Compromise Strategy Pitch To Left Politicians Using Social Credit Enabling Keynesianism and The Possibility of a Very Strong Congressional Majority That Will Enable the Passing of Much Needed Other Reforms

Many of my new paradigm policies are innovations and extensions of a man named Clifford Hugh Douglas who started a world wide movement known as Social Credit back between the two world wars. John Maynard Keynes was a contemporary of Douglas and Keynesianism was actually the fall back position of Finance against Social Credit whose policies were nascently aligned with the new paradigm concept of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting. The point of this post is that:

  1. Keynesianism, which was a significant reform, was undoubtedly helped by Social Credit because it forced Finance’s hand
  2. This is politically instructive because if Social Credit had not been there to threaten nascent and eventual full consciousness of the new paradigm by Social Credit Keynesianism probably would not have become a reality
  3. So reformists who fear radical change is not likely, need to at the very least see that a new paradigm is actually the major impetus for significant reform
  4. And most importantly they need to recognize the overweening power of a new paradigm and never back off its advocacy…because we all know what happened to Keynesianism, it got morphed into neo-classical macro…because it was just a reform NOT A GENUINE PARADIGM CHANGE WHICH IS ALWAYS PERMANENT.

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