Posted To Marrianne Williamson’s Substack Newsletter 03/04/2023

Marianne, I would say the best way to end the war in Ukraine is to end the deepest reason empires invade their neighbors namely, their economies always become destabilized by PRIVATE debt so they think invading and stealing their neighbors’ assets will solve that ever recurring problem. Except it doesn’t of course…because we haven’t recognized the new monetary and economic paradigm and how to most efficaciously apply it. Hence the deepest problems of modern economies are never truly resolved. Well, I’ve written a book that identifies that new paradigm and how it could be best implemented. It’s Called Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The Monetary Paradigm and Its Policies. I’d love to engage you and others here and elsewhere regarding it. Its policies integrate the economic self interests of traditionally opposed political constituencies while forwarding and better enabling an underlying liberal agenda that I think is actually inherent in everyone.

The title is derived from the fact that historically, new paradigms are always integrative, transformative phenomena.

Wisdom is the superlative human mental discipline, not science…because even though science is wonderful, deliciously interesting and NECESSARY…good, open minded, breakthrough science exists entirely within the mindset/digestive tract of Wisdom. In other words its the larger set.

Also historically, it can be shown that every new paradigm’s effects have been an aspect or aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace as in love in action, and as policy is the action of systems, bringing the gracious policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics is the deeper and transformative economic solution.

I might add that the major economic reforms of UBI, MMT, Steve Keen’s Minsky’s Financial Instability Hypothesis and Ellen Brown’s Public Banking all align perfectly with the new monetary paradigm…they just haven’t cognited on the specific new concept and how to best apply it in the economy so as to integrate and further their separate agendas.

Again, would love to engage you and any others here.


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