Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum Regarding Incentivizing Green Tech and Land Practices

A very good article. Perhaps we can paraphrase G. K. Chesterton’s slogan “Three acres and a cow” to: Twenty acres and a solar/battery powered mini-tractor. An economics of grace would include an ultimate wise and respectful attitude toward the land and its cultivation, and the approach would best be integrative in every way.  Incentivizing economic virtues and discouraging economic vices via taxation with a mind toward ecological sanity is a part of the solution, yet costs are the ultimate factor in both economics and ecology. None of the ideas and projects mentioned in your article are ever likely to come to fruition until the money system is taken off our necks and utilized to assist rather than impede such sanity.

A truly non-profit and national distributive money and financial system that integrates price and asset deflation with a 50% discount/rebate monetary policy at retail sale for all consumer products and a second 50% discount/rebate for all “big ticket” items and green products at the point of note signing would reduce the costs of the latter category by 75%.  In other words a $40k battery powered mini-tractor would cost $10k and then a x2 increase in the purchasing power of personal savings that is used to retire debt would mean $5000 in savings would make the entire note go “poof”. (the 50% discount/rebate policy automatically doubles the purchasing power of savings for retail products but not for the residual after note signing…unless the x2 policy post note signing were implemented of course). And incentivizing savings would also tend to mitigate over consumption even though a doubling of purchasing power for routine consumer goods does not necessarily equate with a doubling of consumption/commodity throughput.
The paradigm of Debt Only and its oppressive costs is the ultimate problem and its resolution is, as all historical paradigms illustrate, conceptual opposition to the current/old paradigm….as in freeing monetary gifting. 

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