Thinking Paradigmatically: The Best and Quickest Way To Accomplish Real Change, And Why Intelligent People Have Trouble Seeing It

Time and again when I have mentioned in postings on various economist’s and reformer’s websites that thinking on the paradigmatic/operant applied concept level is what we should be utilizing in order to change the entire pattern under analysis and actually solve the problems everyone wants to resolve…I get no response. I don’t know whether this just goes over the heads of these otherwise very intelligent people, or its for some other reason, but I suspect its largely because we focus on discovering problems much more than wanting to solve them. Its also anathema to the reductive mindset and methods of science that a deep simplicity, that is a single operant applied concept, is the answer instead of continually (and apparently obsessively) scrutinizing the minutiae of the problem.

I disagree of course. I think wisdom thinking (wisdom insights, like new paradigm concepts are always deep simplicities) can shorten the anomaly period referred to by Kuhn and help us to hone in on the problematic operant factor of the current pattern under analysis. That and recognizing the signatures of imminent and accomplished paradigm changes can greatly hasten the process of identifying, best applying and implementing the new concept.


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