Response To Paranoia About a Digital Currency On Public Banking Forum

A continuing universal dividend IS INDIVIDUALLY distributed monetary and financial power. The negative things you mention are POSSIBLE problems and can be avoided with the correct regulation. We already have a privately controlled digital debit card system which needs to be better regulated and made publicly administered. Unnecessary fears regarding the payment system play into the resistance to them by the financial elite banking system.

No one should ever consent to being chipped in return for a universal dividend because it is a completely irrelevant to the purpose of such a monetary and financial remedy, and suggesting it would probably be the beginning of a huge mass movement to prevent it.

This situation is an incredible opportunity to increase consciousness of the efficacy of integrating monetary gifting as the new paradigm concept into the monopolistically restricting current one of DEBT ONLY so let’s not blow that opportunity. A mass movement that would communicate the necessity of BOTH that long over due advance AND the admonishment against privacy and tyrannical stupidities like chipping is what we should be doing.


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