Wisdom and New Paradigms

C: such capital transfers to developing countries are read as evidence of China’s effort at trapping countries in debt and exploiting their vulnerability to control their natural and physical resources and bring them into its sphere of influence.

From the USA, that’s like Hitler accusing you of anti-semitism. Like Jack the Ripper accusing misogyny. Beyond chutzpah.

Me: Exactly. A MONOPOLISTIC paradigm like Debt ONLY gone on too long (the entire history of human civilization) has always been problematic. And perceiving both essences and pattern changing concepts has always been difficult for Man ever since the first mega paradigm change (the emergence of self awareness) which created the puzzle of duality for Man to obsess about. Instead of wallowing in the current monetary and financial paradigm and the
current MONOPOLISTIC paradigm for inquiry (Science ONLY) we need to utilize the new paradigm for inquiry (Wisdom) which of course entirely includes science and whose signature has always been thirdness greater oneness of truth, applicability and workability not to mention the highest ethics regarding the latter.


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