Of Wisdom, Paradigms, Mega-Paradigms, Mega-Mega Paradigms, Grace and the Cosmic Code

Wisdom is the superlative human mental discipline. Science is wonderful, necessary, delicious and exists entirely within the digestive tract/mindset of Wisdom. Wisdom is the mental process of the integration of opposite truths, applicabilities, workabilities and the highest ethical concepts in the matter under analysis.

Wisdom is always an integration and application of the often considered opposite perspectives of pragmatism and ethics.

Wisdom insights are deep simplicities like: “Attitude is 99% of everything.” People may bemoan this truth, because it takes mental effort to overcome less than positive attitudes garnered either unconsciously over time or by negative experience, but the truthfulness of the statement itself cannot really be denied. The generally accepted pinnacle concept of Wisdom is Grace as in love in personal thought and action and/or in systemic policy. Graciousness is the supreme human experience and purpose.

Paradigm changes are the quinessential integrative phenomenon. Why? Because ironically new paradigm concepts are simply stated single descriptive and operant concepts…that change the character of and resolve the lingering problems in an entire pattern, that is, a complexity. In other words new paradigm concepts/changes are Wisdom insights, that is deep simplicites. In fact they are the very integration of the opposites of simple and complex. Hence paradigm concepts are Wisdom insights themselves.

The effects of every historical paradigm change have always been an aspect or aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace. Examples:

There are paradigm changes and then there are mega-paradigm changes. A mega-paradigm change is one that is universally, continuously and beneficially experienced by the individual and that has spill-over beneficial effects into additional systems, bodies of knowledge and/or areas of human endeavor other than the primary area of the paradigm change. There has probably only been two mega-paradigm changes in the entire history of the human species. These were the emergence of self awareness and the change from nomadic hunting and gathering to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization. The paradigm change in the economy and the money system for the creation and distribution of new money from Debt Only to Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Grace as in Gifting will be the third mega-paradigm change.

In fact it may be the first mega-mega paradigm change because of 1) the length of time that the present monetary and financial paradigm has been in effect (the entire history of human civilization), 2) the constance and intimately personal nature of economics/exchange, 3) the change of power relationship to and the increased survival value for the individual regarding one of mankind’s greatest inventions, namely the tool of money and last but not least 4) the fact that it will create a constant temporal universe infrastructure and opportunity for humanity to self actualize two of the major aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace, that is, gifting and gratitude.


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