Reply To Poster Asking For A Description of the Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting Proposal

EZ:  Craig: Where can I find a definitive description of your Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting proposal?

Me:  In my book on Amazon entitled: “The New Monetary Paradigm and Its Policies….Change Everything” which I’m re-writing presently for conciseness and policy emphasis. Give me a week to finish the changes.

The actions of the 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale perfectly describe and express the new paradigm. All merchants opting into the policy (read all of them because to opt out is to become completely uncompetitive) agree to reduce any and all product or service prices by 50% and open an account for all sales entitled discounts. The total amount of their discounts to consumers is rebated back to them by the monetary authority whether that is a new actually publicly administered federal level monetary authority or whatever authority is mandated to fulfill the rebate, and in so doing make every merchant whole on their overheads and margins of profit.

As retail sale is the terminal ending point of the entire economic/productive process for every consumer item from a package of chewing gum to an automobile or home and is by definition also the terminal expression point for all economic and monetary factors, like inflation for instance, because it is the point where production becomes consumption. If possession is 90% of the law, then possession as in consumption at retail sale is 99.9% of economics. That means everyone’s purchasing power just got doubled at the very least (the dividend of course is additionally doubled purchasing power and enables transfer taxation elimination).

Price inflation is typically a small single digit percentage so the net percentage discount insures beneficial price deflation, and even if after the taxation discouragements and further sanctions I recommend in the new paradigm program to inhibit greedy anti-social businesses from inflating still somehow results in say 1-4% overall inflation….you just make the discount 51-54%.

Hyper-inflations never happen without several specific and disastrous circumstances happening like a prior war and the destruction of most of a nation’s productive capacity and then a compliant central bank that leverages up speculators who short the currency that initiates the actual final hyper-inflation. That plus high-tech capital intensive economic systems are costly and still competitive meaning they can’t just raise their prices arbitrarily high without losing market share. So never mind the straw man/rabbit hole of the hyperinflationistas.


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