Post To Ellen Brown On Her Google Group 05/07/2020

EB:  Yes 97% of the currency is already digital. They can freeze your bank account whenever they want. The danger isn’t going digital; it’s banning cash. Like it or not, we’re in a digital age. What we need is a Bill of Rights that is actually enforceable.

Me:  Yes, that’s a good non-reactionary, non-hysterical, non-conspiratorial analysis, and the way to make sure the money system is not morphed into some diabolical or even just biased instrument for social and economic control is to make damned good and sure that its purposes and policies are logically aligned with the highest of possible ethics, namely love in action/systemic policy, in other words grace…and any attempt to water down or game such policies is met with no uncertain punishment to individuals or commercial entities via taxation and threat of loss of benefits that those policies obviously bring to BOTH individuals and commercial agents.

Every leading reform and economic theory tries to balance the obvious need for more money getting to both more individuals and then to enterprise without causing/encouraging inflation. The 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale and a second such policy at loan signing would double (or for big ticket and green consumer items quadruple) everyone’s purchasing power, make sure everyone got paid their best competitive price and would absolutely end “monetary” or cost inflation inflation….and the concept behind those policies is none other than grace as in loving monetary gifting.
Ellen, when are you going to start writing about the problem resolving efficacy of these two policies?

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