Mathematics As Formality…and As Insight

You’re quite right K that mathematics (itself) IS like kata, a formality….unless of course it is a NEW and/or re-discovered mathematical insight like that money is most basically accounting and hence must abide by AND IS CONTROLLABLE BY the convention that equal debits and credits sum to zero. Then, if one realizes that the terminal ending and exiting point of the entire economic/productive process is retail sale, that retail sale is also the terminal summing point of all costs for any item or service as well as the terminal expression point for any and all elemental, basic and relevant economic factors like inflation etc. ….THEN, it’s the perfect place to utilize AND APPLY the above new/re-discovered mathematical AND ECONOMIC insight and accounting convention IN A TEMPORAL UNIVERSE PROBLEM RESOLVING, PATTERN/REALITY INVERTING AND HENCE PARADIGMATIC WAY like with a 50% discount/rebate (AND THUS INVERTING) price and monetary policy at that point.

Craig Copernicus signing off. 🙂


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