The 50% Discount/Rebate policy At Retail Sale, Synthesis, Problem Resolution and The Trinity Unity Oneness Process Reality of The Natural Philosophical Concept of Grace

A monetary gift of 50% of the price of virtually everything at retail sale all of which is reciprocally rebated back to the merchant giving it performs the thirdness greater oneness of a synthesis that is the integrative, transformative resolution of problems signature of wisdom.

Economists have missed the monetary significance of this policy at this particular point in the ecnomic process. This is partly because paradigms being long acculturated concepts/realities they are mostly unconscious. They’re a lot like breathing, we’re normally unaware of it and yet when we can’t breath its importance immediately presents itself. It’s also because economists in their perfectly legitimate pursuit of truth via calculus and reductive analysis often become so abstracted from direct observation that they miss important and even operant factors discerned by way of direct observation of the economic process itself.

On a scale of epistemology/ways of knowing, thinkingness/abstractingness is rather low while lookingness is just below the highest level AKA Conceptual and Temporal Knowingness. This is why obsessive thinking can actually be a pathological state while direct looking leads to deeper understanding. This is also why zen buddhist novitiates gaze at walls in order to better and more fully experience the present moment, its realities and solutions to problems that reductive and mere dualistic analysis fails to discern and resolve.

For godsake, in a time of increasing economic and monetary instability, let us utilize the complete toolset for intellectual analysis. Science and Wisdom do not have to be considered in opposition. Their synthesis is the route to the thirdness greater oneness that resolves problems and is the signature of the pinnacle concept, experience and observable temporal universe reality AKA grace.


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