Shout Out About The Book

Yes, a 50% discount to virtually every consumer/retail item and service which is rebated back to the merchant giving it to the consumer. This immediately doubles everyone’s earned income purchasing power and simultaneously not only terminally ends any possibility of inflation, but miraculously from an orthodox perspective, beneficially integrates price and asset DEFLATION into profit making economic systems. Of course, because the 1/10th have shown a propensity for trying to game this paradigm changing policy you’ll want to tax at a rate of 100% any price inflation that isn’t a result of empirically verifiable ADDITIONAL costs and if they object or persist then they will lose their 50% discount/rebate privileges. After such a policy, paired with a $1000/mo. universal dividend is implemented, additional costs will be very difficult to find considering all transfer taxes that businesses and individuals pay for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security will become redundant and can be cancelled. Personal and corporate income taxes can also be greatly reduced in the stabilized fiat money system the 50% discount/rebate policy enables. The potential for a discount/rebate monetary and pricing policy at retail sale IS the new insight/new tool of the new monetary and economic paradigm the same as was the invention of the telescope, moveable print and agriculture of past paradigm changes.

You can get the full (so far developed) program here:

Don’t let this crisis, the just passed stimulus bill and the realization that our fiat money system can work to serve us instead of oppress us go unperceived.


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