The Fluidity Establishing and Problem Resolving Fact Of A 50% Discount/Rebate Monetary Policy At The Point of Retail Sale

It immediately gives every individual a 100% raise in their purchasing power, potentially doubles the actually available business revenue for every enterprise’s goods and services. If the economy doesn’t flow freely with that reality being established I don’t know what would.

It also not only completely eliminates ant possibility of price and asset inflation, but actually accomplishes what has been considered impossible and that is it beneficially integrates price and asset deflation into profit making economic systems.

Such inversions and establishments of new realities only occur in what is called paradigm changes. In fact, to the degree of those new realities effecting virtually everyone, that is what I refer to as a mega civilizational paradigm change, the likes of which has not happened since the change from Nomadic Hunting & Gathering to Agriculture, Homesteading and Urbanization.

Mankind stands at the crossroads of its history where accumulated and generalized crises are increasingly afflicting  us. The importance of now and the pattern breakthrough nature of paradigm change are precisely what is required for our own and othewr species survival. Let us grasp onto it with post haste.


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