Conspiracy Theorists and Paradigm Perception: Opposites That Need To Be Integrated

Conspiracy theorists are generally hasty third rate intellects. People who swallow whole either right wing or left wing propaganda are second rate intellects. The objective and serious intellect seeks the particles of truth in opposing perspectives and carefully tries to integrate those truths in a rational and more wholistic fashion. So far as conspiracies are concerned, especially broad, global conspiracies, this process almost always ends showing that such “conspiracies” are actually better explained as anger and fear generated by frustrations with the mostly unconscious mentally entrapping effects of the present paradigm that has gone on too long without resolving the problems that have built up around it.

The point is the best thing to do is to develope a truth integrative mindset. As a new paradigm itself is a phenomenon that integrates the truths in apparently opposing perspectives, that is, it is a (singular) concept that mentally expresses and temporally transforms an entirely new (pluralistic) pattern, we could call it developing paradigm perception.


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