Contact Email To The Analysis News Podcast. Also, The Freeing of Western Religion From Its Infection By The Current Financial Paradigm and Its Integration With Scientific Spirituality

Michael Hudson’s research is valid and with exposing the failure to renew economies with debt jubilees is coming closer to consciously identifying the new monetary paradigm concept that will finish neo-liberal economics forever. My book Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The Policies of the New Monetary Paradigm both identifies that new concept and shows how it can be most efficaciously implemented into the economic process. Even more, it identifies the natural philosophical concept behind every historical paradigm change. I would be happy to discuss it with you. Please contact me at the email address provided.

Christianity got morphed into a mere pre-scientific religion instead of becoming a true Wisdom Tradition and paradigm changing awakening to the natural philosophical concept of grace as in love in personal action/systemic policy which if fully cognited on is able to result in breakthrough integrations with all of the following: 1) religion and spirituality, 2) science and spirituality as grace is the scientific description of temporal universe reality (the dynamic nature of the electro-magnetic milieu and the quantum foam), 3) a true paradigmatic breakthrough in economics as grace is the underlying concept expressed in every historical paradigm change and 4) as economics in general and retail sale in particular is continually participated in and experienced by everyone and the way that people self actualize their reality is by repetition, it opens up the possibility of the greatest self actualization of grace as in love in action since…forever. So be it.


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