Posted To Stephanie Kelton’s Substack Newsletter 02/04/2023

Thank you for confirming the fact that inflation is the key and biggest ECONOMIC problem we face and that changing the MONETARY paradigm with a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at the point of retail sale (and the rest of the new paradigm program) is inflation’s empirical, mathematical, macro-economic and temporal universe solution. Thank you.

Doing the above will also enable the accomplishment of the goals of MMT, UBI, Public Banking, Steve Keen, Michael Hudson et al. while additionally resulting in spillover positive and beneficial effects in our social, political, psychological and ecological systems. That’s why I refer to it as probably only the third Mega-paradigm change in the history of the human species.

Money DOES make the world go ’round…and Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Grace As In Gifting will finally make it serve us by enabling it to accomplish the Common Good.

With a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale the purchasing power of your social security check is immediately doubled. Those that have paid into social security for many years should be able to entitled to continue to receive their checks so lets say you get $1000/mo. in SS check that gives you $2000/mo. of purchasing power. In the new monetary paradigm program you also receive a $1000/mo. universal dividend which is doubled giving every retired person at keast $4000/mo. in purchasing power. And remember, retail sale is the terminal ending point of the entire economic process and hence by definition the terminal expression point for all economic factors…like for instance inflation so a 50% discount to the price of everything forever ends inflation. We’ve never had 50% inflation y/o/y let alone moment to moment, and there are plenty of hard and fast tax incentives and disincentives to herd commercial agents into competing on price instead of just letting them willy nilly committ the economic vice of price inflation.

Time for a genuine paradigm change instead of 5 or 6 reforms that ryhme with the new paradigm but do not resolve its deepest economic problems.

The policies of the new monetary paradigm destroy orthodoxies on the left and the right, enable the integration of the particles of truths in our normally opposed economic and political agendas. We need integration not further disintegration.

C’mon, who here is willing and able to embrace the vision which a new paradigm is instead of only being a critic who is caught up in the problematic dualism that Finance would love to have us argue over forever???


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