Retail Sale: The Single Aggregative Point in the Entire Micro-economy, and Likely the Single Integrative Point Between The Micro and Macro Economies. Thus It Is the Perfect Point to Utilize the Direct (Credit) and Reciprocal (Debit) Nature of Double Entry Bookkeeping For Paradigm Changing Effect.

Retail sale is the treminal aggregative point for all costs and prices including profit. It is also the terminal expression point for all relevant economic factors, for instance inflation.

As it is where production becomes consumption it is also the terminal ending point of the entire actually productive/economic process for every consumer item and service. It is hence a potentially extremely powerful point for corrective problem resolving and/or beneficial policy effect.

True ending points are always powerful because they are also potential pivoting points and a 50% discount/rebate policy at retail sale pivots both backward/downward with ending costs and prices and reciprocally backwardly and upwardly to the merchant and hence benefits both producer and consumer. Discounts are credited and rebates are debited back to the merchant so he/she can be made whole on their overheads and margins of profit. Every agent benefits with increased purchasing power and potential business revenues.



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