Posted To Mish Shedlock’s Blog 10/15/2022

We’re in an increasingly disintegrative trend socially, economically and politically. The only way to stop a disintegrative trend is to integrate the interests of the apparently unresolvable opposing constituencies. When the darkness is most stark is whaen you know it’s time for a paradigm change. Why? Because historically a paradigm change is humanity’s most integrative phenomenon. Why is that? Because paradigm changes always beneficially integrate opposing seemingly unresolvable dualities. Also, a paradigm change is a single/simplemental concept like helio-centrism…or Monetary Gifting, that changes an entire complexity in the temporal universe and thus is ITSELF an integration of opposites.

So you can integrate your orthodoxies with those of the liberals and survive and thrive, or, stubbornly and idiotically, not do so and sit helplessly while the smelly stuff hits the fan in a titanic way for yourself and any of your progeny. The choice…is entirely yours.


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