Posted To Steve Keen’s Substack Newsletter 10/28/2022

Graeber’s book Debt: The First 5000 Years was extremely important because it helped raise the veil on the paradigm of debt. Paradigms/paradigm concepts are like breathing, 99% of the time we are entirely unconscious of it/them, but when you can’t breathe you suddenly realize just how important they are. Graeber, yourself and others like Michael Hudson, MMTers, Ann Pettifor, UBI advocates and Ellen Brown have the area of the problem well surrounded, namely “money, debt and banks”. You just haven’t completely crystalized in your minds the precise new paradigm concept and how to most efficaciously apply it to the economic system. It is notable that one of the reasons it took helio-centrism to be correctly acknowledged as the new reality was that originally it was less accurate than Ptolemaic cosmology. It took Gallileo’s observation of the moons of Jupiter and finally Kepler’s discovery of the elliptical nature of orbits to confirm its temporal universe reality and problem solving applicability. So it will be with the acceptance of the new paradigm for the creation and distribution of money and of personal debt. Find the point in the economic process where the new paradigm is universally participated in and experienced by every agent and you will macro-economically implement its benefits and problem resolving effects.


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