China, The US and the New Monetary Paradigm

This geo-political analysis is accurate, but it fails to account for the most underlying and longest reigning factor in geo-strategy, namely the current monetary paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of new money.

Love is what changes the world, but money is what makes it go ’round. Integrate those two seeming opposites into the economic and geo-strategic formula and the result will be a “golden age”.

China already has a more intelligent take on indebtedness which makes them much more nimble than the US which is caught in advanced anomalous Finance Capitalism, but they will fall prey to the same imperial imperatives of the present paradigm if they don’t realize the importance of implementing the new one.

All of the current leading economic reform movements have surrounded the problematic area summed up by Steve Keen when he says the problem with neo-classical macro is that it ignores” money, debt and banks”. But reforms are the “filthy rags” of analysis. Only recognition and application of a new paradigm actually changes things…because it changes both the human mind and the temporal universe at the same time.

Historically, everything adapts to a new paradigm…not the other way around. If the US doesn’t awaken to the new monetary paradigm it will inevitably increasingly decline. If the Chinese awaken to it they will hasten the West’s decline and force it to adopt the new paradigm. If the West awakens to the new paradigm first, China will have to completely awaken to it also, instead of simply using it as an effective economic and geo-strategic tool and reform. Why? Because with the new monetary paradigm the West will be able to re-industrialize in the most technologically efficient and ecologically sane way possible which will severely down size China’s export platform dominance thus forcing it to adopt the same deepening domestic benefits of the new paradigm that will extricate the West from its capture by the current paradigm.

The new monetary paradigm is Gifting and its fleshing out is in the book Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The New Monetary Paradigm and Its Policies. Google it.


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