What The New Monetary and Financial Paradigm Will Guarantee. The Concept of The Mega-Paradigm. The Concept Behind Every Paradigm Change. The Concept/Model of The Cosmic Code.

If we integrate monetary Gifting into the economy with a universal dividend, a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale and a Discount/Debt Jubilee policy at the point of loan signing we will never have another economic downturn.

We will no longer be kept on all fours by the paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of new money as we have been for the entire course of human civilization, and will be able to stand up on our hind legs and demand the monetary and economic security and freedom of our cultural heritage of ever increasing technological and productive capabilities.

We will live in a new paradigm which is always a time of greater abundance in one or more areas of our lives. When a paradigm has immediate, continual and universal benefit to more than one system, body of knowledge or area of human endeavor other than its primary area of application it can be described as a mega-paradigm change and this is precisely what the new monetary and financial paradigm will do.

The only level of analysis above the paradigm is that of the zeitgeist, that is, the ethical character of an age. Monetary Gifting being a mega-paradigm change that has direct, immediate, universal application to multi-systemic/body of knowledge/area of human endeavor of the concept of grace as in love in action which a priori is also an inescapabably ethical consideration, will be a prelude to a new zeitgeist.

The next step in the process of creating a new zeitgeist is the new monetary and financial paradigm which will create a commercial infrastructure of daily opportunity to self actualize grace as in gratitude for the gift of 50% of the price of virtually all goods and services

Every paradigm change has been the application of one or more aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace as in love in personal action and/or systemic policy, as policy is the action of human systems. Love is a freeing experience and grace/graciousness is its active form. It is a unitary experience that resolves problematic dualities. Hence it creates a true thirdness greater oneness in the minds of humans and in the temporal universe. In other words it is an integrated duality within a unitary thirdness greater oneness process. This is the description of what I refer to as The Cosmic Code. The Cosmic Code hides in plain sight all over the temporal universe and in human thought, and is dramatized by paradigm changes which are the quintessential human species integrative phenomena. Examples:


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