Gracefully Flowing: The Native State of The Cosmos…and The Logical Goal of Every Human System


Wouldn’t you agree that “the trick” is to attune the economic system so close to the natural state of the temporal universe that it acts as the temporal universe does….and is then approximately just as inexorably flowing as the temporal universe?

In other words time in the temporal/time universe inexorably flows because the temporal universe is almost utterly dynamic, interactive and integrative. Thus integrate the efficacious tool of money throughout the entire economy and at its most purposeful points (point of sale and at the point of loan signing) that it reflects the inexorable free flowing-ness of the temporal universe.

Of course there is just enough randomness in the cosmos to allow for change and circumstance, but that is what time actually is, i.e. change of position of particle in space, and regulations are just such encouragements and inhibititive-ness to guide its inexorable flow.

The key of course is to awaken to the various aspects of the definition of grace as in dynamic, interactive and integrative flow…and how that accurately reflects the native state of the temporal universe/cosmos. That way we can just apply the relevant aspects of grace to everything from spirituality to economics.

It’s the best possible PID system.


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