Time and Equilibrium

If economists want to create equilibrium they must consider doing so with an important enough factor that it cannot be stopped. The graceful flow of Time for all practical purposes CANNOT be stopped, but the dynamic moment can be imminently experienced if we drop our habituation to abstract clock time and let go of the distractive chatter we all “normally” walk around with.

In a monetary economy money, abundantly, directly and reciprocally distributed at a strategic and important point in time, like retail sale which is the terminal ending and resetting point of the economic/actually productive process for every consumer product, is precisely that releasing and freeing factor. All other observations, while perhaps being occasionally helpful in the human world of other intentionedness, pale to insignificance in comparison.


Every body of knowledge and mental discipline requires BOTH science AND an integrative mindset. Thus it becomes dynamic, interactive and inclusive of truths in seeming opposite perspectives, that is, Wisdom.

Then one needs to decipher the pinnacle concept of Wisdom, namely grace as in love in action, then pragmatically apply its (grace’s) relevant aspects to the temporal problem under discussion, like A Gift/Gifting for instance.

Then economics and the human species might actually get somewhere in the existential problems that it faces.


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