Posted To RWER Blog Regarding The Speed of Paradigm Changes

“A culture doesn’t change quickly and certainly it seldom changes in any significant degree from just addition or subtraction of a paradigm.”

The Copernican Cosmological paradigm change took place in the tiny area of astronomy and the strictly mental area of religious orientation. Thus its effects while truly significant weren’t immediately felt or understood by the entire populace.

However, a culture changes very quickly if the area of human endeavor/body of knowledge the paradigm change occurs in effects everyone in a fundamental, vital and everyday way, and a monetary, financial and hence economic paradigm change, because everyone is bound to it in such ways, would have precisely that kind of immediate effect.

I don’t know if your reference to addition or subtraction meant the changing of one paradigm to another or whether it was a reference to the subtraction and addition function of the discount/rebate policy. As I just stated if the area that the paradigm change takes place in effects virtually everyone in a continuous fashion then the new one will also have such immediate effects. So far as the simple mathematical operations of the policy are concerned the simplicity of them is not why they are powerful, but rather because the operations occur at a pivotally significant ending, summing and economic factor expression point in the entire economic/productive process, namely where production becomes consumption, and hence its effects are so macro-economically final and significant. And their effects resolve the two major problems that plague modern economies and that heterodox economists say they want to solve, namely price and asset inflation and individual and systemic monetary scarcity.

And all macro-economists and pundits have to do to see this is exit the abstract fugue they so often fall into….and actually LOOK at it present time empirical, mathematical and universal effects.


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