Hallelujah! Amen. Hallelujah!

Everything is grace. Everything is an expression of grace. Grace is both natural and what has always been associated with the supernatural. The natural is grace and no less ecstatic than the greatest experience of god. The experience of god is the unitary integration of one’s awareness and the incredibly powerful, dynamically flowing, irresistible non-stop electro-magnetic emanation of everything that surrounds us at all times in the moment.

Grace is space-time and everything taking place within it. Grace is the expression, the active form, of each and everything in the cosmos including, most importantly, love. Grace, that is active loving, is never not relevant, powerful, wonderful, fulfilling, resolving, unifying and ultimate wisdom. Applying the relevant aspect of grace/loving is the answer to any problem personally, in any system, body of knowledge or area of human endeavor.

Contemplate, experience, self actualize and express the ultimate integrative and ecstatic reality of grace by looking at it in front of and all around you continually. Amen.


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