Posted To Roger Malcolm William’s Blog 11/26/2022

Me: Roger, your intellectual history is very similar to my own. It’s the rare bird that is willing and able to change its mind despite its upbringing. I have found that the thing that keeps the mind open is the intellectual mindset of wisdom which is the integrative intellectual impulse/mindset itself. Paradigms, like wisdom insights are deep simplicities in that they express the operant/most significant concept of an entire pattern. Thus it follows logically that if we analyze on the paradigmatic level, that is on the single operant conceptual level we will be analyzing with wisdom…and all of the intellectual power thereof.

RMW: Or briefly, facts matter.

Me: Oh yes, facts absolutely matter, but ultimately the reductionistic and iconoclastic nature of the scientific paradigm often fails to find solutions that are more than mere palliations of a current paradigm. That’s one of the reasons why its difficult to perceive a genuine paradigm concept because understanding a simplicity/single concept that changes an entire complexity/pattern is counter-intuitive and seemingly illogical. As I say science is wonderful, necessary and delicious…and it exists entirely within the digestive tract of wisdom…which is actually the superlative human intellectual discipline.

Yes again Roger, but the fact that we live in a fiat monetary system and can’t go broke because we create our own currency is not the operant problematic concept. Its a very important concept to understand because it breaks the spell of the false belief that says private debt and public debt both need to be paid back.

But what is going to end private debt from (historically) always overwhelming the domestic economy as Steve Keen, Michael Hudson and David Graeber have shown? An iron rule that occurs because Finance always becomes entrenched and so powerful that it dominates the rest of the economy to the detrimant to society. That’s why the paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money to individuals and commercial agents needs to have the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting integrated into the debt only system. Instead of waiting to let Finance become vested and dominant by only having occasional debt forgiveness you integrate price deflation beneficially into the economic process at retail sale with a 50% discount/rebate policy and integrate debt jubilee into the same process with a 25-50% debt jubilee at the point of loan signing. These two policies not only end austerity they end inflation forever and do not allow Finance’s Debt Only paradigm overwhelm the economy.


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