The Realities, Experiences and Their Philosophical Alignments

There are levels of grace/consciousness.

Wisdom is the integrative mindset, and grace is the ultimate wisdom.

Grace is the ultimate human concept, experience and state of the cosmos.

Science is natural truth and grace being the natural state of the cosmos, is the ultimate scientific discovery.

Grace is love in action/systemic policy.

Grace is the dynamic state of the integration of the truths in opposites to the point of a true thirdness and greater oneness of truthfulness. This is the cosmic code. { [ (A x Z) –> C] }

Grace is the ultimate unitary concept/experience.

Now is grace. Space/Time is the absolutlely unchangeable force of the cosmos. Be conscious of Space/Time/Now and you have entered “the kingdom of heaven”.

Grace is not necessarily religion at all. It is reality, natural philosophy, enlightened human psychology and spirituality. Being love in action it is the fulfillment of the law of all of the world’s major wisdom traditions, and its experience is everything while anthropomorphic ruminations about its attribution is “filthy rags”.

The more one experiences the moment and self actualizes grace the fewer personal problems, hang ups, unhappiness and stupidities they feel and express.

As above, so below. “Systems were made for Man, not Man for systems.” C. H. Douglas. Grace is the state of the cosmos and systems based on and guided by the various aspects of grace will mirror those aspects like…1) unity/integrativeness of opposites, 2) dynamism/powerfulness, 3) sovereignty, that is all powerfulness that is yet redeemed by the concern for the greater Good at the same time and in every way and hence benevolent and ultimately ethical. In a word Loving, 4) abundance, 5) Free Flowingness


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