The Reason Why A Direct and Reciprocal Price and Monetary Policy At Retail Sale Is So Powerful

Because it creates purchasing power at the very point of purchase/purpose point of economics, and simultaneously and equally benefits both buyer and seller. It is thus unitary of normally temporally opposed interests.

Its place of implementation undoes a mistaken monopoly granted right and monopoly paradigm, therebye de-centralizing and democratizing purchasing power while integrating into economics not only a new paradigm concept (Monetary Gifting), but initiates and enables the rarest of all human and temporal universe phenomenon, namely a Mega-Paradigm/Zeitgeist/Evolutionary change which can result in the occurence of a trans-pattern (economics-money system, human psychology, ecology etc.) trans-prevailing mindset (The Will To Power-Knowledge to The Will To Freedom), trans-mental discipline (Science Only to Science and Wisdom), trans-level of epistemology (Ego to Self Awareness and thus Increasing Awareness of the human Reality of Ethics) and trans-cosmological perspective (the duality of a basically absurd and isolating human-centric aliveness versus dead nature to the unitary concept of a grace-consciousness based evolutionary thrust to nature and the cosmos.

That’s all.


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