Major Mental Hurdle To New Paradigm Perception: The Acculturation of Cynicism

Objectivity is a requirement for honesty and scientific truth, but cynicism never solved anything. One is a virtue, the other one of the worst mental vices and stumbling block to necessary action.

Cynicism regarding money has been a human civilization-long acculturated fact because the paradigm for the creation and distribution of money has always been Debt Only for its entire course, no matter whether its weilder has been the Palace/Government or the private banks.

Monopolies are inherently elitist, dominating and problematic, and breaking them up is the duty of every individual who recognizes that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The trick is to act with two of the apparently opposing characteristics of the ultimately unitary and benficial concept of grace, namely love and sovereignty, instead of resorting to the apathy and resentment of cynicism.

Grace is the answer to everything including resolving the monopolistic monetary paradigm.


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