It’s Our Choice….Or Folly

In the last analysis Social democracy is only the other side of the orthodox present paradigmatic coin. Not that social democracy isn’t somewhat more workable and has ethical content superior to capitalist ideologies of any stripe. it does, but it doesn’t fulfill the thirdness greater oneness new pattern definition of a genuine paradigm change which is desparately needed, and it for sure doesn’t accomplish the personally immediate and continuous or the systemic broadness effects of a mega paradigm.

We can wander for another millennia (or decades) in the obsessively contentious death throes of the capitalist-socialist dualism or we can integrate their truths in a way that changes everything. It’s our choice….or folly.

The Next Two Mega Paradigm Changes

I begin to think that the present paradigm for legitimate inquiry, namely Science Only, is almost as antiquated and in need of change as the present monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only. If it weren’t a fact that the monetary and financial paradigm has been unchanged for virtually the entire history of human civilization and the present paradigm of inquiry has only been dominant for the last four centuries that would be true.

Monetary Gifting and Wisdom. The next two mega paradigm changes.

The Real Cause of Inflation, and Its Resolution

“Monetary” inflation is actually a misnomer. The causes of inflation are:

  1. An actual and chronic systemic scarcity of distributed individual income/business revenue which tempts commercial agents to committ the vice of price inflation when they perceive additional money coming into the system
  2. Mis-identifying the system as normally being in general equilibrium and seeing markets as “free” when the system is alternately in a state of sloppy monetary and financial proflicacy or sloppily smothered austerity and yet always paradigmatically dominated financial chaos, and
  3. Not identifying a policy means of rectifying and inverting realities #’s 1 and 2.

The universal dividend combined with the 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale (whose actions actually define and express the new monetary, financial and economic paradigm) and the rest of the aligned regulations of Wisdomics-Gracenomics…resolve and invert realities #1 and #2, and are the accomplishment of #3, i.e the new monetary, financial and economic paradigm of Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

Post To The Social Credit Google Group Explaining the Difference Between Palliative Reforms, The New Monetary, Financial and Economic Paradigm Change and The Fact That The New Paradigm Is Also A Mega Paradigm Change

It’s a waste of time to either accuse someone of believing in the debt virus or to be a crank and believe in it. Mathematically, it’s correct that the system can pay for interest. However, in the real world….economies have never been stable. That’s never as in not a single time throughout the entire span of human civilization, and the reason is that the paradigm of Debt ONLY  has never been challenged as the actual problem and the new paradigm concept has never specifically been recognized and implemented in a paradigmatic fashion, that is, in a way that temporally inverts the realities of the old/present paradigm.

Public Banking is a great reform and Social Credit is a superior theory, but they are both palliatives. The ancients had routine debt jubilees, but the debt still kept piling up. Douglas brilliantly suggested both a universal dividend and crafted a reciprocal price and monetary policy at retail sale, but he still was influenced by the classical macro concept of equilibrium and neither the concept of a paradigm existed before he died nor was there a study of the signatures of accomplished historical paradigms to light the way forward to new paradigm perception.
We have to be smarter than the ancients and step entirely outside of the paradigm of Debt Only. In fact we need to recognize the reality of a mega paradigm change of which there have only been two in human history, namely achieving self awareness and the mega paradigm change from nomadic hunting and gathering to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization. Abundantly Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting will be the third.

Grace: The Way Out, The Way Home and The Path of Freedom

Self actualization of the experience of Grace saves the individual from her/himself, and policies aligned with grace will save the economy from its own idiocies and the money system from its monopolistic lack of ethics.

Too simple for the erudite, too basic and generally beneficial to be long denied.

Steve Hummel 05/17/2020

On Wisdom, Self Actualization and Economics, i.e. Wisdomics-Gracenomics

RL:  My professor told me once, that I had read enough, I needed to think more about what I had read and experienced.

MC:  Words of wisdom there Robert.

Me:  Indeed. Contemplation is the route toward self actualization, and integration is the route to truth. Present time is where one best experiences and meets oneself.

The point of retail sale is self awareness’s equivalent in economics, where the system’s most present moment, most basic purposes of production and consumption meet and are integrated, and where rational and ethical policy is most powerfully accomplished.

Conspiracy Theorists and Paradigm Perception: Opposites That Need To Be Integrated

Conspiracy theorists are generally hasty third rate intellects. People who swallow whole either right wing or left wing propaganda are second rate intellects. The objective and serious intellect seeks the particles of truth in opposing perspectives and carefully tries to integrate those truths in a rational and more wholistic fashion. So far as conspiracies are concerned, especially broad, global conspiracies, this process almost always ends showing that such “conspiracies” are actually better explained as anger and fear generated by frustrations with the mostly unconscious mentally entrapping effects of the present paradigm that has gone on too long without resolving the problems that have built up around it.

The point is the best thing to do is to develope a truth integrative mindset. As a new paradigm itself is a phenomenon that integrates the truths in apparently opposing perspectives, that is, it is a (singular) concept that mentally expresses and temporally transforms an entirely new (pluralistic) pattern, we could call it developing paradigm perception.