Reply to Posters On Ellen Brown’s Forum

GA:  The climate scientists have called for a shrinking of GDP and population. The world is having a difficult enough time growing and staving off the wickedness of negative interest rates with these climate scientist directives!
The climate science directives would likely not support a massive green increase in GDP although we all know that it would only be a temporary increase.
Unfunded fiscal MMT/Green will result in use becoming like Japan. We seem to be sliding that way with Trump’s MMT tax cuts which were unfunded, along with the tax of tariffs. Both parties are a mess.
Me:  Doubling purchasing power does not necessarily equate with a doubling of consumption/commodity through put. The policies below end the paradox of thrift, and the directness of direct and reciprocal monetary gifting/direct distributism greatly homogenizes the effects of the fallacy of composition.

The $1000/mo universal dividend, 50% discount/rebate policy and national publicly administered non-profit banking and financial system and other regulations eliminate inflation, the need for transfer taxation for welfare, unemployment insurance and social security.  The second 50% discount/rebate at the point of note signing for any and all green technologies and green consumer goods super charges the ability to purchase and necessity of finding renewable energy and resource alternatives.

After inflation and other deep problems of the current paradigm are eliminated by all of these policy benefits the direct fiscal distributism enabled by the national non-profit financial system will also enable reductions in both personal and corporate taxation (if they abide by the new paradigm rules) and the funding of the mega projects necessary to survive climate change/collapse due to dwindling petroleum reserves. It will also fund a massive job guarantee to create an army of tree planters and other projects like off planeting large amounts of production as well.
Or we could blindly stumble our way to human and planetary disaster via inaction, palliative reform and regressive and terminally orthodox “thinking” for another 40-50 years.
JR:  “Modern Monetary Theory” to persuade awakening economists that debt doesn’t matter (!)

Who’s advocating for the reform of MMT? Not me. It does make the nascent observation that the amount of money you can inject into the economy wouldn’t matter AND WOULDN’T BE INFLATIONARY….IF YOU UTILIZE A DISCOUNT/REBATE POLICY AT THE TERMINAL ENDING POINT OF THE ENTIRE MICRO-ECONOMIC/ACTUALLY PRODUCTIVE PROCESS AT RETAIL SALE….which they are still unaware of.
Tax-based Universal Income  where the cost- inflationary effect of the tax would more than wipe out any benefit, but the blame can be put on “too much momney”, thus bringing all monetary reform into disrepute.”
Same as above. Have never advocated for it. Direct fiscal monetary distributism coupled with a 50% discount/rebate monetary policy at retail sale answers the “insights” of those stuck in the mindset of the old/current monetary paradigm. 
Best strategy is demonstrate the immediate, mathematical, empirical and temporal universe benefits to those whose self interests the more than doubling of purchasing power serves (students, small to medium sized business community, everyone who is unemployed, every individual who is employed and pays 20-30% of their pay for redundant transfer taxes AND their employers who also pay such taxes) and then create a mass movement to herd the pols on both sides whose constituencies have been united behind all of the benefits…toward its implementation. Cynicism is irrelevant. Palliatives are actually unethical behavior when solutions are imminently possible. Forget them and get off your asses and get on the bandwagon! 

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