Continuing: Posted To Stephanie Kelton’s Substack 10/15/2022

JM: By 2050, 50 percent of all work will be done by machines, robots, AI. Thus, we’ll need UBI. Also, robots can be taxed.

Glad to see that you understand MMT.

Me: Correct. UBI conceptually aligns with the new monetary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting. MMT does also, as what are fiscal deficits but monetary gifting to government contractors. The new monetary paradigm integrates and furthers the self interests of business and the consumer while simultaneously breaking up the dominance of the monopoly paradigm of Finance which is at the root of all of our current economic problems like inflation, the orthodoxy of austerity and compelling the individual to serve the system…instead of making the system serve humanity. Thus, appropriately applied, the policies of the new monetary paradigm are able to create a thirdness greater oneness of the intentions and goals of the all too often false dualism of capitalism vs socialism.

A 50% Discount/Rebate policy at the point of retail sale is the very temporal/economic expression of the new monetary paradigm.

Both Stephanie’s substack and Steve Keen’s substack (where I recently posted an affirmation of Keen’s mentioning that if properly understood Hegel ‘s dialectic is necessary in furthering economic change) also align with the new monetary paradigm. I’ve posted here enough without mentioning my own substack newsletter Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The New Monetary Paradigm and Its Policies which deals with the entire patterns of money and economics and which has the ability to integrate and accomplish the goals of all of the leading economic reforms. Let us bring wisdom and wisdom’s pinnacle ethical concept grace as in monetary gifting to modern economies.


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