2-1 Trillion Dollar Coins vs The 50% Discount/Rebate Policy

The two 1 trillion dollar coin idea is a less effective reflection of the 50% discount/rebate policy. Why? Because with the perceived new money coming into the economy (which in reality is actually an inadequate amount even if it completely equals the present amount of demand) corporate decision makers WILL tend to raise their prices in order to increase their business revenue. This will get the libertarian and conservative right yapping on and on about inflation and then you’ll have to fight the monetary fight we’ve done for centuries if not millenia. Because the 50% discount at the terminal ending point of the economic process completely eliminates any possibility of inflation (which means it’s where production becomes consumption/economic possession which means no further costs can be added to it) we can avoid all of that, enable people and policy makers to awaken to the universal benefits of the policy for individuals and businesses, how the policy also enables huge transfer and individual and corporate income tax reductions, combined with a universal dividend immediately ends poverty and also enables us to create a green consumer products upswell and a fiscal expansion of funding to fight climate change. That’s all.

Would love to see Trump embrace Tlaib, but given that Trump is the poster child for the abuse of the present financial paradigm and Tlaib is probably terminally dedicated to re-distributive taxation…I’m not holding my breath.

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