Basics and Deep Simplicities

Cost accounting is the essence of the micro-economy and money is basically accounting because it adheres to the debit-credit accounting convention. Retail sale is presently the single integrative point between micro and macro-economics because retail sale is both the terminal ending point of the economy (where production leaves the economy and becomes consumption) and also the aggregative cost and price point for every item or service in any economy.

These truths and realities are the infrastructure within which the entirety of the economy operates and is inextricably embedded in, and they also expose private for profit finance as totally parasitic and de-stabilizing.

Economics has been analyzed every which way from the middle while missing these basic points. Steve Keen has belatedly realized the importance of double entry bookkeeping as he uses his debit-credit Godley tables to follow flows of money and debt in the economy but still does not recognize that a single policy (the 50% discount/rebate at retail sale) utilizes all of the above realities to accomplish beneficial paradigm changing effects for all economic agents.

Life and economics are as obscure, unworkable and ethically challenged as they are (unnecessarily) complicated, and as enlightening and enjoyable as the directly observed deep simplicities of science and wisdom.


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