Rebuttals To The New Paradigm and Its Policies

Doubling purchasing power does not equate to a doubling of consumption or commodity through put.

We haven’t acted/created effective policy for climate change and renewable sources of energy for almost 50 years. The policies I’ve suggested will FINALLY enable and streamline what we should have been doing for that period.

The new monetary paradigm ends the paradox of thrift and with its directness greatly homogenizes the so called “fallacy of composition” in economics and the money system.

Nobody has suggested a program nearly as comprehensive and immediately effective as my new monetary and financial paradigm. MMT only talks about government debt. Public Banking is a mere reform. UBI/QE for the people is a mere bone toss to we serfs. Hudson’s diatribes against finance are spot on but there’s no policy program to do anything effective about financial illegitimacy. Keen exposes financial instability, but again has no insightful or comprehensive way to accomplish the new paradigm he says we need, and then squirrels off to dealing with energy. Indeed, a very important area of research, but an excellent example of focusing on problems to the point of the neglect of solutions. We don’t need intellect nearly as much as we need wisdom….which of course includes intellect.


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