Posted To Steve Keen’s Substack Newsletter 02/06/2023

Another litany of horrors, all of which are accurate but cannot resolve the deepest problem, namely the current monopolistic monetary paradigm CONCEPT that applied creates, controls and compels all of that litany.

Change the current operant, defining APPLIED CONCEPT with a new APPLIED CONCEPT and you change the nature of the ENTIRE pattern of economics and historically the problems that have grown up around it.

Yes, paradigmatic analysis flies in the face of reductive scientific, empirical and mathematical analysis, even correct and insightful such analysis, because its the discovery of a deeply effecting simplicity…instead of a mass of correct but still largely uncorrelate-able reforms…because they are unconscious of the specific guiding new paradigm concept itself and also perhaps the best places to apply it.

How about a podcast examining the signatures of past historically verified paradigm changes and how we might learn from and even copy them?

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