New Policies: Eco-Infrastructure Research Bonds, Grace As In Gifting As A Tax Deduction and The New American Entreprenuer Pantheon Award

People often have a problem with the 50% Discount/Rebate and $1000/mo. universal dividend policies in my book Wisdomics-Gracenomics because they think they will wildly increase consumption. My response is that a doubling of purchasing power does not ipso facto result in a 100% increase in consumption/economic throughput because not everyone is going to eat twice as much as they do now or go out and purchase twice as many shoes, underwear etc. However, in order to keep consumption from increasing even as much as it otherwise would with the above two policies here are some policies that will curb it.

  1. The creation of Eco-Infrastrucure Research Bonds that would pay 5%. (Remember, government debt is a complete side show and IS NOT the problem. The problem is the continual build up of PRIVATE debt that results in debt deflation.) These bonds would serve the dual purposes of curtailing consumption while increasing sane and constructive investment because they would help fund the kind of mega-projects necessary to re-build the nation and confront and handle climate change.
  2. Even though the US is monetarily sovereign and hence does not need to tax anyone in order to fund the government, the tax rates for the very wealthy will be higher if they choose not to think wisely about what they do with their money. Lets say that the highest rate is 50%. However, if such a wealthy person contributes 25% of their gross income to a variety of charities that the Grace As Wisdom Counsel (the formation of which is another of the policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics) deems are needed for the wise regeneration of the country, and they use another 25% of their income to purchase the Eco-Infrastructure Research bonds then their tax rate will be reduced to 0%.
  3. Those individuals who practice the above Gifting policies for at least 10 years will be awarded the New American Entreprenuer Pantheon Award.
  4. These policies reflect the fact that Grace is real and personally available both via Gifting and receiving a Gift. In other words Grace can bounce back at you if you gift and giving elicits gratitude which is an aspect of Grace as well. Grace begets Grace, and incorporating opportunities to experience Grace as an everyday experience in the economy which everyone particiaptes in daily can result in a tremendous increase in the self actualization of Grace. As a man thinketh, so is he. And acting with grace on a consistent basis again, bounces back at you.

CK: Very powerful post Steve- the Western World is obsessed by money! In Michael Singer’s great book “The Untethered Soul” he tells us that 80% of the Western World lives in the Spirituall Equivalent of a Bedridden Cripple. This journey we’re on together was gifted to us, and as a natural result I share that gift at every opportunity. Where can I find your book?

Me: Thank you. Its on Amazon. Here’s the link:

Yes, grace as in love in personal action (or as systemic policy, as policies are the actions of systems) is IMO the pinnacle concept of Wisdom. We are so unkowingly crippled by not being aware of the concept and experience of grace and how to best self actualize it. When I think about the positive personal and economic potentials of enabling an aspect of grace (gratitude) to be experienced every time we buy something it blows my mind. Imagine an economy that creates grace! And as a kicker such policies resolve the deepest problems of the current economic and monetary paradigm. It’s what I refer to as a mega-paradigm change which is one that is universally beneficial, continuously so and whose benefits spill over into other systems, body’s of knowledge and areas of human endeavor than the primary area that the new paradigm applies to. I posit that there have only been two confirmed mega-paradigm changes in the entire history of the human species. 1) when humans emerged from the unconscious struggle for survival as the highest good and became self aware which logically supposes that everyone else is also self aware and which was the birthing of ethics. 2) When we went from nomadic hunters and gatherers to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization.

Making the economy and money system serve us instead of we having to slavishly serve it will go a long way toward completing that second mega-paradigm because it will transform the Faustian problems that have grown up around it and enable us to better self actualize the Arkadian mental existence of Grace that was in many instances probably more readily and directly experienced in the hunting and gathering age. It’s a kind of coming home.


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