods and services thus solving the problem of chronic individual income and hence demand for production. 3) #4 above is important because presently we do face tensions between east and west as Michael and others have observed, and because historically the primary reason empires have invaded their neighbors is to steal their assets in order to attempt to stabilize their domestic economies. If the new paradigm stops inflation and monetary scarcity and paired with a policy of debt jubilee ends the build up of private indebtedness then we would be eliminating the major underlying cause of geo-strtegic tension to invade. Also, because the benefits of a new paradigm are so good and universally experienced such policies will eventually be adopted by everyone. So if the Chinese would adopt the new paradigm they would be able to satisfy their entire populace much more than they presently do, and if the US did the same they’d experience the same kind of uplift to the social contract. There are many other benefits and policies in the complete program as elucidated in my book.

Of Wisdom, Paradigms, Mega-Paradigms, Mega-Mega Paradigms, Grace and the Cosmic Code

Wisdom is the superlative human mental discipline. Science is wonderful, necessary, delicious and exists entirely within the digestive tract/mindset of Wisdom. Wisdom is the mental process of the integration of opposite truths, applicabilities, workabilities and the highest ethical concepts in the matter under analysis.

Wisdom is always an integration and application of the often considered opposite perspectives of pragmatism and ethics.

Wisdom insights are deep simplicities like: “Attitude is 99% of everything.” People may bemoan this truth, because it takes mental effort to overcome less than positive attitudes garnered either unconsciously over time or by negative experience, but the truthfulness of the statement itself cannot really be denied. The generally accepted pinnacle concept of Wisdom is Grace as in love in personal thought and action and/or in systemic policy. Graciousness is the supreme human experience and purpose.

Paradigm changes are the quinessential integrative phenomenon. Why? Because ironically new paradigm concepts are simply stated single descriptive and operant concepts…that change the character of and resolve the lingering problems in an entire pattern, that is, a complexity. In other words new paradigm concepts/changes are Wisdom insights, that is deep simplicites. In fact they are the very integration of the opposites of simple and complex. Hence paradigm concepts are Wisdom insights themselves.

The effects of every historical paradigm change have always been an aspect or aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace. Examples:

There are paradigm changes and then there are mega-paradigm changes. A mega-paradigm change is one that is universally, continuously and beneficially experienced by the individual and that has spill-over beneficial effects into additional systems, bodies of knowledge and/or areas of human endeavor other than the primary area of the paradigm change. There has probably only been two mega-paradigm changes in the entire history of the human species. These were the emergence of self awareness and the change from nomadic hunting and gathering to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization. The paradigm change in the economy and the money system for the creation and distribution of new money from Debt Only to Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Grace as in Gifting will be the third mega-paradigm change.

In fact it may be the first mega-mega paradigm change because of 1) the length of time that the present monetary and financial paradigm has been in effect (the entire history of human civilization), 2) the constance and intimately personal nature of economics/exchange, 3) the change of power relationship to and the increased survival value for the individual regarding one of mankind’s greatest inventions, namely the tool of money and last but not least 4) the fact that it will create a constant temporal universe infrastructure and opportunity for humanity to self actualize two of the major aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace, that is, gifting and gratitude.