Incentivize Savings The Same Way As You Double Purchasing Power (or quadruple it with green and big ticket items)

In other words you multiply savings’ purchasing power by 2. Then, if you buy a new electric powered auto or solar energy home you not only get a 75% reduction in its price with the double 50% discount, if you use savings to buy it you get an additional doubling of the purchasing power of your savings. Thus a $40k electric car  is purchasable for $10k with the double discount and if you use $5000 of your savings you’ve paid off the total cost of the car and the note goes poof. Normal savings’ purchasing power doubles with the 50% discount/rebate at retail sale for any product or service, and at note signing for “big ticket” and/or green products, but savings’ purchasing power is not doubled on the residual note….unless you do so with a 2x purchasing power of savings policy.

It incentivizes savings and to that degree also tends to reduce overall general and non-green consumption.










So you’ve not only reduced


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