The Core of the Problem: The Paradigm of Monetary Distribution

Presently the paradigm of monetary distribution is Debt Only. This enforced and restrictive monopolistic paradigm has hog tied economies for millenia and historically enabled a financial elite to dominate and manipulate every other business model and 95% of the general populace.

The solution to this civilizational problem is a policy regime that intelligently integrates the new paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting into the Debt Only system, and regulates, aligns and guides it by becoming conscious of the concept behind every historical paradigm change, namely the natural philosophical concept of grace. A Gift/Gifting after all is the reality of each new life, the fact and nature of the bounty of the cosmos and a basic aspect of grace. So also are directness and the starting, changing, stopping and restarting of reciprocality as a part of the inherent process of dynamic flow. This is why both a (direct) monthly universal monetary dividend and a 50% (reciprocal) Discount/Rebate at the points of retail sale and at the point of loan signing are the most basic and essential policies upon which to build and institutionalize the new paradigm.


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