Simplicity, Longevity, Degree of Integration, Human Significance and The Power of A Mega Paradigm Change

The Einstein quote: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” is insightful regarding the paradigm change in the money system which would also result in a Mega Paradigm for humanity.

Economic theory and reform of it is incredibly complex. However, changing the single concept of the monetary paradigm, which is the operant factor and systemic means by which all economic activity takes place, is a simplicity that therefore has tremendous power for change.

I would add another consideration here and that is the length of time and degree of integration of a paradigm concept is inversely proportional to the beneficial effects of its paradigm change. Hence the concept of a Mega paradigm change.

The current monetary paradigm has been not changed for the entire period of human civilization. Furthermore, the deepest and most significant evolving consideration of human spirituality, namely grace as in love in action, has been unnecessarily shunted away from temporal affairs since the rise of science. Grace as in ability to experience love and direct it toward oneself and the other is extremely crimped if not inhibited by the dominance of the mindset of science and this unconsciously promotes and adds to the power of the current zeitgeist of Power, Profit and Control.

Integrating grace as in Monetary Gifting directly, continuously and universally into the economy via the twin policies of a 50% Discount/Rebate at retail sale and a 50% Debt Jubilee at the point of loan signing would combine the factors of simplicity of consideration, longevity of and degree of integration of current paradigm and degree of human significance into an ongoing, universally beneficial and problem resolving Mega Paradigm change the likes of which humanity has not seen since it evolved self awareness, and would enable the furthering of the next logical zeitgeist change to Grace as in Redeemed Power, Profit and Control.


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