Post To RWER Blog Regarding The Deficiencies of Macro

For the individual and for the enterprise retail price and the ability to both set it and pay it is everything. To macro theorists, especially those who count for profit financial costs/prices as a legitimate part of GDP, they aren’t.

As I said in my prior post macro-economics although it can bring occasional insight (mainly in a round about fashion that brings such insights back to the basic realities of micro-economics like cost, the terminal and aggregative nature of retail price and accounting conventions like equal debits/credits summing to zero) it mainly became an obscuratant fall back position for finance to avoid confronting the de-stabilizing effects of its monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only. Here is a link to Michael Hudson’s blog today that enumerates the history and numerous ways that we have devolved toward feudalism since doing away with the “clean slates” (partial and palliative) solution that nations in the near east used in the second millennium BC.

We have to smarter than the ancients and not as dumb as we’ve become since in dealing with the problematic paradigm of Debt Only.

The 50% discount/rebate policies and other policies and regulations of Wisdomics-Gracenomics are the outline for the paradigm change required.


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