Response To A Poster On RWER Blog

Me:  @JD

Excellent suggestion. KISS is always a good policy. How about:

1) Loans create deposits

2) Private banks create 97+% of loans, a virtual monopoly on credit creation

3) Even the money created by governments via the FED as deficit spending is created as debt.

4) Hence the monetary paradigm/pattern is Debt Only

5) A monopoly on both credit creation and also on the ENTIRE pattern of Debt Only, that is as the sole FORM and VEHICLE for the DISTRIBUTION of money/credit is probably

a) the stupidest,

b) most naive, (in view of the fact that money in a monetary economy is both the means of security, and the ability to deny it is the power to deny both individual survival and the continuation of commercial enterprise) and

c) blatantly contradictory fact in an alleged competitive free market economy.

6) Finding a way to place the power of money “into the many hands of the individual” in such secure abundance that there is no longer “the reserve army of the unemployed” that can be extorted and cowed, that also more abundantly benefits 99.9% of enterprise, that resolves the deepest problems of the current paradigm by literally inverting its realities of individual income scarcity, systemic austerity, balkiness and tendency toward recession or worse and finally of price and asset inflation….would seem to be the order of the day.


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