The Paradigm For The Creation of New Money Directly To The Individual Is The Core of The Core Problem

I have no problem with fiscal deficits, public banking, UBI or with any of the critiques of neo-classical macro. They all align with what I advocate, but none of these resolve nearly as much or as many of the problems of the current money system. The current paradigm for the creation and distribution of new money directly to the individual is Debt Only. This paradigm has been in effect for the entire course of human civilization. This paradigm has wrapped itself around both supreme economic and governmental power and a false moralism of Only Pain and Individualism instead of an integratively wise understanding that the best way to encourage individual potential is to both insure a reasonable level of individual monetary security and at the same time acculturate individual positive, constructive purpose. After all, we are homo sapiens, that is wise, understanding and judicious man, and wisdom is the integrative intellectual mindset. So let us imbue and follow through with wisdom applied to our money system.

Discovering the new paradigm concept and finding the most efficacious ways to implement that new paradigm will double everyone’s purchasing power, potentially double the demand for every enterprise’s goods and services, integrate the self interests of traditionally opposed economic and political constituencies, better enable the goals of all of the leading economic and monetary reform movements and resolve inflation forever.

Zarlenga’s excellent history of hyper inflations


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