Posted To Palmer Report 05/06/2021

The truth? The republicans don’t care about anything but being in political power. If they have to pander to the dumb motherfucker nut case conspiracy constituency in order to even be competitive….they will pander to it. They know that “normal” republicans are so tribally and ideologically enslaved that they won’t care and will vote republican even if a horned guy with a tail and a trident is the presidential candidate….like Asshole for instance. So their pandering is actually a politically astute calculation.
The one thing that can erode that idiot unethical alliance is elucidating a policy that directly and continually puts a substantial amount of money into the hands of everyone 18 years of age and older. This is accomplished by a $1000/mo. universal basic income and then implementing a 50% discount at the point of retail sale. That immediately doubles the purchasing power of everyone’s earned income, and along with the $1000/mo. UBI guarantees $48k/yr. for a two adult household before they do a lick of work. This combines the self interests of both the individual and enterprise; and yet not only ends any possibility of inflation, but results in what is currently considered impossible, that is integrating price deflation beneficially into profit making economic systems. People might be dumb, but they’re not STUUUPID….as the saying goes. And that is why democrats had better wake up and glom onto thes policies that will accomplish the above…and much more.
If they don’t the republicans will be happy to eventually recognize its power, run on it, rule for decades with their 16th century social policies, authoritarian ethic etc. etc. etc….and then either water such policy down, let finance wriggle free from the dungeon such policies put them in and let the chaos of climate change reduce the population by 90% or so. Don’t be a dumbmotherfucker. Recognize the political power and problem resolving capabilities that a paradigm change in the economy and the money system can effect.


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