Of Zen, Koans and Monetary and Economic Paradigm Change

Complexity is analogous to a zen koan. Useful, not as a means of resolving its specific illogical question itself, but as a tool for the means of discovering the importance of utilizing integrative thought and experience that points to and better enables a new and deeper discovery.

How could wandering hunters and gatherers whose survival depended on chasing game and moving with the seasons to harvest fruits and grains conceive of the absurdity of staying in one place to better survive? Breed and corral stock and plant seeds. How could one believe that the earth revolves around the sun when the sun moves and the earth apparently doesn’t? Invent the telescope. How can austerity be resolved and inflation be prevented when the former seems to be the only way to curb/prevent the latter? Implement a 50% reduction in price and monetarily fulfill it with a reciprocally equating formula at the terminal ending and thus terminal factor expression point of the productive process at retail sale.


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