The 50% Discount/Rebate Policy At Retail Sale and At The Point of Note Signing: The Real Modern Debt Jubilee and The Accomplishment of The New Monetary, Financial and Economic Paradigm of Gifting

The ancients had debt jubilees, but the problem of debt build up always came back. We need to be smarter than the ancients and finally drive a stake through the 5000 year old rule of the paradigm of Debt Only over our lives. That solution is the twin policies of a 50% discount/rebate price and monetary policy at the point of retail sale and a second 50% discount/debt jubilee policy at the point of note signing for big ticket items and green consumer products. These policies and regulations to deter anti-social gaming of the new paradigm will reverse the build up of debt and make it wither away so that monetary abundance for all economic agents becomes the new norm.


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